FG Funnels Updates – May 29th, 2024

May 29, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of May 22nd through May 29th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.


Forms & Surveys

Split Payment Element into Sell Products and Collect Amount

The Payment element has been split into two distinct elements, Sell Products and Collect Amount. This change brings enhanced functionality and improved user experience.

Sell Products

The Sell Products element is designed for users who want to sell physical or digital products directly through their forms. This element provides an easy way to manage your product catalog and streamline the selling process.

Collect Amount

The Collect Amount element is ideal for situations where you need to collect a specific amount of money, such as donations, service fees, or custom payments.


Enhanced UI/UX: Redesigned interface for easier navigation and better usability.

How to Use the New Elements

  • To start using the new Sell Products and Collect Amount elements:
  • Open the Form Builder.
  • Select the element you wish to add from the new Payment section.
  • Configure the settings according to your needs.
  • Publish your form and start collecting payments!



Email action, Stats View Changes, and Error handling

What’s New?

  • New validation added – If “From Email” field is entered then “From Name” is mandatory.
  • In the builder stats will be available for only 30 days. Detailed stats can be seen within the actions.
  • Attempting to load a deleted workflow using a URL will produce an error message/pop up stating that “Workflow was not found”.


Email Builder

Managing Send Now Campaigns With A Large Number Of Contacts

Previously, for send-now campaigns with more than 2000 contacts, the status was incorrectly shown as “scheduled” until completion. In contrast, bulk actions displayed “processing.” This inconsistency has been resolved.

The status will now accurately display as “sending,” and users can view the ongoing statistics as emails are sent to the remaining contacts.

Why This Matters: These improvements provide a more intuitive and transparent experience for users, allowing them to better track and manage their campaigns.



Retry Payment & WABA Account Rejected

  • Retry WhatsApp Payment: We’ve introduced a new “Retry Payment” button for WhatsApp subscriptions. If an automatic payment fails, users can now manually retry the payment, ensuring uninterrupted access to their WhatsApp services.
  • WABA Account Rejected: If a WhatsApp Business account is rejected by Meta, users will now see an error message and be redirected to the Meta Business Support Home for assistance.


Delivery Status and Missed Call in Workflows 

You can now use if/else conditions based on WhatsApp delivery status to determine the next steps in your workflow. We’ve added a toggle to hold the contact in the workflow until we receive the delivery status from Meta. This ensures seamless communication by enabling a failover to SMS or Email if a WhatsApp message fails.

Delivery Status

  • Failover Mechanism: Automatically send SMS or Email to customers when a WhatsApp message fails to deliver, ensuring no communication is missed.
  • Optimized Deliverability: Enhance the overall effectiveness and reliability of your communications by leveraging multiple channels.
  • Recipe for WhatsApp Delivery Status: You can use WhatsApp Delivery Status recipe to get started with workflows

How It Works:

  • Navigate to the Automation > Create Workflow
  • Select WhatsApp Action
  • Add Action > If/Else
  • Select Contact Details > Valid WhatsApp > Add conditions for True and False
  • Add failover to SMS/Email for False and None Branch


Missed Call WhatsApp Back 

We have released the Missed Call WhatsApp-Back feature. When a call from a lead is missed, an automatic WhatsApp reply will be sent to the lead, and the assigned user will be notified to follow up. Users can leverage the recipe to create missed call WhatsApp back workflow


Funnel & Website Builder

Send Tracking Events Data To Facebook Using The Pixel & Conversion API  

Seamlessly send tracking events data to Facebook using the Facebook Pixel and Conversion API. This will provide enhanced tracking capabilities to optimize your marketing efforts and improve your business insights.

Key Features:

  • Facebook Pixel Integration: Easily send event data to Facebook by submitting your Pixel ID.
  • Conversion API Support: Choose to send event data via Facebook Conversion API by entering an access token.
  • Flexible Tracking Options: Choose whether you want Funnel-level tracking or Page specific tracking. Former monitors events across the entire customer journey, while the latter tracks events on specific pages.
  • Event Types: Decide whether to track events on page views or on upcoming triggers such as one-step or two-step order form submission.
  • Multiple Pixels: Manage multiple Pixel IDs for comprehensive tracking across different segments.
  • Summary Table: View and manage all your tracking configurations in a user-friendly summary table.

How to Use?

  1. Under Sites, and choose any funnel or website by clicking on the Funnels or Websites tab
  2. Open the funnel/website you want to send track events on. Go to the Events tab in the funnel/website overview screen.
  3. Click ‘Add event‘ and enter your Pixel ID, you can find the instructions to find and add.
  4. Choose Tracking Level. Whether you want to track events at the funnel level or on specific pages.
  5. Enable Conversion API. If you wish to send data using the Conversion API, select this option and enter your access token.
  6. Add and configure multiple Pixel IDs as needed and view them in the summary table for easy management.


Prebuilt Elements in Builder

We have made significant enhancements to our funnel & website builder, focusing on the Left Side element bar. This update includes powerful design elements that will streamline your design process and bolster your website’s functionality. The latest enhancements include prebuilt buttons, images, social media icons, and a progress bar. 

Prebuilt Buttons

A diverse collection of aesthetically pleasing, pre designed buttons is now available to give your funnels/websites a professional touch without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Prebuilt Images

  • Enhance your website with a curated library of high-quality, royalty-free images seamlessly integrated into the design bar.
  • Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to effortlessly integrate images into your web pages, saving you time and maintaining your creative flow.

Social Media Icons

  • Overview: Expand your website’s reach and user engagement with a comprehensive set of predesigned social media icons.
  • Supported Platforms: Icons for all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

 Progress Bars

Improve user experience with visually appealing progress bars to showcase milestones, loading indicators, and progression metrics.

How to Access?

To access these new features, simply open the Left Side Design Bar in your website builder interface. You will find new sections dedicated to each of these enhancements, ready for you to explore and implement.


Documents & Contracts

Live Custom Value rendering for Better final PDFs and Element placement

What’s New?

  • Auto-populate Custom Variables: When you type a custom variable in the format {{custom_variable}}, the corresponding value is automatically populated. If no primary contact is selected, the custom variables will not render any values.
  • Backspace/Delete Key Handling: When you press the backspace or delete key: If the cursor is within the populated value, the value is removed, reverting to the custom variable template.
  • The custom variable template (e.g., {{name}}) can be edited seamlessly by removing characters from the end (e.g., {{name}} to {{name to {{nam).Editable Custom Variable Templates: You can edit the custom variable template, ensuring it remains in the format {{custom_variable}} until fully deleted.

How to Use?

  • Type a custom variable in the format {{custom_variable}} within the document builder. If a primary contact is selected, the custom variable will automatically populate with the corresponding value.
  • If no primary contact is selected, the custom variable will remain as {{custom_variable}} without rendering any value.
  • Handling Backspace/Delete Key: Place the cursor within a populated custom variable value and press backspace or delete to remove the value. The text reverts to the custom variable template. Edit the custom variable template by deleting characters, ensuring it remains editable and updates accordingly (e.g., {{name}} to {{nam}}).



Sort and Filter feature

Store owners can now add the sort and filter option in the product list page.

How to use:

Navigate to the product list page, and select the product list element. There are 2 toggles to enable Sorting and Filtering. Enable them to add Sort & Filter elements to your Product List page. Some of the properties that can be configured are:

  • Sort and filter text color
  • Sort and filter pill color
  • Reset button color

Important notes:

  • Sort and filter options are only available in the product list page
  • Default sort order is Date – Old to new
  • By default all products will be shown without any filters



Payment Plans

Users can now split their invoices into a payment plan installments. A split can be made by Percentage or Amount. Each split carries with it a Due Date and Payment Status of that split. Notifications will go out on split’s due date reminding user to Pay their installment (if not paid already).

Payments can be done only in predefined split and user can choose to pay one or more installment at a go. An Invoice will get paid once all installment are paid.

How to use?

  • Click on add payment schedule in an invoice
  • Set up the payment terms with a percentage or fixed amount and send it
  • Customer will view the invoice with ability to view the plan on the invoice
  • Customer will then pay the invoice and have an option to either select that payment schedule value or add other schedules as well by clicking on a checkbox


Revamped Tax UI

Earlier we used to display taxes in-line for an item leading to cluttered UI. Moving away from this approach, we have introduced a new column which shows a cumulative total of the taxes.

Detailed Breakdown of Taxes

Now in the Order Summary, we have a detailed breakdown of taxes and how the calculation was done to end up at that particular value. We have also added in a tooltip when hovered gives details of all the taxes applied for that particular invoice item.

We have also introduced changes in the mobile view of the invoices where we have now cleared up the clutter and added in a single line which displays the total tax.

Where to Find the Changes

  • Go to Payments -> Invoices
  • In the invoice editor, by create a new invoice or edit an existing one to see the newly introduced tax column
  • Open the preview of the invoice created and see the revamped tax UI there


Social Planner

FB & IG Tokens

Social Planner has improved the social integration of Facebook and Instagram tokens. Previously, the token required reconnection after 90 days or earlier due to security or permission changes.

Now, as long as the account keeps posting regularly, the social token will get updated forever with each post published. If the account stops publishing regularly, it will have 60 day token expiry.



Elements – Titles, Textboxes and Images

Key Highlights:

  • Title: Easily add titles or headings to your dashboard to create organized sections and group widgets based on themes or categories.
  • Textboxes: Provide valuable information or to-do lists for your team members directly on the dashboard. Whether it’s instructions on how to interpret widget data or reminders for important tasks, textboxes help streamline communication and boost efficiency.
  • Images: Enhance the visual appeal of your dashboard by uploading and embedding images. Whether it’s logos, charts, or infographics, images provide additional context and make your dashboard more visually engaging.

How It Works:

  • Enter Edit mode on your Dashboard.
  • Click on Add widget.
  • Switch to the Elements tab.
  • Choose from Titles, Textboxes, or Images.
  • Configure the element to suit your needs.
  • Save your changes.



Customizable Themes, Light/Dark Mode, and Toggle to Make Links Public or Private

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Themes feature available in Labs, allowing you to personalize your group’s interface. This feature also includes the ability to switch between light and dark modes for a more comfortable user experience.

Note: This feature is currently available in labs. To turn this on go to Labs > Communities Themes

Customizable Themes (for Group Admins/Owners)

  • The feature lets you customize everything from buttons to background elements. Personalize the sidebar, buttons, surface elements, links, fonts, and more to create a unique look for your community. Whether using predefined themes or creating your own, you have full control over your group’s appearance.

Switch seamlessly between Light and Dark Mode (For Members and Admins/Owners)

  • Light Mode: Ideal for daytime use, providing a bright and clear interface.
  • Dark Mode: Perfect for low-light environments, reducing eye strain and saving battery life on mobile devices.


  • Enhanced Personalization: Tailor the visual appearance to reflect your group’s unique style and branding.
  • Improved User Experience: Choose the mode that best suits your environment and personal preference.
  • Increased Engagement: A visually appealing and personalized interface encourages more interaction and participation.

How to Get Started

       For group admins/ owners

  • Navigate to Settings: Go to your group’s settings.
  • Select Custom Themes: Customize your theme by adjusting colors, fonts, and other visual elements.
  • Toggle Light/Dark Mode: Easily switch between light and dark modes from the settings menu.

For group members

  • All changes and customisations made by the admin/owner will reflect for all group members.
  • Additionally, group members can toggle between Light and Dark Mode

Toggle to Make Promotional Links Public or Private

Group admins/ owners can now toggle their promotional links between public and private.

 Key Features:

  • Public Links: Promotional links will be visible to everyone (non-group members too)
  • Private Links: Restrict the promotional link visibility only to group members

How to Use:

  • Go to Settings > Links > Toggle to make a promotional link public or private
  • Save Changes: Apply your settings to update the link visibility



Bulk Import

We’re excited to announce a new feature that makes it easier than ever to create and update opportunities: CSV File Importing! This feature is currently live in Labs under Account settings for “Import Opportunities.”

What’s New?

  • CSV File Import: Easily create and update opportunities by importing data from a CSV file.
  • Seamless Integration:Bring in your opportunities from any platform effortlessly.
  • Field Mapping: Map all your fields—standard or custom—with the fields in your imported file.
  • Tagging: Add tags to your imported opportunities for better organization and tracking.

How to use it?

  • Go to Labs>Account Settings
  • Enable “Bulk Opportunities Import
  • Go to Opportunities > and under the kebab menu (3 dots menu) find the option to “Import Opportunities
  • Once you start Importing, select “Opportunities” and move to the next step
  • In the next step, add the file to be imported and select whether you’d like to create or update opportunities.
  • Map all the columns in the CSV file to the corresponding columns in your file. Review the mapping and confirm bulk import


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