Creating the RIGHT Hook for Your Target Audience

June 21, 2021
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It seems nearly impossible to get someone to quit scrolling through their social media to click on your ad, but if you have the right kind of hook, you’ll see it is very much POSSIBLE! 🎉

In this blog post, we will talk about and walk you through creating an EYE-POPPING HOOK that will get you more traffic to your site, grow that email list, and, of course, close more sales!

First Up…. Know Who You Want To Hook

You aren’t going to want everyone and anyone to get hooked to your offer, right?. You want to target your audience and be sure you are speaking to them to engage them to want to go down this path to find the solution you are providing.

This is the difference between clickbait vs. a good hook; you’re matching your bait to your fish!

A great way to start thinking about this is to reverse-engineer it a bit. Ask yourself: what do they need? What is that person looking for? What can I say that would specifically target their needs?

Second… Hook = Surprise + Truth

The idea here is to use something that people already know and can relate to. Ex: “The Airbnb of RV Rentals”. You would then want to add in some surprising details or something that describes it in an exciting way! “It’s like an Airbnb on wheels”.

Next Up… Segment Your Audience

This requires you to know and understand your audience. Here are 4 different types to help you do this.

  1. Unaware Customer – unaware that their problem exists.
  2. Problem-Aware Customer – aware that they have a problem that needs attention.
  3. Solution-Aware Customer – aware that there is a solution to their problem.
  4. Product-Aware Customer – aware of YOUR product.

Ask yourself: Which level of knowledge is my current customer at?

Lastly… Use A Marketing Argument

The best way to explain this is to use something called the Domino Statement. This is PURE GOLD so brace yourselves.

If I can make my customer believe that the only way to get the desired result is through my thing and the only way to execute on this method is buying my thing, then all objections become irrelevant and they must invest.

Once you get them to see their problem and that the thing that will solve their problem is right in front of them, you have gotten them to the other side of the fence. Your marketing argument can actually be based on your domino statement because you can use that as means to tip them in your favor!

If you use the tips above, writing hooks will be a BREEZE! If you need a little bit more help, we have a course called The Offer Cure that is guaranteed to help refine any offer!

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