What Style of Launch is Right for You?

August 17, 2020
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Did you know that⁠—in marketing⁠—people overcomplicate EVERYTHING?

Literally everything.

It could just be the nature of the industry…after all, marketing is about finding the “new” angle or idea to capture our attention.

And attention is harder and harder to get these days, so we have to be creative.

But there’s a down side to all this angle finding, and it’s that people who are newer to online business get lost in the OVERLY COMPLICATED mess of information.

One of the reasons we created our latest suite of programs (Offer Cure, Funnel Rx, and Launch Gorgeous) is to really cut through the noise of complexity, and to try to simplify the core principles of marketing so people can stop learning so much and start taking action.

So if we can be so bold…

We’re going to make the case that if you’re growing an info product business, you only need to know THREE launch types.

They are:

  • POWER LAUNCH: A campaign and sequence of events that helps you launch a low-ticket introductory offer to your audience
  • PRESSURE LAUNCH: A campaign and sequence of events that helps you launch a mid-tier or flagship offer to your audience
  • PREMIUM LAUNCH: A campaign and sequence of events that helps you launch a high-ticket offer to your audience

Each launch type still pulls from the same list of marketing “ingredients” (more on that here) but, depending on the launch type, they all operate a bit differently.

Power Launches

A Power Launch is used for your classic intro-funnel. Sometimes you might hear it called an SLO funnel, a free plus shipping funnel, a tiny offer, tripwire, etc. The power launch is fueled by advertising and an organic social media campaign that helps bolster your paid efforts.

Pressure Launches

A Pressure Launch is a bit more pomp and circumstance. Used to kick off brand new offers or a flagship offer, these launches can be small or HUGE. If you watch big names in the space open and close the cart on their offer, it’s usually some variation of a pressure launch. The pressure launch is fueled by list-building first (to a cold audience), and then the campaign itself goes out to your email list and on social media. You might also use some advertising during the launch itself (to your warm audience).

Premium Launches

A Premium Launch is designed specifically for 5-10% of your audience. These are the “diehards” as Russell Brunson would say. The people who are your most loyal customers. Ads are not a big part of this launch since you usually just campaign to your existing audience. One thing that stands out with this launch is that you’re taking applications and closing deals on the phone.

The launch type matches the funnel type. The funnel and launch match the level of the value ladder that you’re building out.

Once you have that foundation baked into your marketing strategy, everything becomes easier.

Instead of toiling in stress and wonder around whether to launch high-ticket or low-ticket, ads or no ads, open cart or close cart, webinar or sales page, you anchor yourself and your business to this evergreen foundation that doesn’t change, even if the tactics do.

So how do you choose where to start?

Remember that the value ladder level, the funnel type, and the launch type are all integrated. So the question you actually need to ask is…

“What do I need more in my business right now?”

  • A: I need more customers and volume. No one knows who I am and my traffic is like a drippy faucet.
  • B: I need to establish myself and plant my flag on the unique problem I solve in the market. I need to create a profitable product that helps me grow.
  • C: I need to get my existing customers to buy more, spend more, and complete the next step in their journey because they want the next thing.

If you answered A, you should start with a power launch.

If you answered B, you should start with a pressure launch.

If you answered C, you should do a premium launch. (Notice we didn’t say start⁠—this is typically not the first launch you do when you’re just starting.)

We worked closely with over 300 people in the first two rounds of Launch Gorgeous, so we know what’s likely coming next for some of you.

A big ol’ “but what if…”

You might be thinking…

  • I already have an offer and I don’t know where it fits into this framework
  • I launched and it flopped. Now I don’t know if I should ditch it or try again
  • What if I need all three? Where do I start then?

We can tackle a lot of this uncertainty with a simple decision tree.

#1 If you have an offer and you don’t know where it fits, just start in the middle⁠—with a pressure launch. It’s very common for businesses to launch an offer they think is their main thing, to later discover their BIG idea that bumps the original idea out of the “flagship” spot. Pressure launches are the most flexible so it’s an easy answer if you’re not sure!

#2 If you launched and it flopped, the most important thing you can do is discover WHY it flopped. Our Funnel Rx course will help with that diagnostic process—and you might be surprised at what you discover. Once you know (was it traffic, offer, copy, or positioning?), you can then decide whether to relaunch it with a new strategy, to move it to another spot in the value ladder, or just retire it and try something else out.

#3 This is usually the question that comes up if you’re not in business yet! We had a number of people in Launch Gorgeous who wrestled with this in Phase #1 of the experience, and we personally answered anyone who was waffling between the two. Ultimately, a Pressure Launch is the most flexible, though in some cases, we recommended a Power Launch first. (Intuition and a lot of experience is what we go on here with our answers.) Here are a couple of deciding factors to consider: how big your list or organic reach is, what price point are you “feeling”, etc.

We hope that has been helpful! If you’re loving this post, we’d love to hear about it! Share in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram…then get on the waitlist for our next round of Launch Gorgeous!

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