Month: December 2020

Getting Started With FG Funnels

FG Funnels    

We launched FG Funnels just one month ago and already, the community is buzzing with lots of helpful users who can navigate the ins and outs of a new platform. A word of advice, if you absolutely hate tech, check out this post before getting started! For those who haven’t signed up yet and want […]


Create Your Own Lead Magnet in CANVA


We’re taking our talents to Canva to show you how to create a super simple lead magnet! Canva has kind of taken over because it’s SUPER easy to use, you don’t need much formal training to dive in and, there are a TON of templates already made. We love Canva because it’s allowed people, who […]


SOTU Funnel Gorgeous For The Year 2021

Ethics in Marketing The Latest    

We have to admit, even just writing that title out made us take a long deep breath. What.A.Year.We’ve.Had. One thing we can all agree on: Looking forward to 2021 is a near universal experience. It’s time for a new season!

We’re going to take you inside what we’ve planned for Funnel Gorgeous in 2021. Whether you’re a customer or just a friendly follower, we have lots planned and some important updates and announcements.


Advertise Your Lead Magnet on Social Media FOR FREE


Today we will talk about what to do if you have a lead magnet, you have a lead funnel, but what you don’t have is a big ad budget. I totally get it—lots of you bootstrap. In fact, my business for the first two, three years of my business, I didn’t even touch ads. So […]


Why Managing Your Domain For Your Funnels At CloudFlare Is A Good Idea

FG Funnels    

Alright, so maybe you’re just getting started with the FG Funnels platform, and at the sound of the three letters – D N S – you start to sweat. Don’t panic. This blog post will explain in layman’s terms how this works so you can be sure to get your domains humming smoothly! Understand the […]


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