Here’s How You Keep Your Customers and Close the Sale!

November 23, 2020
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Today we will cover how to keep your people INSIDE your sales funnel once you get them to click. (If you don’t know how to get people to check out your sales funnel, make sure you check out this video we did.)

You have worked SO hard to build a funnel you’re proud of, and now you’re finding that people are leaving before they buy.

NEWSFLASH, about 95% of people are NEVER going to take action and are going to bounce off. 5% of people becoming customers is awesome.

We’ve found 3 ways to keep customers on the sales page and close the sale.

Tip #1 Make sure that your entire funnel is EASY

What do we mean by that? The customer experience needs to be completely s e a m l e s s. The process should be easy; the site should run fast and be enjoyable. We are in an information age; the possibilities of digital content are endless. Our job is to create a site that fits the consumer’s needs, so keep that in mind as you build your funnel.

We talk about how best to achieve this in another video and blog but above all else, you need to make sure everything works!

Tip #2 If they leave, bring them back to funnel later

In a perfect world, the customer comes to your funnel, stays there, and purchases, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, so how do you keep them coming back? There are a few ways to do this; one way to do this is through retargeting ads. This works by capturing their info when they are initially on your page and then sending out an ad that might draw them back! This is especially a great option if you have several things to sell and can target them with additional products or services. It helps cast the net a bit wider to see what might be more successful,

Tip #3 Keep Loops Open

You’re able to do this by having an engaging and compelling story. The goal here is to keep them reading, keep them curious, keep them wanting more. This level of excitement is achieved through strong copy and dynamic design BUT slowly drip this out. We want to emphasize that you’re telling a story here, don’t give everything away in the first sentence. Tease the information a bit, make them want to keep reading!

Don’t forget to design to your advantage with bold headlines, varying colors, arrows, and even sporadic animation can all help to draw the eye down and keep the customer in your funnel!

If you have more questions about this, we encourage you to check out the additional resources on our website, blog, and YouTube channel!

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