How to Design Sales Copy that CONVERTS Leads

August 24, 2020
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There’s something overlooked in design school (and is DEFINITELY neglected by copywriting courses, for that matter) that holds the secret to creating a sales page that converts like crazy. That something? How you actually design sales copy that converts.

It may seem inconsequential, but everything—from the bits of bolded text to the white space to the accent fonts and beyond—greatly affects the clarity, flow, and success of the sales page…and by extension, your profit margins!

As the saying goes, a confused mind always says ‘NO’

That’s why it’s SO important to design sales copy in a way that makes it easy for leads to read and comprehend. The goal of sales copy is to educate, to break through objections, and to increase conversion into a sale…

And comprehension makes copy 100x times more effective in its mission.

Cathy Olson, cofounder and head designer of Funnel Gorgeous, here! Today I want to take you into the mind of a web-designer-turned-marketer, and show you the philosophy behind my process of turning Julie’s kick-ass sales copy into a kick-ass sales page that connects with people and sells like crazy!

Julie’s been diving into effective launch strategies with Launch Gorgeous, but I’m here to demonstrate why pages like our Offer Cure sales page is one of the most copied on the ‘net.

I’ve kept my “secret sauce” process mostly to myself up until this point, but no more!

I recently went live in our Marketer’s Heart FB group and went over Every. Pixel. of the Launch Gorgeous sales page, explaining what I did and why I did it.

Here are some of the things I covered:

  • Why/When I added space
  • Why/When I chose to bold
  • Why/When I used a new font
  • The graphics I chose to reinforce an idea
  • The ideas that are the most important to emphasis graphically
  • How/Why I chose certain colors
  • How I transitioned sections effectively
  • How I designed a page for both the “Skim Reader” buyers AND the “Detail Reader” buyers

…Plus the sales psychology behind each of these decisions.

> Watch the over-the-shoulder Copy Design video HERE <

You don’t have to be a copywriter or designer to benefit from this insight.

Learn the tips and tricks that YOU need to know so that you can convey any written message (be it for your website, sales, page workbook, or anything else with words) effectively andmore importantlygorgeously.

Well-designed sales copy could make the difference of getting or losing the sale (and possibly, the attention of that lead forever). Make sure you know how to give yourself the best possible chance for a great impression!

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