FG Funnels Updates – November 16th, 2022

November 16, 2022
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Today we have a few quick updates for you to check out from the week of November 12th through 16th, 2022.

If you have any questions about any of the updates below, other features in your FG Funnels account, or if FG Funnels might be a good fit for you, just reach out to support@fgfunnels.com and our team will be happy to help.

Coupon Codes

100% discount can now be offered using coupon codes

  • Added the ability to create a 100% off coupon code.
  • The end customer can redeem a coupon code to get a 100% off on the cart value. They are still required to enter their card details to save credit card info in case it is required for upsells in the next steps.
  • Only Stripe can be used to give 100% off on order amounts, this will not work with Paypal. In case both Stripe and Paypal exist, the Paypal option will be hidden.
  • A small text “bd” will appear beside the card element during a $0 checkout

Chat Widget + Order Form Submission Security

Added reCAPTCHA integration to avoid fraudulent activities, spam, and abuse.

Chat Widget Rate Limit:

  • Captcha will appear if the user tries to submit more than
    • 2 requests per 5 minutes for IP address
    • 5 requests per min per location

Order Form Rate Limit:

  • Captcha will appear if the user tries to submit more than
    • 5 requests per minute for IP address
    • 60 requests per hour per location

Funnels, Websites, Forms and Surveys

  • Flag picker on phone elements can now be disabled (disabled by default for page speed improvement). Flag picker is now visible by default for existing forms and surveys. For newer forms it will be disabled by default.
  • One-step order form: Contact will get saved in CRM from now onwards, even if the payment fails
  • PayPal will be hidden from order forms when the total cart value is $0
  • Fields in Order Forms and Forms will now only be validated upon clicking the submit button
    • For example, this means users will no longer see the red error text about entering an invalid email while still typing in their email address.

Workflow Updates

Wait Step | Type: Appointment, Event & Invoice

  • New Option: Move to custom step if date is in the past
    • Allows you to go to a specific step that follows (is below) the Wait Step instead of just moving to the next one.
    • Provides the ability to skip a larger sequence of Steps in workflows that are time-sensitive
  • New Option: Fire at Exact Time
    • Will resume the Wait Step at the exact date-time of the Appointment.StartTime / Event Start Date / Invoice.DueDate
    • Reduces the need for a Wait 1 min before workaround.

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