Month: April 2020

Funnel Building for Beginners Guide

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This is going to be the “‘splain it to me like I’m five” Funnel Building for Beginners Guide. Be sure to check out our FREE mini course for even more!

A funnel is a type of website. Gasp. I know. In the online world, funnels and websites are always pitted against each other, but really—if we boil it down—a funnel is just a series of webpages arranged in a certain order to get people to take action.

Now, they are arranged quite differently than a website. And, yes, they do something different than a website does, but still—it’s just WEBPAGES.

Websites are like brochures. You show up to the site and there are a ton of options to choose from. Funnels are different. They have ONE thing for you to do, and once you do that thing, they offer you something else, and something else, and so on.

You can build a funnel with any software that you can build a website with. The most popular website builder is WordPress, and funnels can be built with this same tool. However, when you think about the function of a website vs. a funnel, you’ll start to see where the similarities drop off.

Most websites simply hold information.


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