Why Managing Your Domain For Your Funnels At CloudFlare Is A Good Idea

December 2, 2020
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Alright, so maybe you’re just getting started with the FG Funnels platform, and at the sound of the three letters – D N S – you start to sweat. Don’t panic. This blog post will explain in layman’s terms how this works so you can be sure to get your domains humming smoothly!

Understand the lingo!

First things first, the acronmyn DNS stands for Domain Name System. Since most web addresses are just strings of numbers, a domain’s DNS helps translate a nice easy address (like funnelgorgeous.com) into the actual address [insert 8 million numbers here].

When you buy a domain, you might buy it from a place like NameCheap or GoDaddy, etc. This is effectively like buying an address plaque with your home address on it. Not the house. Not the land. Just the address.

Then you need hosting for your sites and funnels. If you’re running something like WordPress, you’ll have rent some “land”. Think Bluehost, WP Engine, etc. If you’re running funnels with us at FG Funnels, you’re paying for the “land” with the software service subscription fee.

We’ve got our land, and then you have your address plaque. All you need now is a house!

The house is the website and/or funnel. On FG Funnels, these are simply the webpages you put up in the app.

Using this analogy you can see how the three pieces work together:

  • Web Address
  • Hosting
  • Site/Funnel Pages

DNS is the tool that manages your address. That makes it kinda like your GPS, a phone book, or a directory of some sort. When you buy your domain at a place like GoDaddy, they give you a free DNS system to manage your address, but most of them lack reliability and more importantly, speed.

Enter Cloudflare.

Why Use Cloudflare?

Cloudflare does a lot of things but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on DNS. Cloudflare has a much faster and more reliable DNS system than most of the cheapy places you bought your domain from.

Especially when using a platform like FG Funnels, Cloudflare is your best bet to manage the DNS settings of your domain.

The free plan is fine for most people who want to manage a few domains for their web properties.

In order to get this setup, you need to learn another quick piece of lingo…


Nameservers are the “assignment” of the domain. This means that if you buy a domain at GoDaddy, by default, the assignment of that domain, the management of it, is happening at GoDaddy.

If you log into your GoDaddy account and change the nameservers, you are able to manage your domain anywhere you want. It does not mean you transferred your domain, it just simply means you are managing it somewhere else.

By adding a domain to CloudFlare and changing the nameservers to CloudFlare’s servers, it’s effectively like trading in your crappy Apple maps app on your phone to the Google maps one.

How many times has Apple gotten you lost?

CloudFlare will keep all your settings the same so no stress about that.

Once you’ve changed the nameservers, you can now use the faster and more reliable DNS system to make changes to your domain.

When getting setup with FG Funnels, we encourage you to do this with the domains you plan to use on your funnels. It’ll make your funnel more reliable and faster!

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