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June 3, 2021
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We’re excited to share with you what’s been happening behind the scenes with Funnel Gorgeous over the past few months. As with any digital brand, things are always moving, improving, and optimizing – and with the addition of FG Funnels to our product line, that’s never been more true. So here are some things we’d like to share with you!

FG Funnels

As of today, we have 1500 FG Funnels customers. Some exciting developments coming with our software, and we’ve been transitioning our resources + bandwidth to make way for what we’ve planned.

  • Brand new Funnel Executive Collection is now available for all users. It comes with a sales funnel, webinar funnel, + a five page website.
  • You’ll also note on the sidebar we now have a “Request Collection” button. It may not look like much but for the past six months we’ve been developing a way to make that happen automatically (since it’s been a manual process up until now).
  • You can request a fresh copy of Simple, Geo, Fresh, Minimal, Magic, + Executive FOR FREE. No prior purchase necessary.
  • We also have redirected our resources to get the rest of our collections finished and will be making those complimentary as well.

Yes, this is a big change. We’re going to give our designs to all active customers for free. Here’s why it makes things so much easier!

If you are an affiliate for us, or a service provider helping a client, no more worrying about licensing or finding the right design + purchasing. They have access to all the same funnel designs and can be loaded automatically into their account! Simply get them on FG Funnels and request whatever design you need!

This virtually eliminates any fears of not using the funnel design as intended or breaking licensing agreements. Plus if you need a fresh copy because you messed yours up, you can request it without going through support.

  • On June 11th, Rebel Collection + Ink Collection will be available.
  • The others are forthcoming after that…and we know what you’re thinking, why has it taken so long?


We hired a team of designers to build out all our collections from scratch last November. We spent $32,000 to do this. And guess how many were usable? Basically none.

The designers were gifted at design but didn’t understand how to make designs flexible and easy to customize. They were pixel-perfect but useless. So we went back to them and asked them to try again.

Now we’re in February. They come back – STILL with 3000 lines of CSS code. Claiming the designs can’t be replicated without that much code. Which isn’t true, but Cathy and I learned an extremely hard (expensive) lesson.

There aren’t many people as awesome as our team of designers at Funnel Gorgeous. Lexie + Amanda know how to make gorgeous design USABLE. They have slowly (between all their other projects) trying to rebuild…yes now for the third time – our templates so that they carry our signature design and don’t require 3000 lines of code.

Frankly, we’re scared to hire it out and get it done after what we experienced. So it’s taking light years.

This is one of the reasons we closed our template shop. We had to have a hard discussion about bandwidth and resources, even as we’re trying to hire and train people in the Funnel Gorgeous way. The bottom line? We could continue to stretch ourselves way too thin trying to sell and support all these designs across Kajabi, Elementor, ClickFunnels…or…we could stop selling templates, and just focus on creating awesome designs for FG Funnels that are flexible and usable.

We chose the 2nd option. So yes it’s taking a long time, but we’ll get there – and when the collections* are ready, you’ll get them all for free.

*For those who are wondering what happens with all our other file templates for Kartra, CF, etc.? They will be available for purchase as it, but will no longer be supported. All future designs will be for FG Funnels. We’ll continue to sell slide decks and lead magnets that match off our site!

When it comes to the software side of things, we’re still waiting on some features that have rolled out slower than we like. Covid in India hit the developer team hard.

Still to come…

  • PayPal
  • Blog Feature
  • Shareable Workflows
  • Funnel Folders
  • Test Mode Per Funnel

Launch Gorgeous

Right now we are having so much fun with our Launch Gorgeous On Demand group. This is the first time we’ve had software to backup the teaching, so it’s been fun to watch the OMG this is amazing moments from students who received a fully built out funnel with automations included.

We also learned a ton about how to help people learn tech at scale. Because of this, we’re going to be changing some of our help and support to make it even easier to get on FG Funnels now that we see so clearly where each hiccup is!

Launch Gorgeous On Demand wraps up July 2nd, and then we head into the promotional period for Launch Gorgeous Lite – Paid Workshop Edition. This will run in August and be a shorter more condensed training about how to run a paid low ticket workshop. Stay tuned for this!

Another full round of Launch Gorgeous should happen in the fall – what style of funnel, we’re not sure yet! Any ideas?

FG Society

Our 1 year anniversary of FG Society is approaching quickly! If you haven’t checked out our site Hire A Marketer, you absolutely should. We have a lot of talented marketers for hire. You can browse profiles or simply click post a job and send an email out to all of our students!

Cathy and I are incredibly proud of the FG Society curriculum. It teaches offer, copywriting, and design in an easy, digestible way so that even the most beginner of beginners can learn how to build converting funnels. It’s literally some of our best work, and legacy level quality!

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we’re going to offer a one-day funnel-building workshop extravaganza for all current and new members. We’ll be teaching you how to build a challenge funnel. And since we know a lot of you funnel build as your work, we’ll include a session on pricing and structure to sell to clients.

For the anniversary, we’ll feature a few of our marketer’s portfolios so you can see what they’ve been doing!

New Courses in 2021

If you’ve been busy and not paying attention, there have been several new things we’ve produced this year!

[February 2021] Course Chemist – Gosh, we wish you could see testimonials that come into our inbox all the time for this course. It’s a power-packed program teaching you how to build a great course.

[March 2021] Offer To Impact FREE – Stuck at the beginning and have no idea where to even start with your online business? Take our FREE Offer to Impact Challenge.

[May 2021] FGF University FREE – In May, our team set out to create a comprehensive training program for FG Funnels. We didn’t want it to just be help docs, we wanted to actually teach you the nuts + bolts of online business in the context of FG Funnels. It’s totally FREE for our users. Simply login to the dashboard and click Enroll in FGFU!

And of course, every round of Launch Gorgeous is new! Did you know that once you enroll once, you become an alumni? After that you can get into every subsequent round of LG for like 80% off!

Lastly, still to this day, our best selling program is Offer Cure + Funnel Rx. They are a great introduction to marketing online, and we suggest you have both in your course library!

Under-marketed but surprisingly awesome? Ad Gorgeous + our Logo Bundle.

Marketer’s Heart

This year, our Marketer’s Heart was virtual, and it was incredible! We had 500 attendees for the two-day conference, and then one VIP day with about 150 people. And at that event, we revealed that Marketer’s Heart 2022 is going to be in Disney World! We’ve sold out 75% of the seats with only 50 seats remaining. We’ll be opening the doors again to MHE 2022 soon and we are sure those tickets will sell right out!

FG Mail

Alright, so this is heading to the Funnel Gorgeous ecosystem on July 1st. We’re going to open up the option to use FG Mail (our white-labeled email SMTP) to make FG Funnels setup easier. This means when you sign up for an account, we have you also sign up for FG Mail (rather than getting your own Mailgun account) and the advantage is LESS headache. This allows us to support you with your email in a new way. It also means you’ll be able to use our warmed-up IP addresses that will prevent some of the annoying throttling that happens when you’re on a new domain.

If that was all geek speak, don’t worry. Basically if you’re setup with Maillgun on FG Funnels, you’re good. If you haven’t yet, we’ll encourage you to use FG Mail starting July 1st. We’ve hired an email consultant who is also going to do a workshop for all users to understand the ins and outs of email deliverability since what many people don’t realize is that with FG Funnels, you have the power to get better open rates and ANY other current ESP on the market.

In Summary…

  • Our new website featuring a more simplified homepage should be out today or tomorrow!
  • We have a new funnel collection available for all FG Funnels users – Funnel Executive. We now have the process automated to reduce wait times.
  • BIG CHANGE – all funnel collections will be free + requestable in the app. For now, we have six, with the next round coming June 11th. No more purchasing necessary. The value of being an FG Funnels user just tripled!
  • Our 1 year anniversary of FG Society will include an invite to a funnel-building day in July for all current and new students!
  • FG Mail is rolling out July 1st to make FG Funnels setup even easier.
  • In August, we’ll open the doors to Launch Gorgeous Lite – Paid Workshop Edition.
  • We have 50 seats remaining for MHE 2022 and we’ll open doors soon for those last spots.
  • We plan to do one more live round of Launch Gorgeous in the fall.
  • We always plan something epic for Black Friday so stay tuned. It’s a surprise.

And throughout all this, we’ll continue to work hard to figure out ways to make our communities more awesome, drop as many awesome design collections into FG Funnels as possible, and build the team that can support you!

Side note, did you know we’re paying over $20k a month IN COMMISSIONS to our affiliates for FG Funnels? If you haven’t signed up to promote FG Funnels, it’s 40% recurring revenue. Simply sign up for your affiliate account here.

It’s been a busy and exciting first half of 2021. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

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