FG Funnels Updates – November 15th, 2023

November 15, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from November 8th, 2023 through November 15th, 2023. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.

Funnels + Websites

Show Popup automatically after delay

This new release introduces the ability for users to show a popup on their funnels/website, and set a specific delay on their popup. Users can now enhance user engagement by delivering targeted messages or promotions when visitors are most receptive, eliminating the need of custom code to show a popup.

How to Use:

  • Open popup settings and scroll to “Show popup on”
  • Choose “Delay” in dropdown options
  • Set a delay (in seconds) after which the popup should be shown
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LC Email

Enhanced Email Domain Selection

Users can now choose individual sending domains for One-One Conversation, Workflow and Default domain.

How it works:

  • Access the “Email Domain Selection” feature Sub-account Settings – Email Service -> SMTP Service -> Dedicated Domain and IP -> Domain Configuration
  • Choose the sender domain for one-on-one emails, workflow communications, and set the default domain for campaign, bulk emails and others.
  • Currently we allow only one domain to assign.
  • The selected domain will act as the sending domain.


  • Sending emails from different domains can offer several benefits for your email marketing strategy.
  • By sending emails from separate domains, users can better control and optimize your deliverability rates.
  • Maintain a clean sender reputation
  • If bulk emails face deliverability issues, spam complaints, or other problems, Workflow and One-One emails are less likely to be affected.


  • Separate domain assignment for Campaign and Bulk email.
  • The sending domain can be selected for individual workflow, campaign and bulk email level.



Automatically Navigate to the First Available Slot

With this latest feature, we removed the need for manual navigation through future months to find available slots.

For businesses with infrequent slots, customers often struggle to find available slots. With Auto Navigate, we’ve solved this challenge, significantly improving user experience and booking efficiency. The system now intelligently guides users to the first available slot on the booking widget, making the booking experience more efficient and user-friendly.

Please Note:

Users will land directly on the earliest available slot within the next 3 months. If no slot is available, clicking “View Next Available Slot” will initiate another search for slots in the following three months.


In-App Calendar View Enhancements

This feature allows users to see different events across various users, calendars, or groups. Events now show configured colors when users or calendars are selected, plus we’ve added a colored strip on the left of the event card to differentiate events across users or calendars, preserving the original event color.

iCloud 2 way sync enhancements

We’re excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the iCloud synchronization. With this update, any appointments initially created in FG Funnels and then uploaded to iCloud will now have a seamless two-way sync.

This update allows users to edit events in iCloud, and the changes will sync automatically with application. Users can now modify events created in the calendar application directly through iCloud, eliminating the need to update them separately in the Calendar application.

Please Note:

  • Contact creation from iCloud events in FGF is not possible at this time.
  • If an FGF event is deleted from iCloud, it won’t be deleted in FGF.




Provide fixed amount discounts in invoicing

Users will now be able to provide fixed-amount discounts in invoices.

  • This is applicable for both one-time as well as recurring invoices
  • This comes in addition to the percentage-based discounts, so users will now have an option to give 10% off or $100 off, for example, depending on the use cases.
  • Any tax calculation on individual items will be done after deducting the discount amounts, so the customer will not be paying any taxes on the discounts offered.


Domain Connect

Integration with IONOS

Integration with IONOS: Domain Connect now supports integration with IONOS, one of the leading domain providers in the industry. This means that if you have a domain registered with IONOS, you can easily link it to any funnel and website through our platform

How It Works:

  • Go to the “Domain” tab and click on “Add Domain”.
  • Enter your root domain or subdomain in the provided field.
  • If you are adding the “www” subdomain as well, you will see a toggle option to add the root domain with it. Select if you want to add the root domain along with “www” or vice versa.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • This action will take you to IONOS domain provider’s interface to connect or add the required DNS records automatically.
  • After completing the authorization process, close that tab and return to the Domain Connect interface.
  • The necessary entries will be added in our system, ensuring the connection between your domain and the desired service or application.



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