How To Create Lead Magnets In Illustrator

November 16, 2020
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You know that you want to get people on your list so that you can contact (and sell) them later, but you have to design something for them to download, and you don’t only want to send them a doc file. Right?

Today we will help you out with creating a lead magnet while giving you a dip into the waters of the Adobe suite of products.

Here at Funnel Gorgeous, we design templates for funnels called collections, and then you need all the matching pieces for these collections so that you can have a fully cohesive brand, so we also sell logo templates, lead magnet templates, and ad templates.

Today we going to focus on the lead magnet templates in Illustrator to show you the rundown of how exactly it works, how to choose the sections, get information, plug and play into it, change the colors, save it out as a PDF and start sending it to your people!

Today, we’re going to show you a few things…

1. Adding another page.

  • Go to: document set up, edit artboards.
  • Select the one that you want to make a copy of
  • Hold down the option key, then the shift key to constraint.
  • Remember, every time you add a new artboard, it goes on to the end. We want them to be in order so to do that:
    • Go up to windows; artboard then drag to rearrange
  • Now you have the artboards in order, and you could add one to the end, and then it would automatically be in the right order.

2. How to change the colors, texts and images.

Swapping Out Images

  • Double click the image, and you’re going to see it’s inside the board
  • You can move the cropping if you want
  • You’ll want to re-link through the link palette
  • Then it will take you out to your computer where you can select a new image to re-link

Changing the Text

  • Click the text tool to type and select where you want it to go.
  • Please select where you want it to go.
  • Every time you want to change the text, you have to hit the text tool to change it, click inside, and then start to type.
  • Within the text tool, you can change all your fonts, etc.

Changing the Colors

  • You will have all of our global colors under swatches and could change the color there
  • When editing in swatches, it changes it everywhere that’s linked so that way you can switch them all out at the same time
  • If you want to change them individually, you can use the direct selection tool (it looks like the open arrow)
  • There are two different types of color fills:
    • Outline color, which is basically like the border
    • Fill color, which will fill the entire selected area
  • If you want to use a hex code, you can do that by just changing to websafe RGB.

3. How to save it.

  • Save as a PDF with any illustrator file.
  • You want to make sure that you save the AI file and the PDF file, because the PDF, you start to lose some of the edit-ability inside the PDF version.
  • You can save as the smallest file size.

Wasn’t that amazing?

Make sure that you head over to our shop, where you can shop all the different collections, grab whichever lead magnet templates you want, whether it’s Canva or Illustrator, and get that puppy rolling out to your people.

And as always, if you found this helpful, we would love for you to share it with your friends.

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