Month: July 2020

The 21 Launch Ingredients Checklist: What You Need to Launch Successfully

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Have you ever had a delicious meal at a restaurant that was so good it has you dreaming about it days later?

In an attempt to relive the experience you research “mock” recipes online, buy the ingredients, and then try it yourself…to immense disappointment.

For whatever reason, it didn’t turn out quite the same way you tasted it the first time.

Enter launching.

There’s a lot of advice out there to MIMIC what works right? Just model the process as someone else did it, and WABAM! it works exactly the same…. except it often doesn’t.

Why not? Where is the breakdown?

If you’ve ever tried to recreate a recipe at home—without the original recipe, the original ingredient list, or the chef who can tell you all the little tricks she used to make it come out the way it did—you’re in for an unpredictable ride.


How Big Does My Email List Need To Be Before I Launch A Course?

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How big of an audience do you really need to launch effectively? The answer is a lot less complicated than you think…. You need an audience of 1. Seriously. If only one person on Planet Earth followed you and knew about you, and if you created a program then launched it to them and they […]


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