FG Funnels Updates – November 8th, 2023

November 8, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from November 1st, 2023 through November 8th, 2023. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help. 


Funnels & Websites

Terms and Conditions

We are excited to announce that with the latest release Order forms settings will contain a toggle to enable terms and conditions on version 2 funnels/websites – one of the most requested features!

  • What’s New?
    • The new funnel builder will contain a toggle to enable the terms and conditions for order forms
    • Text editor to edit the what text should be appearing on the order forms
  • How It Works
    • In the new Funnel builder turning the toggle on would allow users to define the preview text appearing on the order form
    • Define what part of the text would be hyperlinked
    • Attach a URL for the hyperlinked text
    • The preview page will contain a checkbox to accept terms and conditions
    • If the business has enabled the terms and conditions, the end customer would not be able to click on complete order unless the terms and conditions are checked


Show Elements on Button Click

About this release:

  • We are thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement to our platform with the addition of the “Show Elements on Click” feature. This new button action empowers users to dynamically reveal hidden elements on both mobile and desktop views, providing greater flexibility and interactivity in designing and presenting content.

What’s New:

  • Show Elements on Click feature: Users can now add an interactive layer to their designs by revealing hidden elements upon a click event. This functionality enhances user engagement and allows for more dynamic and user-friendly page interaction.

How to Use:

  • Select an element and go to advance setting
  • Locate the “Visibility” section.
  • Unselect both the view option, mobile and desktop
  • Select a button then scroll down to button action
  • Select “Show element” from the links dropdown
  • Select elements from show element dropdown
  • Save the changes to apply.

Pain Point Resolved:

  • The “Show Elements on Click” feature addresses the need for more dynamic and interactive content presentation. By allowing users to hide elements initially and reveal them on demand, this feature enhances the overall design flexibility and user engagement. Now, users can seamlessly integrate interactive elements into their designs without compromising the simplicity of the design process. This update marks a significant step forward in empowering our users to create more captivating and user-friendly web experiences.


Important Change to Custom Code Element

  • Any new and updated custom codes will now be injected to the DOM on server side (pre-rendered). The custom code won’t be modified or altered when injecting to the DOM.
  • Pain Points Resolved:
    • This solves multiple support tickets and future issues where specific custom code wasn’t executing properly.
    • Users can use the new funnel/website builder for adding any custom code without errors.
    • Due to the pre-rendering, DOM, readyState and document events used in custom javascript code which were not working as expected are now fixed.
    • The change now helps users use custom code just like a static HTML or wordpress site.
    • Note: The above change is applicable only when the existing custom code is updated or a new custom code element is added
    • 5-10% improvement in page speed scores
      • Images, font styles and icons are prioritized first in resource download compared to internal framework js files. This reduces the FCP, LCP slightly and delays internal JS file resource downloads



 Enable Customers with 3DS regulation to add card as payment method

  • Why was this service needed ?
    • Many of customers were facing issues while adding a card due to no 3DS authentication, especially for the Indian customers, as per the guidelines customers can only add card where 3DS has been verified.
    • Without the verified payment method, spam locations were utilizing the service without a valid card.
  • How does this enhancement help ?
    • Customers will be able to add the 3DS verifiable method whichever country allows it.
    • Updated UI to add the card details, show the error message when 3DS auth fails.
    • With extra layer of security, only verified cards added by the location will be able to use our services mitigating the risk of spam users
    • Less spam usage


Forms & Surveys

Say Goodbye to Annoying Pop Ups While Saving Forms/Surveys!

Users have expressed concerns about the frequent appearance of the Warning Modal when saving forms/surveys containing scripts.

Solution: The “Do Not Show Again” Checkbox

  • To address this challenge and provide you with a smoother experience, we’ve introduced a new feature – the “Do not show again” checkbox.
  • This feature allows you to opt out of receiving the warning in the future while saving forms/surveys.
  • When you select this option, the pop up won’t appear again in the same browser session.


Proposals & Estimates

Share Proposal/Estimate Links

  • Business users will now be able to send document links rather than sharing documents via email only
  • This will allow businesses to generate a link for the document and share it across any preferred channel of their choice
  • Individual links for each recipient will be created if the document has to be shared across multiple recipients.
  • Once links are generated for the document, it will be marked as sent and will be available in the Waiting for Others tab in the list view
  • Users will still be able to copy links or share documents via email at any point in time



Service Menu

We are excited to introduce enhancements to the Service Menu and Calendar Overlay that will empower users to better manage their service calendars and improve usability across various devices. These enhancements include:

  • Customized Calendar Sequencing
    • Users can now take control of their service calendars within the service menu. While they had the flexibility to arrange their groups in a specific sequence, now users can determine the order in which their services are displayed within these groups.
    • This feature provides users with the ability to tailor the appearance of their service calendars according to their preferences, streamlining the booking experience.
  • Improved Mobile and Tablet Usability
    • We’ve improved the mobile and tablet versions of the service menu in funnels, making it easier to view calendar details and book services.
  • Calendar Annotations
    • We have introduced calendar annotations to provide users with a better understanding of the various patterns and icons used in the calendar view.
    • These annotations offer clear explanations of each element’s meaning, allowing users to interpret their calendars with ease. Now, you can quickly decipher the significance of different calendar components and make informed decisions.


Rooms and Equipments

We are thrilled to introduce enhancements to our Rooms and Equipments feature, aimed at significantly improving the user experience: These enhancements include:

  • Room and Equipment Details:
  • We have added an enhancement that displays room and equipment details within the appointment modal – details view.
  • This addition ensures that users can now easily identify which room has been assigned to a particular appointment and which equipment is being used or has been booked in conjunction with the appointment.
  • This feature simplifies the management of appointments, making it more informative and streamlined.
  • Room Selection for Service Calendars:
    • In the in-app appointment modal, for service calendar appointments, we have introduced a room dropdown option during the appointment creation or booking process.
    • This empowers users to choose the specific room they want to book alongside their appointment. It offers greater flexibility and control over the booking process.
    • With this enhancement, you can effortlessly allocate the right room for your appointments, ensuring optimal resource utilization.



Making Email and SMS Attachments easy

Users can now conveniently upload large files directly from their devices, offering greater flexibility in sharing files within conversations.


Key features:

Automatic Media Library Uploads (Email and SMS composer) :

  • We’ve simplified the process for managing attachments. Users can now upload large-sized attachments directly from their device.
  • All files in SMS and any exceeding the email attachment limit (20MB) will be automatically uploaded to the media library.
  • These attachments will be added directly as media library links.

Attachment Choice :

  • Users now have the freedom to choose if they want to upload attachments via their device or media library

Interactive Video Thumbnails :

  • To make emails more engaging, we will now automatically create gif thumbnails for videos uploaded through media library.

Impact on users:

  • Reduces workaround : Users no longer need to employ workarounds like manually compressing files or using external file-sharing services,. This feature streamlines the process, saves time and simplifies the sharing of files.
  • Makes emails more engaging and interactive : The automatic thumbnail creation enhances the visual appeal and increases the overall engagement and impact of the email

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