FG Funnels Updates – November 23rd, 2022

November 23, 2022
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Happy Wednesday, funnel friends! We’ve got some new updates to share from this past week, November 17th – November 23rd, 2022.

If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out through live chat within the app or by sending us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

Workflow Updates

Loop Prevention

We have made updates to reduce workflow loops that have been identified in bogging down server processing speeds from time to time.

  • We now prevent the creation of a Workflow that uses the Contact Changed Trigger without filters to add specificity (ex. what specifically you’re looking for to have changed on the contact), along with Contact update actions within the same workflow.
    • If you try to Save a Workflow that has these 2 conditions
      • Contact Changed Trigger without any selected conditions, filterless
      • 1 Action that updates the Contact (Assign User, Tag, DND, Update Custom Field, etc)
    • We will throw an error and ask that the Actions be removed or that a filter is added to the Contact Changed Trigger
    • This change will not impact existing workflows, unless/until they are edited. The action of saving changes to the workflow will prompt the error message above.
  • Added 2 trigger types to the “Definite Loop” list
    • Definite Loop prevention:
      • Will not draft the trigger and will not Loop Lock it
      • Will not execute the trigger once the conditions are met, just skips that execution and keeps going to other triggers.
      • Conditions to be considered a definite loop: Same Contact, Same Trigger, 4 or more times in less than 10 seconds.
    • Trigger types added
      • Mailgun Email Event
      • Contact Changed
    • Why is this important and how does it help?
      • For cases where the loop is happening in a very small timeframe (less than 10 seconds), this code will make sure we don’t spend any effort trying to add to workflows or firing trigger actions, instead, we will just directly skip that execution, save on processing time and not overload the queues.
      • Since this does not draft the trigger or consider it a Loop Locked trigger, it won’t stop it from firing later on, on normal conditions. It will just skip the executions that exceed the 4 times limit in that 10-second window.
  • Allow Custom Values in If/Else conditions. There are 2 parts here, Field level and Value level.
    • Field level: Allowing to filter contacts based on location level custom values.
      • eg: {{custom_values.summer_offer}} is “active” -> send them summer offer email
      • With this, you will only have to set the custom value to inactive and all your workflows will be taken care of. Instead of having to go through all the workflows and changing them.
    • Value level: Comparing any supported field in if/else with location custom value
      • eg: {{contact.phone}} contains +1  -> update contact country US

Calendar Updates

  • Locale support for Calendar date and time custom values
    • Users can now select their preferred language under Settings -> Business Info, we will use this selected language when compiling all calendar date and time related custom values. This will allow users to send appointment reminders and other such messages with date and time represented in their native language.

Example with the appointment start/end time/date custom values:

Invoicing Updates

Minor enhancements:

  • One time invoices will now be created in the list view only when the user saves/sends the invoice.
  • Added the action to clone invoices (both one-time and recurring templates)
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to select product inside builder if the product list is long.
  • Improved metrics view in the invoices page to include payments in draft/due/paid/overdue
  • Improved messaging on Integrations and invoices page for Stripe Connect

Affiliate Manager Updates

  • Website/Funnel Page/Step selection option enabled in ‘Create Campaign’ flow.
  • Updated UI for the Affiliate Details Dashboard
  • Updated UI for the Affiliate screen to reflect that affiliate name is clickable
  • If a coupon is selected during check-out, the discount value is considered as the revenue in affiliate and the commission is calculated off that discounted value.
  • If a Campaign is paused and affiliates are added to them, affiliate emails will be sent out only after the campaign has been made live

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