Weekly Adventures in Marketland [11/23]

November 23, 2021
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The most useful blog you’ll read all week!

  • Julie did a podcast episode on How To Choose a Business Partner. Take a listen!
  • Cathy’s 10 Must Haves for your Landing Page Copy is super popular on YouTube. Have you seen it?
  • The highly anticipated Marketer’s Heart Event magazine dropped on Friday. We’re about 90% full on our room block so do not delay in getting your ticket.
  • Today is the last day for our “done for you” setup on our annual plan for Move to Gorgeous. If you want someone else to get your account all connected, hooked up, domains installed, payment gateway connected… join on the annual plan by end of day today!
  • Our Black Friday sale kicks off this Friday. Here are just a few of the offers that will be on sale for 30% off. The coupon code will work for anything in our Teachable store (excluding FG Funnels). The sale will run Friday through Monday night! We’ll drop the coupon code first thing on Friday.

    – Future Fund
    – Course Chemist
    – All our Slide Decks
    – All out Lead Magnets
  • We just finished our 5th round of Launch Gorgeous – this one was Launch Gorgeous Elite (working on an application funnel) and we’re so stoked to show you the winners of this round! If you’ve never done a Launch Gorgeous, you’ll want to be on the waitlist since it’s one of the fastest ways to truly get a funnel built…even if you’re not techy. Best part is, many of our students have applications coming in and people signing up as clients!
  1. Tamiko Kelly: If you have a friend or family member who is about to welcome a little bundle of joy, check out Tamiko Kelly’s offer: Sleep Well. Wake Happy. Team FG has lots of little ones and we can attest this is a MUST for new parents because, well #ittakesavillage
  2. Shaina Longstreet: When it comes to the look of your business, a little cohesion goes a loooong way. The Dawn Approach by Shaina Longstreet helps business owners small and large tackle the look and feel of their business.
  3. Sharon Spano: We’ve all been here: stuck in a relationship that feels downright *TOXIC*. If you find yourself in this space and need to call on a pro, Sharon Spano’s Toxic Relationships Cleanup Intensive is for you.
  4. Patti Zorr: Launch Accelerator by Patti Zorr takes you from 0 to highly marketed author in record time by offering a done WITH you service. This is perfect for anyone looking to amplify their book launch with tried and true marketing efforts.
  5. Clare Lewis: We are all, by definition, experts in our careers. But how exactly do we make that marketable enough to turn it into a product or course? Enter: Clare Lewis and her Concept 2 Clarity offer, perfect for any professional looking to expand their reach.
  6. Kim Roth: Kim takes the frustration and overwhelm out of tech for all of our creatives who literally. can’t. even. Simplify Your Tech is for all of you out there who just want to focus on what you LOVE about your business and not any of the other stuff.
  • Did you know that we’ve been working on getting all of our designs into FG Funnels … FOR 12 MONTHS. And as of today, they are ALL there. That means you can request any of our premium designs in your FG Funnels account for free. Anytime. For anything you want! Just go to your sidebar and click REQUEST collection. We have a SLO funnel, webinar funnel, and five page website for all design collections!
  • If you’re an affiliate for FG Funnels, stay tuned for an announcement of our winners from our Move to Gorgeous affiliate contest. And if you’re not yet an affiliate, you can sign up anytime!

Have a great week!

xx Julie + Cathy

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