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August 10, 2020
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This past June, we had over 450 enroll in the beta version of our FG Society program.

This post is the written version of our info session (so it’s long). If you prefer to watch the replay, you can do so here!

FG Society is our first ever certification program to create Master Marketers who are a triple threat. This means they are well-versed in:

  1. Offer + Funnel Strategy
  2. Funnel Copy
  3. Funnel Design

We know that this has been the secret sauce behind our success, because these are the same three pieces that create an irresistible funnel!

The problem? There are more requests for funnel builds than either of us can do. This is the reason we’re building a community of certified marketers that understand solid online marketing principles, and run a business of integrity.

To be able to represent providers on our website, to recommend them and highlight them in our marketing, we knew we’d need a certification process, and that is what we’re rolling out for founding members who are ready to do this with us!

We get asked all the time if we know anyone who can do the offer, the copy, and the design for them and the truth is…it’s hard to find people who do all three.

When you are a good offer strategist, offer copywriter, and offer designer, all of these become true…

  • You never have to say yes to less than ideal clients
  • You rarely need to advertise
  • You can charge more
  • You have clients who continue to buy + pay
  • You get opportunities to work with bigger influencers

When you understand offers, copy, AND design, you become IRRESISTIBLE.

You become a Master Marketer.

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in our Funnel Gorgeous conversion metrics.

Funnel Gorgeous regularly beats out standard conversion rates two-fold.

Here are some examples:

  • Standard buy-rate for an offer: 1-5%
  • Ad Gorgeous: 9.9%

  • Standard buy-rate of a low-ticket offer: 1-5%
  • Offer Cure: 9.44%

  • Standard buy-rate for an OTO: 3-10%
  • Funnel Rx: 23%

This is because we have mastered the combination of solid offers, solid copy, and solid design. That is what we want to teach. That is what we want to certify. And that is the kind of army of providers that we want to create.

FG Society is for:

  • Funnel Designers
  • Funnel Strategists
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Marketing Coaches
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Virtual Assistant’s Looking To Uplevel Their Skills
  • Facebook Ad Agencies That Want To Uplevel Their Funnel Skills
  • Business Owners That Want To Build Their Own Internal Funnel Team

FG Society is NOT for:

  • Business Owners That Want To Launch Just ONE Funnel
    (Launch Gorgeous is perfect for this!)
  • People Who Want Just One Super Specialty
  • People Who Don’t Want To Do Any Actual Skill Work
    (you plan to just hire everything out)
  • People Who Are Interested In Becoming An Ad Agency
    (we’re not focusing on advertising in this program)
  • People Who Want To Learn Ecommerce Or Physical Product Funnels
    (MANY of the concepts will still apply, but we’re not focused on physical products since that’s not what we do)


The program will be broken up into three phases. Each phase will run six weeks, with two weeks of space in between. At the end of each phase is an exam. Members can take the exam up to two times – and attempt to pass.

Once you’ve taken and passed all three phases + exams, you’ll get a FG certification badge and be listed on our site for 2021. You’ll also get access to our FB group for the entire 2021 year to be a part of the weekly Q&A sessions.

The program is designed to be done in order. Do Phase #1. Pass exam. Do Phase #2. Pass exam. Do Phase #3. Pass exam. However, for this first round—since we’re building it out—we’re giving founding members the chance to take each exam with a bit more flexibility.

All the exams can be used/taken between now and the end of 2020. So we’re giving students six months.*

*Please note the program is being built out so when you join, you won’t have every phase available to you right away. Plus with the pay as you go model (see more below), you’ll be paying for each phase as it rolls out.

Future classes will have to do it in sequential order, and won’t be able to proceed without passing.

You can take the exam two times without any additional grading fee. If you fail twice, each additional attempt will cost $300 to be graded.

Certification lasts for one year, though the content you purchase is yours to keep. After the first year, you’ll have a renewal fee of $500 per year to remain in the group and get updates. Students won’t have to take another exam to remain certified.

Master marketers MUST pass all three.

The Phases

Phase 1 – Runs June 15th – July 31st
Offer + Funnel Strategy

  • Avatar
  • The One Problem
  • Prevailing Wisdom
  • The USP
  • The Objections/False Beliefs
  • Offer Types
  • The 5 Foundations Of An Offer
  • Offer Pricing
  • Funnel Strategy
  • Funnel Split Testing
  • Funnel Wireframes
  • Unpacking Big Offers To Smaller Ones
  • Reading The Numbers
  • Continuity
  • Customer Awareness
  • Offers Built In Context Of A Business

Phase 2 – Runs August 15th – September 30th
Funnel Copy

  • Persuasion
  • Voice
  • Direct Response
  • Trust
  • Positioning
  • Pre Framing
  • Anchoring
  • Storytelling
  • Headlines
  • Names + Tag Lines
  • Sales Pages
  • Registration Copy
  • Webinar Presentations
  • Launch Emails
  • Objections
  • Closes

Phase 3 – Runs October 15th – November 30th
Funnel Design

  • Sales Objectives + Visual Structure
  • Copy Design + Creating Hierarchy
  • Color Theory
  • Typography
  • Space Theory (vertical, negative, white)
  • Interactive Design + Suggestive Movement
  • Photo Relationships
  • Visual Shortcuts
  • Visual Variance
  • Umbrella/Offer Brands
  • Logo Design
  • Offer Shot + Product Mockup Design
  • Changing Colors/Custom Colors on the Assets
  • Choosing a Style
  • Visual Modules/Bonuses
  • Stack Area
  • Lead Funnel Page Design
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Switching Funnel Flows (turning the SLO into applications, summits)
  • Order Form Design/OTO Design
  • Full Sales Page Design
  • Registration Page Design
  • Webinar Slide Design

Everything in this program is applied. That means we’re teaching offers, copy, and design as applied to real world funnel building. You won’t have to go to graphic design school for this, you’ll be taught the things you need to know that relate to a funnel build. (Multiple different types of funnel builds, actually.)


In addition to the curriculum, we’re wrapping up extra goods into the program. Here’s the list of things you’ll get as a certified master marketer…

  • 50% affiliate commission on our products
  • Extra CSS snippets and graphics not offered in the shop
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Facebook Group
  • Featured on our site for 2021 (once certified)
  • Our legacy programs
    • The Digital Guidebook (originally sold for $2000)
    • Inspired Pro (originally sold for $1000)
    • Proposal Secrets (originally sold for $500)


FG Society is $3000.

In addition, we’ve decided to do a pay-as-you-go model. This means that you will pay for each phase as it drops, and if you decide you don’t want to continue the program, you’re not obligated to finish.

  1. Phase 1 is $933
  2. Phase 2 is $933
  3. Phase 3 is $933

Again, this is something we’re doing for just this round. Pay as you go, no obligation to finish if it’s not for you. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll get access to the Facebook group and our Legacy courses. On June 15th, Phase 1 will drop!

You keep whatever content you pay for, even if you don’t get certified.

If you are an existing TDG, CYLL, or Inspired Pro member, or if you’re a Launch Gorgeous alumna, there were additional perks mentioned in your respective groups. Please make sure to take a look!

The Exam

  • There will be an exam for each phase.
  • The exam will comprise of a combination of multiple choice and small projects to show competency in the skill being tested.
  • Open book test. You can use all your material!
  • We also strongly recommend you have purchased these courses: (Similar to “required materials” in college!)
  • The exam will build upon itself in each phase. You’ll take phase 1 and be graded, and then use the examples to complete the exam for phase 2 and 3.
  • We will teach you everything you need to know to complete the exam!
  • You can take the test two times without any additional grading fee.
  • You’ll have the entirety of the 6 month program to take and pass each of the three exams.

FAQ’s from Community

I’m in TDG, Create Your Laptop Life, Launch Gorgeous, and/or Inspired Pro Academy. Do I get a special offer?

Yes! If you are in any of these programs, check your member’s area(s) for an even greater FG Society discount!

Do I need to have any particular platform(s) for the program?

No. We’re going to teach you platform-independent principles and you can choose which funnel builder and design program you would like to use for yourself. We will be teaching a portion of the content on ClickFunnels, but we encourage people to use whatever builder they’d like. We also recommend using Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva for the design portion, but it’s really up to you. Part of the FG Society magic includes having providers who are familiar with a wide range of programs and platforms!

I just want to be certified in one or two skills, can I do that?

You can absolutely buy the program and focus solely on one or two of the phases, but you won’t be certified within FG Society. In order to be featured on our website as part of the Master Marketer community, you must complete and pass all three phases of the program. Remember that you must also go through the phases in order to move forward through the program.

I want to certify my agency, can I do that?

If you are interested in certifying your agency, you can have up to two individuals go through the certification process.

The individual (who is acting as the +1) must be a:

  • Spouse
  • K1 business partner
  • Employee
  • A contractor with evidence of working for you for at least six months

Both of you can work together to complete and submit Phase 1, and then one of you can do Phase 2, and one of you do Phase 3.

We WILL NOT GRADE two versions of the test. This is for partners who want to divide and conquer. We will then certify the AGENCY itself. We offer this for people who may want their partner, spouse, or employee to focus on the copy/design while the individual focuses on the other training.

Is the curriculum self-led or are the sessions live?

We are still in the process of building out the entire program, but so far Phase One’s curriculum has been pre-recorded. We want this program to be clear and concise, but we will also have three live sessions throughout the six week time period to milestone Phase One.

What is the difference between Launch Gorgeous and FG Society?

Launch Gorgeous has been designed to move you through the process of launching a funnel. Everything about the LG curriculum is designed for a person who wants to get an offer out—whether it’s their first or their 10th funnel. Launch Gorgeous teaches you the exact skills you need to get one specific offer out.

FG Society, on the other hand, serves as more of a sweeping, micro-college education on marketing and funnel, offer, copy, and design strategy so that you can go into nearly any online marketing situation knowing what to do and how to do it.

There is some overlap because we teach tried-and-true principles, but these are totally different bodies of information and FG Society is filled with completely new information.

Julie did a video on this in the FB group that you can check out!

I’m a beginner. Can I still join FG Society?

You can, but know that there will be a pretty steep learning curve. Between now and June 15th, take the free Funnel Building for Beginners course, then take Offer Cure and Funnel Rx. We also recommend reading Russell Brunson’s Secrets Trilogy, which you can find here.

You will likely take longer to get through the material since you don’t have that background, but there’s no reason why a beginner can’t take this program and do well when equipped with the right tools and information!

What resources will be available for those who complete FG Society?

The biggest thing will be the Facebook group with the weekly Q&A sessions (which Julie doesn’t sell outside of her $25k/yr program), a workbook filled with spreadsheets used for Julie’s Digital Insiders to make your job easier, a code of ethics, information on how to price, and of course, being featured on our website as part of Funnel Gorgeous’s Little Black Book of FG Society Master Marketers.

How does recertification work?

We will not require another exam, but we will make sure that each person looking to re-certify adheres to our code of ethics. We will require a $500 recertification fee in order to remain featured on our site and stay in the Facebook group, but you are not required to re-certify if you don’t want to. We plan to also offer updates to training and information as we move forward, so you will also have access to the latest marketing information.

Can I purchase through PayPal?

Yes! Email us at

We understand how important it is to market with purpose, integrity, and heart—and we know you do too.

Make no mistake: this isn’t going to be easy. We don’t expect everyone to pass the exams, nor do we even expect everyone to take them. Our goal isn’t to create worker bees. We are creating triple threat marketers that know the ins and outs of creating excellent funnels and offers.

True to Funnel Gorgeous form, this founding offer of FG Society will be the best one we ever offer—so don’t miss out on this insanely incredible deal!

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