Lead Magnet Ideas that GUARANTEE to Grow Your Email List!!

November 30, 2020
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If you have been struggling with the idea of building your list and giving something away for free, maybe you feel overwhelmed, or you just don’t feel very creative, this is for you!

Before we get started, it’s important for you to know, a lead magnet and a funnel for a lead magnet should not take you more than one day.

In fact, it should probably only take you a couple of hours.

So if it is taking you longer than that, then something’s wrong and the ideas below should help you brainstorm new

Ideas are everywhere…

Downloadable Files

  1. Any type of list: contacts, checklists, tips
  2. Swipe File: content you already have that can be repurposed
  3. Outlines: take the outline from a paid course, fluff it a bit and then give it away to leads

Facebook Groups

  1. Completely free
  2. You can build a massive audience
  3. Obtain lead contact in order to join group
  4. One thing to remember: these must be moderated

Free Mini-Course

  1. Great option if you have already created a course
  2. Just take a lecture or two and give away for free
  3. Call it an “email course” and deliver by email daily

Coupon or Voucher

  1. Best for people who sell a physical or info-product
  2. Make a coupon graphic
  3. Obtain lead contact in exchange for coupon

Free Trial or Membership

  1. If you offer a monthly membership, give them a trail as a taste
  2. Popular in the software space

Quiz or Assessment

  1. This is one of the easiest and most successful lead magnets
  2. People LOVE quizzes
  3. Obtain lead contact in exchange for quiz results

Having a hefty email list is what you need to start getting people into your sales funnel and ultimately CLOSING SALES! If you need additional resources, check out the info below!

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