FG Funnels Updates – May 8th, 2024

May 8, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of May 1st through May 8th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help. 



Google Sheets New Action Type – Lookup Multiple Spreadsheet Row(s)

This new action has the ability to look up multiple rows in Google Sheets. The action type will go through the sheet and respond as output all the rows that are satisfying the lookup conditions.

How to use:

  • Go to Workflows and select Google Sheets Action.
  • Select the account, drive, spreadsheet and the worksheet.
  • Select to either start the search from the bottom or top.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 7
  • Select the column you want to search and the value that you want to search
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 7
  • You can also select how many rows should be extracted in the output.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 8
  • The option to have case sensitive lookup and to create a new spreadsheet if the value is not found.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 7


Multi Select for Forms, Surveys, Contains Phrase and Exact Match

Users are now able to select multiple options in Forms, Surveys, Contains Phrase and Exact Match fields. This will work as an “Or” functionality. For eg. if in FB – Comments on a Post trigger, contains phrase field 5 options are present then the trigger will execute if the contact has commented any one of the phrases.

How to use:

  • Forms & Surveys- In the trigger the ability to select multiple options by clicking on them from the dropdown will be available for filters.
  • Contains Phrase & Exact Match – In the trigger the ability to select multiple options will be available by pressing “Enter” or “Return” after typing the text.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11


Certificates in Workflows

Introducing certificates triggers and actions in workflow. Users can trigger workflow actions based on certificate issued trigger, and add filters based on certificate templates and different conditional operators.

Users can also choose certificate templates for actions, and as a result the particular template will be issued as a certificate.


Nested workflow folders in Snapshots

Nested Folders are now supported by Snapshots. Users will be able to organise their folders and carry the same through Snapshots.



Fetching Product Descriptions and Name editing

Users will now be able to add product descriptions to their invoices and edit them before it goes on to the invoice. This feature can be disabled from the invoice settings.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 2
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 2


We’ve enhanced autofilling of card and contact information on Payment Links and Invoices. Now, any autofilling extensions and browsers can automatically fill in user and card information if configured. This functionality even extends to LastPass users.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 3


Currently, configuring the invoice name is possible from the invoice editor toolbar. However, we’ve noticed that many invoices in the system are being saved with the default name. To address this, we’ve introduced an invoice name text box on the Send Invoice popup. If users want to update the name, they can do so directly from this popup, ensuring they’re always aware of the invoice name being sent.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 2


BNPL for invoices

 BNPL Payment methods ( Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay/Clearpay) are now available in Invoices. These payment methods will be only be available when paying via stripe,  for one time and recurring invoices without auto-payment. Available payment methods will depend on region and currency in which payment is made

Note: Customers have the option to turn BNPL off from their stripe dashboard inside payment configuration “Invoice”

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5


Enhanced Apple Pay & Google Pay Support for Branded Domain Names (Invoice, Text2Pay and Payment Link )

Now, Apple Pay and Google Pay will seamlessly integrate with branded domain names for Invoice, Text2Pay, and Payment Link functionalities.



Manage Payment Methods In Stripe

Connected accounts within Stripe can take control of their payment methods. Customers can now fine-tune their payment options, enabling or disabling specific methods with ease.

We’re also rolling out customizable configurations for different product areas, giving users even more control. For example, they can offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” options in their online store for small purchases, while only keeping card and Bank debits in high value Invoices .

How to customize:

  • Navigate to your Stripe dashboard
  • Navigate to Settings -> Connect -> Payment methods -> Your account to see the list of payment methods activated by LeadConnector.
  • Remember to select LeadConnector configurations in the dropdown here since there can be more platforms your Stripe account is connected to. Refer to the image below


Documents & Contracts

Send Quotes with Optional Items (Checklist) for your Signers

Key Features:

  • Ability for Document Creators to add optional items in the Product List
  • Ability to Toggle and make the quantity editable for the signer and set limits on minimum and maximum quantity that can be selected
  • Ability for Toggle and make the item optional for the signer.
  • Product List gets assigned to the primary recipient by default.
  • Total Amount gets updated on the basis of items that are in selected stage only.

How to Use:

  • Add a Product List and a new Product
  • Enable Quantity editing from the Edit Quantity Toggle
  • Make a product selectable/unselectable from the Optional Item Toggle



Bug fixes, New Features, and Enhancements

New Features:

  • Push notifications for all existing in app notifications are enabled for android, windows, linux and MacOS devices via browser.
  • Sharing comments is now possible via Copying links to comments (click on 3 dots on a comment to share)


  • Web Updates:
  1. Post & Comment editor: Improved user experience for add links to post content for both Web and Mobile UI. Improved attachment adding flow for mobile UI.
  2. Managing notification redirection for deleted posts: Clicking a notification for a deleted post will now display a message indicating that the post has been deleted.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the grant group access action of the workflow, which failed to add users to a group if they were already marked as in the requested state.
  • Fixed bug in post view where comment editor was not visible in case of lots of existing comments.
  • Sidebar & Channel settings bug fixes for both web and mobile.




Partial Fulfillment of Orders

Store owners will now have the ability to partially fulfill their orders manually on the platform. Specific items which are partially fulfilled by the store owners will have their separate tracking details. Users will receive communications of tracking details over email for the orders partially fulfilled.

Steps to partially fulfill an item in an order:

  • Partial fulfillment can be accessed under Payments > Orders > View Order Details > Fulfill items.
  • Choose the quantity of each item that needs to be fulfilled in an order. Add tracking details i.e, Tracking Number, Shipping Carrier, & Tracking URL. Store owners can also choose an option to notify users regarding their shipment details via email.
  • In the order details page, items that have been partially fulfilled will have their details along with item name, quantity & tracking details under Fulfillment(s).



Charge Contacts With Connected Payment Provider

We’ve added capability to show saved cards from all payment providers on the Contact page. If you have multiple payment providers or you’re migrating to new payment providers, the old customers can still be charged without hassle while maintaining the default one for new one-time purchases/subscriptions


Client Portal

Kollab by LeadConnector 

We’re super excited to share that Kollab is now rocking it on the iOS App Store. Getting started is easy! Simply visit the App Store, search for Kollab by LeadConnector , and tap “Download.” or Click Here to Download

How to sign-in:

  • Make sure you are signed up with a Community group, Course or Client Portal.
  • Use the same credentials to sign-in i.e. same email ID and password.
  • If you have forgotten your password (just like me!), Sign in with OTP
  • If you are a part of multiple domains, you’ll receive the option to choose which domain to enter into. Choose the relevant one to sign-in.
  • Once you are signed-in, enjoy your courses, groups all on the go!

Android users stay tuned!!

Mobile App

Mobile App v3.72.3

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update to our Mobile App!

What’s New:

  • Documents and Contracts: Create and send out documents and contracts on the mobile app using your predefined templates!
  • Tipping on POS and Invoice: Accept tips while recording payment for an invoice or a POS transaction for any payment instrument used.

What’s Improved:

  • Hide unsupported message channels
  • Seamlessly view conversations from notifications
  • Send messages even if video thumbnail generation fails


NOTE: To start using documents and contracts on mobile, make sure that you save templates on the dexktop version of FG Funnels. The mobile app does not offer the provision to create a document from scratch just yet.

Documents and Contracts – How It Works

  • Open the mobile app with your preferred subaccount selected.
  • Head over to the left side navigation bar and tap on Documents and Contracts.
  • You will see all of your draft and sent documents under the “All documents” section. Alternatively, you can switch to the “Templates” tab to view all of your saved document templates.
  • Click on the floating “+” button on the bottom right of the screen to create a new contact.
  • Add the contact(s) necessary for this document.
  • Select the right document template to be sent out.
  • Add items from the product catalog. This is an optional step and can be skipped if generating a quote or estimate is not required.
  • Review your document details. Once you have reviewed everything, you can send the document via email or by generating a unique link.



User Experience Improvements in Conversations

Automatic Link Formatting

All links and URLs included in emails will now be automatically displayed as clickable links. In order for links to be automatically formatted as clickable, it must include a scheme (such as https:// or http://), a domain name, and a top-level domain name. Clicking on the link will open the respective page in a new tab.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 1


Improved Contact Avatar Interaction

Clicking on a contact avatar will now automatically open the contact details page in a new tab.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 1


Affiliate Manager

New Dashboards

We’re thrilled to unveil the brand-new Dashboard for Affiliate Manager.

Key Features:

  • Core Metrics: Total Revenue, Total Customers and Conversion Percentage.
  • Conversion Trend: Dive into detailed insights with the Conversion Trend line graph, showcasing lead and customer trends for your campaigns.
  • Leaderboard: Keep an eye on your top 10 affiliates based on revenue, commissions, leads, or customers.
  • Pending Actions: Get a quick view of pending payouts and commissions, ensuring you stay on track.
  • Latest Updates: Stay in the loop with the latest affiliates added and the most recent commissions, complete with all the important details and actions.

The dashboard is set as the default view when you open Affiliate Manager. Simply select the desired time period and campaign to unlock valuable insights.


New Features In Labs

LC Phone

Introducing messaging analytics for LC phone clients under phone number settings page.

Key Features:

  • This can be enabled via Labs.
  • Currently we show the sent, delivered, undelivered and error rate metrics.
  • Several metrics will be added soon like, received, opt-out, and skipped.
  • Several filters such as campaign, workflow and bulk request can be applied along with date filters.
  • Detailed message reports can be seen for every status and the user can also be redirected to the conversation page.

Introduced two new tabs under Advanced settings tab under phone number settings page

  • This can be enabled via Labs.
  • SMS Limit: SMS sending limit can be set up for the subaccount and several metrics such as current limit and how many times the limit was reached can be tracked.
  • Voicemail Settings: A voicemail audio can be uploaded here along with setting up of incoming call timeout.




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