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December 14, 2020
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We have to admit, even just writing that title out made us take a long deep breath. What.A.Year.We’ve.Had. One thing we can all agree on: Looking forward to 2021 is a near universal experience. It’s time for a new season!

We’re going to take you inside what we’ve planned for Funnel Gorgeous in 2021. Whether you’re a customer or just a friendly follower, we have lots planned and some important updates and announcements.

Our Commitment To Anti-Racism

We started this work in 2020, and will continue into 2021.

  • We’ve completed as a company the Whiteness at Work program and will continue to educate and take time to reflect on the ways in which systemic racism plays a role in our business, and how to change that moving forward.
  • We’re committed to supporting Black owned businesses.
  • We’re committed to fostering a company culture that is fully inclusive and diverse.
  • We’re committed to continue to work to better reflect in our leadership, the diversity that is present in our customer base.
  • We’re committed to speaking up to other businesses and places where we have influence to stand up for the Black Lives Matter movement and to speak to privilege where and when we see it, including ourselves.

FG Funnels

[Timeframe – All of 2021]

Probably the biggest change we’ve got rolling out is the introduction of FG Funnels software to our customers! If you haven’t heard the story, you can catch up on our sales page here.

We are SO excited for what this new software means for our design collections, templates, and education. It’s been the missing link to so much of what we need to deliver a truly comprehensive experience!

Here are some things you can expect in 2021!

  • We tentatively have four new designs coming in 2021. Each design will be FREE for all FG Funnels users. In addition, we’ll drop the lead magnet, webinar slide deck, and social graphics as well for additional purchase. The next design is coming January 25th and is called Funnel Magic.
  • Lots of people have been asking about how FG Funnels changes our design process and it does, but we’re still working that through. For right now, and as our user base grows, we plan to give FOR FREE all funnel designs we build for the software as long as your account remains active.
  • For the month of December, we’re offering every new account a starter pack – Minimal, Rustic, and Geo. Our team is working as quickly as possible to get everything up to speed, and it’s never fast enough, so please note that when you sign up for a founding members accord, you are signing up to a BETA. The software is not BETA, but the designs are until we iron out all the details.
  • We also have started a FREE Facebook group and a FREE course for any of our users. You can go to FG Funnels Official Facebook Group, and enroll in our FG Funnels training area. Throughout 2021, we will do trainings and tutorials, plus start to imagine what other things we can include in our funnels that would be helpful to you!
  • Expect to see a lot more content from us centered around the power of FG Funnels and what it can do. We’ll also be rolling in extra goodies through FG Funnels that works directly with our coaching programs.
  • Accounts are $97/m until we reach 1000 members, and then we’ll move into tiered pricing.

FG Society

[Timeframe – All of 2021]

One of the most exciting programs that the market so desperately needs is FG Society. Our ‘triple threat’ certification program is going to bring master marketers to the marketplace all under one roof.

Right now we have 700 people in training to be master marketers, and you can expect in 2021, a huge focus on this program. We originally designed it for service providers but increasing number of course creators, coaches, and consultants are going through the program and loving it!

The certification is rolled out in three phases, with an easy pay as you go model. Throughout 2021, we’ll be offering enrollment to FG Society and once certified, you’ll be listed on our new partner site: Hire A Marketer!

This new site launches January 1st, and is a fully free resource for business owners to find expert providers. You’ll be able to browse profiles or submit a job to the directory directly.

Here are some things you can expect in 2021!

  • Info sessions for FG Society will begin in January and continue throughout the year.
  • Hire A Marketer will be a free site for finding quality funnel builders.
  • We’ll be looking for feedback on our certified Marketers on how to make our software easier to sell (and affiliate for), easier to build on, and easier to use!
  • We’ll be creating simple marketer intensive funnels for FG Funnels that you can use.

Course Chemist

[Timeframe – February 2021]

After our hugely successful launch of Offer Cure + Funnel Rx in 2019, we are FINALLY adding the third and final course in this epic Trilogy.

Course Chemist is officially coming to market in February 2021, and will help people learn the ART of teaching.

How to create content and a program that people love, use, and share. This will look at the psychology and marketing of the course content itself – not what’s in the funnel, but how it’s delivered.

We haven’t finalized a price point yet for this program, but it will be affordable. Offer Cure is $37 and Funnel Rx is $97, so we’re looking at that price range (on up to $197).

Marketer’s Heart Live Virtual Event

[Timeframe – April 2021]

The 2nd annual Marketer’s Heart event is coming! Last year’s event was held in March 2020 in NYC, right on the brink of Coronavirus Pandemic. For many of us, it was the last event we went to before a year of quarantine set in.

Due to the virus, we’re doing Marketer’s Heart virtually April 8-9th, but we’ll still bring the same value and heart as we did in person!

Here are some things you can expect in 2021!

  • We’ll be offering a VIP day on April 7th for all VIP ticket holders, swag included.
  • VIP tickets will be $497, regular tickets $97.
  • We’re looking for feedback on trainings you’d love to have at the conference. Be sure to let us know!

Until April, make sure you’re in our free community, Marketer’s Heart – where some of the best conversations in online marketing are happening.

Launch Gorgeous

[Timeframe – April/May/June 2021 + Sept/Oct/Nov 2021]

Launch Gorgeous is our super intense marketing meets mindset group coaching program for people who want to stop procrastinating and finally launch!

We ran four rounds of Launch Gorgeous in 2020, and each time, saw incredible funnels and businesses born. For 2021, we’ve got TWO rounds of Launch Gorgeous in the works. A spring round and a fall round for sure.

The spring round will start right on the back of the Marketer’s Heart event and this experience will focus on a new type of funnel + launch we’ve never done before…

The webinar/presentation/workshop funnel.

Just like in the other rounds, we’ll give students one or two ways to launch, and focus on just EXACTLY what you need to know to get this off the ground.

We’ve tentatively planned that the fall round of LG will focus on the small offers and/or a pressure launch. TBD.

Here are some things you can expect in 2021!

  • Once a Launch Gorgeous student, always an alum! For anyone who does the program (it’s $3000), they are forever able to join ANY future round of coaching for $500.
  • We have a nice deal for FG Society/Launch Gorgeous students in that you are granted $1000 to the other program. So FG Society students can get into LG for $1000 off, and LG students can get into FG Society students for $1000 off. We did this intentionally as they were always designed to be sister programs.
  • We introduced life + mindset coach Nicole McDonough this past round, and it was a rousing success so she will be doing it again with us in the spring!
  • With the introduction of FG Funnels, you can expect that we will HOOK.YOU.UP with what you need for your launch.

Our Affiliate Programs

Real talk. Our affiliate program is undergoing a transition as we work through moving off of ClickFunnels onto our platform.

For 2021, we will be sunsetting our CF affiliate program so if you signed up with us on that platform, that will no longer be effective.

Instead, we’ll have two programs you can sign up for:

  • FG Funnels Affiliate program will run off of First Promoter. It’ll be 40% recurring commission on all new users you bring in.
  • Funnel Gorgeous Teachable Affiliate Program for courses and other templates. Since all of our products are on Teachable, we will be leveraging their checkout process + affiliate program for all content on our school. We’ll be toggling on the ability to be an affiliate right through the portal, which will make life a lot easier! Affiliate commission is 40%.
  • This is all happening in the next few weeks!

Sponsored Drops

This is an idea we’d love to roll out for 2021 – partnering with influencers and creators who have an audience that could use a specific type of funnel.

We build it and promote it during a promotional period and that influencer gets commissions on all new signups during that period. This isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but we know there are a TON of you who have audiences who need a specific type of funnel we could build and offer to new accounts.

FG Merch

Over Black Friday, we sorely underestimated how many people like and want Funnel Gorgeous merchandise! We plan to open a year round Shopify Store with mugs, tees, etc. so you will see that roll out in the next 12 months.

Other Stuff

  • We hope to bring back the Funnel Gorgeous Retreat sometime in 2021/2022, but we’re waiting until the pandemic simmers down.
  • Our content goals for 2021 are to continue to bring excellent weekly content on YouTube + our blog, plus training on FG Funnels in our groups.
  • We’re also going to begin work on a new project called Funnelette. We don’t have too many details to share yet, but it involves a Canva-like sales design software that would spit out perfectly ready sales page designs for FG Funnels.
  • Lots of ideas floating around for how we can celebrate our community and the successes they’ve had with their funnels. All options are still on the table!

Things We’re Celebrating

This past year our team grew! We started 2020 with just a few people, and look how we’ve grown! We’re now a team of 16 (and growing).

  • Julie – CEO
  • Cathy – CEO
  • Jenn – COO/Integrator
  • Lexie – Director of Design
  • Amanda – Designer
  • Vicky – Designer
  • Cali – Content Manager/Customer Service
  • Brittany – Copy
  • Jess T – Customer Service Lead
  • Melanie – FG Funnels Customer Service
  • Holly – FG Society Concierge
  • Ellie – Intern
  • Stephanie – Media Buying
  • Trena – YouTube
  • Tatiana – Tech
  • Emily – Bookkeeping/CFO Services

We also welcomed one new Funnel Gorgeous baby in 2020, and another one is about to show up on the scene for 2021!

We now have…

  • Over 30,000 followers on email
  • 9752 Funnel Gorgeous Customers
  • Nearly 9000 members in Marketer’s Heart
  • Over 700 members of FG Society
  • Over 500 members of Launch Gorgeous
  • Nearly 500 users in FG Funnels
  • Over $2M in annual revenue for 2020
  • Our first six figure day in 2020

Most popular designs of 2020…

  • Ink
  • Minimal
  • Geo
  • Watercolor

Program with the most customers…


There is more to share of course (there always is!) but this a good start. We are so excited to see where Funnel Gorgeous goes in 2021 and look forward to bringing you all along with us!

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