FG Funnels Updates – May 22nd, 2024

May 22, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of May 15th through May 22nd, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help. 



Performance Enhancements and Contact Detail Links

Performance Enhancements

  • Email Load Time: Decreased email load time in the conversations and contact details page for a smoother user experience. The previous API took 3-4 seconds to respond, but now it’s reduced to 300 milliseconds, which is about 10 times faster.
  • Resolved errors in the conversation and contact-detail page, which intermittently blocked user interaction on the webpage.

Contact Detail Links

  • Clicking the avatar on the right panel in conversations now seamlessly loads the contact details page in the same tab.
  • Introducing a handy button for opening contact details in a new tab, enhancing user flexibility. This addition addresses user requests for the ability to open multiple contact details tabs while remaining in the conversation session.
  • Added informative tooltips for each icon in the avatar section of the contact tab, making navigation easier.

Other Improvements:

  • Implemented tooltips for Reply and Reply All options in the mail viewer to provide clear user guidance.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with user signatures not loading properly.


Reputation Management

New Edit Button in Builder

We are excited to introduce a new feature that allows users to pause and resume SMS and email review requests for individual contacts within recurring email and SMS campaigns. Key highlights include:

Enhanced Control: Users now have the flexibility to temporarily stop and restart review requests for specific contacts while maintaining ongoing campaigns.

Individual Contact Management: Manage review requests at the contact level, ensuring tailored communication and optimal customer experience.

How to Pause/stop Email or SMS Review requests for users:

1. Go to ‘Reputation‘ tab

2. Navigate to ‘Requests‘ section

3. Click on ‘Stop/Restart‘ Button to pause or resume review requests for individual contacts



Bulk Import Disclaimer

Users will now see a required disclaimer checkbox in the footer section during the bulk import of contacts. Failing to check this box will prompt users to do so before proceeding to the final step.

Why Are We Doing This?

  • Protect Your Sending Reputation: Importing bulk contacts without proper consent can lead to higher bounce and spam rates, negatively impacting your sending reputation.
  • Prevent Issues with Purchased or Rented Lists: Even if some lists claim to have opt-in consent, they may not be suitable for marketing communication tools. Contacts from purchased or rented sources are likely to bounce, unsubscribe, mark emails as spam, and may cause blocklisting.


  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensures that all imported contacts meet consent standards, protecting your account reputation.
  • Quality Assurance: Helps maintain high-quality contact lists, reducing the risk of bounces and spam complaints.
  • User Accountability: Encourages users to verify their contact sources, promoting responsible marketing practices.




Support for Zero amount Invoices

Users can now create invoices with a 0 net payable amount. Use cases include:

  • Compliance & Record Keeping – They help in tracking and documenting all transactions, which is essential for internal audits and financial transparency. In some jurisdictions, businesses might be required to document all transactions, including those where no payments are made
  • Marketing & Promotions – Issuing a zero amount invoice for complimentary services or goods provided at no charge can serve as a professional way to acknowledge the transaction, reinforcing customer relationships and ensuring clear communication
  • Dispute Resolutions – If a dispute arises regarding the delivery of goods or services, a zero amount invoice serves as proof that the transaction occurred, even though no payment was involved


Preview & Edit Email Templates for All Invoicing Notifications

What’s New?

  • Users now have the capability to Preview & Edit Email Templates for all Invoice Notifications right from Invoices Module . This feature also allows the user to preview and edit the Default Email Template.
  • Users can also configure email templates for 10 types of notifications which includes Team Notifications Customer Notifications.
  • Users can edit and save as a new template and then use the same for their use case, the entire functionality is available from invoice settings where a user configures notifications for invoices module.
  • Users can preview the template while sending out to customers for One Time Invoices as well as while Scheduling Recurring Invoices as well as the ability to edit it right from the invoice editor!

How to Use it 

  1. Go to Payments Tab -> Invoices -> Click on the settings Icon that you can see on the page.
  2. Click on Notifications -> You’ll see a preview text right beside the Email Template.
  3. Go to Payments Tab -> Invoices -> Create New Invoice -> Send
  4. When a user clicks on Send the Modal which opens up has a preview of the template that will be sent out to the customer and business users can edit it right from that place.

What Next

  1. We soon plan to have a similar functionality for sms templates in all invoice notifications.
  2. We will introduce the capability for the Receipts Module too !



LC Phone & IVR

In-app calling enabled for IVR

Introducing a new option in the Settings->My staff page which allows users to select between web app/mobile app/ phone number. This provides flexibility and control to the workflow owners to route the inbound IVR call to either the mobile or desktop app.

How to Use?

  • Go to Settings -> My staff
  • Click on Edit and go to the “Call & Voicemail Settings” section.
  • Select from a set of options in the “Default channel for IVR
  • Web app
  • Mobile app
  • My Phone number



Quizzes and Assignment Edit Page Revamp

What’s New?

  • The revamped Edit page boasts a sleek and intuitive design, enhancing user experience with a clean, modern interface that simplifies assessment creation and editing.
  • Introducing the new and improved comments management pages  (Manage Comments and Product Comments) – Managing comments at both location and product level is more engaging and smooth now.
  • Seamlessly manage user feedback across courses and products with enhanced features.



Ban Members and Report Content

Ban members

Now members can be banned from a group by the group Admins and Owners. And the banned member will be removed from the group and banned from joining the group again, revoking their abilities to perform any tasks that a regular member of the group can.

Report content

Any post or comment can now be reported by users. Group Admins can access the reported content list and decide whether to keep or remove the reported post/comment and take action on it.

Group admins will also receive Email, in app notifications and push notifications, for any content that is reported.

How to access these Features:

Ban members

On Web

  • Go to members tab
  • Click on “More options icon” (or ellipsis icon) of the user which you want to Ban and then click on “Ban from group”

On Mobile

  • On the communities Homepage, If you are admin, you should see a “Manage” button.
  • Click on “Manage” button
  • And then click on Members from communities settings page
  • Click on “More options icon” (or ellipsis icon) of the user which you want to Ban and then click on “Ban from group”

Access Reported Content

On Web

  • On the community’s homepage, click on Settings and then choose the “Reported content” Tab.
  • It will list the reported content if any, with “Keep” and “Remove” options for you to take appropriate action.

On Mobile

  • On the communities Homepage, If you are admin, you should see a “Manage” button.
  • Click on “Manage” button
  • And then click on “To Review” from communities settings page
  • It will list the reported content if any, with “Keep” and “Remove” options for you to take appropriate action.

Report content

  • To report a post or a comment, click on the “More options icon” (or ellipsis icon) of the said post or a comment, and click on “Report”
  • Will receive a toast notification stating that the Content has been reported.



Printful Integration

Store owners can now connect their Printful accounts with their FGF Ecommerce stores. Any updates in Printful store related to product creation, deletion, updates or fulfillments are synced live to your Ecommerce store.

How to integrate with your online store?

  1. Store owners can Install the Printful app from the App Marketplace. Post app installation, users need to connect their FGF account to their Printful store.
  2. Store owners can import their Printful Products into their FGF products after successful authorization. Imported products in the FGF need to be manually enabled to publish in their online stores.
  3. Users can place orders for Printful products in the online store post publishing of products by store owners. Orders received for Printful products will be synced with the Printful account.
  4. On fulfillment from Printful, users will receive notifications for shipping details via email.

Functionality of the Printful Integration:

  • Product Import: Seamlessly import all your products from a specific Printful store to your selected LeadConnector eCommerce store location.
  • Product Synchronization: Sync your products between Printful and your eCommerce store, ensuring updates for creation, modification, and deletion are reflected in real-time.
  • Order Creation: Automatically create orders in the connected Printful store whenever an order is placed in your eCommerce store.
  • Order Fulfillment Sync: Keep your order fulfillment status up-to-date by syncing shipping information from Printful to your eCommerce store, including both partial and complete fulfillments.
  • Notification based on order status: Once the order is fulfilled either partially or complete, the users will receive notifications via email. The shipping details will be shared by Printful’s end.

Things to Note:

  • In this iteration, while importing the Products, the Description will not be pulled from Printful due to the Printful Store Limitations
  • Users should publish the products with care and after verifying, as some of the products are only delivered to certain locations. This will be available in the product catalog of Printful
  • The delivery address should be correct in order for the order to get synced with Printful, upon wrong delivery information, order will not get created (or) synced in Printful


Affiliate Manager

Updated UI, Metrics, Campaign Details, Referral URL, and Referral ID

What’s New?

  • Updated UI: Affiliates now have access to a sleek card view of all campaigns.
  • Important Metrics: Get an eagle-eye view of key metrics like Leads, Customers, and Commissions, empowering affiliates to track their performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Campaign Details: Access a summary of affiliate campaign settings, including default commissions, product-based commissions, and payout terms.
  • Referral URL: Affiliates can now view the complete URL.
  • Customizable Referral ID: Affiliates can now personalize Referral URLs with custom IDs to suit their preferences.

What’s Next:

  • Sub Affiliate Page: Affiliates will gain visibility into sub affiliates and the ability to recruit them directly using their sign-up form.
  • Dashboard Enhancements: Expect charts and additional important metrics for affiliates.


Forms & Surveys

UI/UX Enhancements

Whats New?

  • Opening Form/Survey Builder have flicker between Old default style and New Default Theme
  • Renamed folder option from “Edit” to “Rename”
  • Delete/Upload template/ share/ duplicate/ move to folder options now shows the form/survey name on popup


Enhancing Signature Authenticity and Validation for Forms and Surveys

This release introduces enhancements to improve the authenticity and validation of signatures in form and survey submissions by adding a time-signed and encoded hash feature.

What’s New?

  • Time-Signed and Encoded Hash: A hash is created by encrypting the form data, providing authenticity to signatures.
  • Signature Hash Display: This signature hash appears below the signature field in form/survey submissions.
  • Time Signed and Hash in PDF: The time signed is now shown along with the hash in downloaded PDFs, enhancing verification and traceability.
  • When users sign a form or survey and submit it, an encrypted hash of the form data will be generated and displayed below the signature field under submissions.
  • The hash will be displayed below the signature field in the submission records.
  • When downloading the submission as a PDF, the time signed and the encoded hash will be included for verification purposes.

Terms and Conditions, Compliant Message, and New Text Elements

What’s New?

  • Updated Terms and Conditions: The default terms and conditions have been updated when a phone element is added.
  • Compliant Message: Default terms and conditions message asks user-specific consent for using their contact number and is compliant as per A2P.
  • New Text Elements: Separate text elements containing links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will now be added automatically when a phone element is included in the Form/Survey Builder.



Lost Reason Filter for Opportunity widgets

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Lost Reason filter for Opportunity widgets.

What’s New?

  • New Widget: Lost Opportunities by Reason widget now includes a breakdown of opportunities by lost reason.
  • New Filter: Lost reason filter added to widget conditions for precise analysis.
  • New Properties: Lost reason now available in Group and View by properties for widget configuration.
  • Interlinked Properties: Dive deeper into specific lost reasons to uncover valuable insights.
  • Table Widget Enhancement: Lost reason column now selectable in table widget for opportunity insights.

To add the new widget:

  • Head on to your Dashboard
  • In Edit mode click on Add widget
  • Choose “Lost Opportunities By Reason” under Opportunities

To filter out for a specific lost reason:

  • Add Status IS Lost in conditions
  • Choose a child filter to add a specific Lost reason.

To add lost reason column in table widget:

  • Create a table chart for opportunities
  • Click on Select columns
  • Choose lost reason
  • Save your widget

Note: Make sure to add Status IS Lost to enable Lost reason option in the Group and View by property



New Builder

What’s new?

  • URL Simplification – We have removed b and c in the URLs.
  • Automated Sitemap-Whenever a blog post is published, the user is not required to update sitemap every time they publish a blog or add robot txt. Sitemap for domain will get automatically updated whenever the blog post is published.
  • Opening of each blog post in a new page -Blog post pages will open in a new page.
  • Canonical support for Blog Post – SEO, canonical tags suggest to Google which version of the page it should index, consolidate link equity (ranking strength) to, and show in search results.
  • Create your own customization with different layout and designs – Blog can be created with custom layout with the option to show what you like in the card view of blog.



List View

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform: the introduction of the List View for Opportunities, now available via Labs.

What is List View?

The new tabular View transforms how you can interact with your opportunities by providing a detailed, streamlined, and customizable view.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Opportunities in a Listed View: See all your opportunities organized in a clear, tabular format.
  • Sorting Across Fields: Easily sort your opportunities by multiple fields – Opportunity Name, Value or Date Created.
  • Customizable Fields: Choose which fields you want to display in your list view.
  • Rearrange column positions: Seamlessly reorganize column positions to suit your preferences.
  • Resizable columns: Adjust column widths to fit your data perfectly.
  • Full Feature Parity with Board View: All the features like the Advanced filters and Search functionality in the board view are available in the list view too.

How to Access:

To start using the List View for Opportunities:

  1. Go to Labs in your sub account settings.
  2. Enable the “Opportunities List View” feature.
  3. Navigate to your Opportunities section and switch to the List View from the top right toggle.

Benefits of the List View:

The List View offers several key advantages that can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Check out more opportunities displayed in the same view
  • Increased Customization: Tailor your columns to display or export the information that matters most to you.


Email Builder

Search in Saved Elements

Users can now quickly access their saved items inside the email builder using our recent release of the search bar.



TikTok and Yelp Icons in Social Media Element

We’ve added TikTok and Yelp icons to our social media element. Previously, users had to manually insert custom URLs and icon images, which often led to inconsistencies in appearance.



GIF Support in Image Elements and Video Thumbnails

You can now add GIFs, up to 10MB, to your email builder. Additionally, GIFs can be used as video thumbnails, enhancing the overall user experience.

our email building experience, making it more efficient and visually appealing. Happy emailing!


Funnels And Websites

Analytics Dashboard

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Sites Analytics dashboard, which will empower you with actionable insights into website and funnel performance. You’ll be able to effortlessly track and analyze key metrics, optimize online presence and drive results with graph based visual insights. Key features include:

Comprehensive Funnel and Website Analytics

  • Gain a holistic view of performance by tracking analytics for all your funnels and websites in a single, unified dashboard.
  • Quickly visualize changes in performance metrics with percentage indicators, showing the % change for the current date frame vs the previous date frame.
  • Seamlessly understand visitor behavior, engagement, and conversion metrics.

Customizable Date Range

  • Select any date range to analyze specific time period.
  • View detailed timelines of page views, opt-ins, sales, and order conversion rates for your chosen duration.

Key Metrics

  • Page views – See how many times any funnel was visited, along with insights on unique page views.
  • Opt-ins – Number of conversions in your funnel/website (eg. purchased a product OR submitted a form/survey OR booked appointment)
  • Sales – Revenue generated by your funnel/website.
  • Opt-in conversion rate – Opt-ins divided by unique page views.

How to Use:

  • Log in to your account, navigate to the Sites section followed by clicking on the new Analytics tab.
  • Choose whether you want to see analytics data for a funnel or a website, and select the funnel/website or view analytics for all using the drop down picker.
  • Use the date picker to select the desired date range for your analysis.
  • Explore the detailed metrics for page views, opt-ins, sales, and order conversions with the timeline view.


Social Planner

Review Post Upgrade – Add Caption to the Review Post

How does Review Post work?

  • Go to Marketing > Social Planner
  • click on create New Post
  • In the option, there is option of Review Post

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