FG Funnels Updates November 1st, 2023

November 1, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from October 27th, 2023 through November 1st, 2023. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help



Automatic Invoice Sync from FGF to QBO

  • We have enhanced our existing QBO integration further to create an invoice in QBO when an invoice is marked as sent inside FGF.
  • This will create a replica of the sent invoice, along with the total amount (including taxes and discounts) on QBO for frictionless accounting sync
  • Any updates made on the invoice inside FGF will be updated on QBO. This will include any invoice status change transitions inside FGF, such as the invoice is paid by the customer, or invoice is voided on FGF or any further discount is added upon customer request
  • This will not sync existing invoices already created within FGF. Only new invoices created from now on will get synced inside QBO. Although, any updates to an existing invoice will sync that invoice inside QBO as well
  • If a customer exists inside QBO with the same email id with which the transaction is processed, we will update the sales receipt corresponding to the same customer inside QB
  • If the customer is not present, we will create a new customer against the email ID with which the transaction is processed
  • Sub-accounts can connect their QBO account by navigating to the sub-account Settings -> Integrations. This will start working for businesses who already have their QBO account connected without any additional step requirement



Send Proposals, Estimates, & Contracts Automatically

  • Businesses will now be able to configure the Send Proposal/Estimate action inside the workflows to automatically send a document based upon a trigger
  • Users will be able to make use of the templates created inside the Proposals and Estimates module to define the document details that need to go out to the customer.
  • Business users will be able to configure the action name, select the From User to define the sender details and choose a template from one of the templates created inside Proposals and Estimates
  • The default/custom template configured inside the proposal and estimate settings will be used automatically to send the document from workflows as well
  • This fulfills use cases like automatically sending proposals after opportunity status is changed, or a tag is attached to a contact, or using any other trigger
  • This will also allow achieving the use case where the business wants to send out proposals to potential clients with one signature field attached to one of the business users and the other for the potential client. They can create proposal templates with a signature element assigned to the business user and leave the unassigned signature element will automatically get assigned to the potential lead

Stats View in the new Workflow Builder

  • View last 30 days stats on the workflow builder level
  • Workflow stats support for Email, SMS and Internal Notification, other actions will be added incrementally
  • Click on the values to see a detailed report


And/Or logic in Smartlist Filters

We now have added support for OR logic in filters along with the existing AND logic

  • What’s New?
    • OR Logic is supported for filters in contacts and smartlists
    • Support added for “search” in all the single-select, multi-select, checkbox, radio button, timezone fields within the filters
  • The new Filter structure is:
    • First level/group of filters can be created with the AND logic
    • These groups of filters can be further created with OR logic among them
  • What happens to my existing smartlists?
    • The existing smartlists followed the AND logic so they will remain as it is and will just be the first group of AND filters without any change.

Followers/Multiple Users for a Contact

We are excited to announce one of the most asked feature in Contacts. Add Followers to your contacts and give access to multiple users in your team.

What’s New?

  • A new field while editing contact in contact details page- “Followers”
  • This is a multi-select dropdown field that shows all the Users in your sub-account
  • Choose up to 10 users to follow a contact
  • Contacts that you are a follower for will be visible when “only assigned data is ON”
  • Followers follow the same permissions as owners ie access, view, and edit the contact like an owner
  • New Dropdown for Owners – Search owners in dropdown based on name or email

Things to keep in mind:

  • When “only assigned data is ON” – Followers cannot change owner of the contact (true for User type – Sub-account USER)

Chat Widget


  • We’ve added internationalization support covers for the following languages:
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French Canada
    • French France
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese Portugal
    • Portuguese Brazil
    • Italian
    • Swedish
    • Spanish
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian



Manage Listing information in-app

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement in Yext’s online listings, designed to manage listing information easier! Now,  users can seamlessly edit Location business information within the app, eliminating the need to log into Yext.

How It Works:

  • Access Business Information Editing: Simply go to the Reputation section.
  • Navigate to Listings: From there, select the “Edit Listings Information” option in the Listings tab.
  • Effortless Edits: Update critical business details with ease and convenience. This feature streamlines the process, making it quicker than ever to manage essential business information directly.

Key Highlights:

  • 1. Saves Time: No need to log into Yext separately. Edit your business info directly from within the app. 
  • 2. Effortless Updates: Quickly and easily make changes to vital business details. You can streamline the editing process without hassle.
  • 3. Improved Efficiency: Manage your online listings more efficiently. This feature helps you keep your business info up-to-date with minimal effort.


Invoices and Receipts


  • We have implemented multi-language support for our Invoice preview and Receipt preview pages, enabling users to access them in their preferred language. This feature significantly improves usability and offers a superior experience for users who communicate in languages other than English.
  • Users will be able to select the preferred platform language under Settings -> Business Profile -> Platform Language
  • Currently, support has been added for the following 12 languages:
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Portuguese (Portugal)
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Italian
    • Swedish
    • Dutch
    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian



iCloud Integration

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: iCloud Calendar Integration! Seamlessly connect your scheduling events with your iCloud Calendar for enhanced efficiency and organization. Here’s what you need to know:

Effortless Synchronization:

  • Your appointments in FGF now sync seamlessly with your iCloud Calendar, ensuring you’re always up-to-date, without manual effort.
  • Manage your schedule efficiently. Changes made in FGF Calendar reflect in iCloud, providing a unified view of your commitments.
  • Easily prevent conflicts. Your FGF events and iCloud appointments coexist harmoniously, avoiding scheduling overlaps.
  • Access your schedule from anywhere, whether you’re in the FGF Calendar or using your iCloud Calendar on any device. Your appointments are accessible and consistent.
  • Spend less time managing calendars and more time focusing on what matters. With automatic synchronization, manual data entry is eliminated.
  • Real-time Updates:
  • Stay in the loop effortlessly. Events created or modified in FGF are instantly reflected in iCloud, ensuring real-time accuracy.
  • Enjoy a seamless and intuitive integration experience. Connecting your FGF calendar to iCloud is straightforward and hassle-free.

    Important Notes:
  • Changes made within your FGF Calendar events will reflect in iCloud, maintaining consistency across platforms.
  • This integration optimizes your scheduling workflow, allowing you to focus on your priorities with confidence.
  • We’re excited to introduce our enhanced calendar experience, designed to streamline your appointments and elevate your scheduling efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the key features in this release:

    New Features:
  • Multi-User Selection:
    • Manage multiple users effortlessly by selecting them at once, providing a consolidated view of their appointments in a single glance.
  • Multi-Calendar View:
    • Simplify your schedule by choosing different calendars and consolidating all their appointments into one unified display. No more juggling between calendars—everything you need is in one place.
  • Multi-Group View:
    • Select multiple groups effortlessly. Appointments within these groups overlay on your calendar, offering a comprehensive overview of your day.
  • Color Coding for Clarity:
    • Users: Each user’s appointments are color-coded, allowing easy distinction of schedules at a glance.
    • Groups and Calendars: Appointments are displayed in colors based on your customized settings, ensuring quick identification.
  • Intuitive Icons:
    • Instantly recognize events with our new icons:
      • Google Event: Synced from Google Calendars
      • Outlook Event: Synced from Outlook Calendars
      • Apple Event: Synced from iCloud Calendars
      • Recurring Event
      • Blocked Slot: Indicates unavailable time slots
      • Invalid: Highlights marked invalid events
  • Persistent Multi-Select:
    • Your selected calendars and users are remembered, allowing you to seamlessly resume your preferred view with just a click.
  • Additional Info on Hover:
    • Hover over any appointment for a detailed snapshot, including event type, title, start, and end times. Stay informed without the need to click—simplicity at your fingertips.
  • Our enhanced calendar features are meticulously designed to save you time and reduce the hassle associated with appointment management. Spend less time navigating schedules and more time focusing on what truly matters—providing exceptional service to your clients.



Right Panel & Expandable Sidebar in Conversations

  • Expandable Sidebar:
    • Introducing Slim Panel: Conversations now features a slim panel on the right side of the screen. This panel can be expanded or collapsed, allowing users to access information effortlessly.
    • Toggle Options: Within the slim panel, users have the flexibility to switch between “Contact,” “Appointments,” and “Opportunity”, making it easier to focus on any specific information.
  • Right Panel:
    • Contact Management: For contacts, users can now add, edit, and manage details like name, phone number, email, owner details, tags, campaign associations, and DnD settings, all from the right panel.
    • Streamlined Appointments: Users can book new appointments, view both upcoming and past appointments, and even reschedule them directly from the right panel. Users can stay on top of their schedule without the hassle of navigating through multiple screens.
    • Opportunity Handling: Users can create new opportunities, view all existing opportunities related to a contact, and edit opportunity details all from one place. This empowers users to effectively manage their sales pipeline within Conversations.
  • Impact
    • Users can access all the information at one place without having to navigate to any other module. The experience for users will be seamless and effortless!
  • This is available in Labs under the name of  Right Panel & Expandable Sidebar in Conversations


Live Chat

Introducing Live Chat – a real-time communication tool that enables contacts (website visitors) to get in touch directly with users via a web chat and have a 2-way communication.

Feature location : Users can configure live chat via Sites > Chat Widget > Chat Type> Live chat

Key features:

  • Chat Widget
    • Users have the flexibility to fine-tune the look and feel of the chat widget, including options to personalize the avatar, color scheme, agency branding, and display of legal messages.
    • Users can also craft introductory messages to engage visitors effectively. Users can further enhance the user experience by configuring fallback time settings for periods of inactivity and defining acknowledgment messages within the chat widget settings.
    • Users can easily obtain the chat widget code and seamlessly publish it on their website, facilitating immediate integration
  • Conversations:
    • Dedicated Channel: Live chat is integrated as a channel within Conversations. This empowers users to engage in seamless, real-time communication with web visitors without the need to navigate elsewhere
  • Manual Actions: With Live Chat, users have two manual actions.
    • “Request Contact Details,” allows users to send a contact detail form to the web visitor, facilitating further communication.
    •  “End Live Chat,” empowers you to conclude the chat conversation when it has been successfully resolved


  • Some advantages of live chat are:
    • Contact Engagement: Contacts can initiate conversations at just one click and in turn it allows proactive engagement and increases customer loyalty.
    • Real-time Customer Support: Live Chat offers immediate assistance, reducing response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Provides convenient and non-intrusive communication, improving overall customer engagement.

Availability : This feature is available in labs under ‘Live Chat’

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