10 AMAZING Sales Funnel Offer Ideas

May 3, 2021
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If you are looking for a spike in revenue, but not quite sure what you can offer your clients to close the deal, we have you covered with 10 GREAT offer ideas, and even if you don’t use one of ours, it should get you brainstorming something absolutely perfect!

Check out this video or do a quick scroll for some instant inspiration!

Before we dive into the good stuff… in this post, we will be talking about paid offer ideas. These are different than just lead magnet ideas. We are talking about offers that you can provide once you already have someone on your list!

Interview Series

In this example, you would leverage someone else’s expertise in an interview. You are just the one facilitating! You see this done a lot at conferences or summits where they have panels and guests; the entire program is recorded and often sold for a small fee.

Mini Course

This is a course that is offered in a SUPER specific niche of what your expertise is. You will sometimes see mini courses offered as bonuses. These are a no-brainer if you’ve already created a full course because it’s easy to take part of your course and expand on it!

Trello Board

What is it about organization tools that seriously get people SO hyped? Trello boards are great because you can take something that you created, a system that clearly works because you’re already using it, package it up and sell it. If you want to sweeten the pot, you can always include additional digital files that fall within that sale niche!


Creating and selling a workbook is as simple as compiling a few similar PDF’s or worksheets that you offer in a course or for a product, repackaging, and selling. So much we create can easily be repurposed. This is one of those things! People especially love these because it’s instant gratification: they purchase and then immediately download.

Live or Virtual Event

Events are great at being a stepping stone to selling a high ticket offer. You can do a live training or webinar, and at the end you can sell your high ticket offer. With virtual events, you obviously don’t have as much fixed costs but the trade off is that you usually don’t close as many people. Which makes sense. In person events are great for building connection!

USB Drive

Ok, this is a fun one! If you were already planning on selling digital assets, why not up the ante? I mean, who doesn’t love getting something tangible? The only drawback is the “work” involved in pulling this off. Getting addresses, ordering the USB, transferring the data, and then mailing the product. We’re big fans of this one because it’s a small price to pay to really make your brand/purchase stand out!

Swipe File

A swipe file is any kind of shortcut or something your customer could use to get them results faster. This could be anything! Pre-written copy, email templates, Canva templates, etc. You could also package together research you’ve done on a topic that could help someone else in their business!


This could be several little offers that you’re bundling together as a massive value to sell. Maybe it’s one of everything listed above but repackaged as a new offer! The best thing about these is you can show what a massive value it is because the other other way they could get each piece is by purchasing a larger course. They are saving a ton of money by purchasing the bundle that has a little bit of everything!

Coaching or Consulting

Consulting is a perfect offer when you don’t have something already created but are an expert in your field. You can offer that expertise at a discounted rate and sell that knowledge. What’s great about these offers is that a lot of the time, they spark some inspiration for what you could offer as a product in the future because you start to see what people value when you’re spending time getting to know them and helping them!

Email, Phone or Voxer Support

Similar to coaching because you are offering your services and expertise. Another thing you can do is sell support options separately or as an add on to a course or product. Don’t forget: Time=Money! This is different from coaching because it won’t be a set time/date for a call, it’s more like an: “I’m here for you when you need me” type of thing.

So, here you have it, 10 offer ideas that are SURE to help you come up with a killer offer. If you like these and want more, check out Offer Cure for a TON of super valuable content. If you already have a killer offer and are looking to go from Offer to Impact, check out our challenge starting next week!

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