FG Funnels Updates – June 5th, 2024

June 5, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of May 29th through June 5th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.



UI Enhancements and Upgrades

With our redesigned UI, seamlessly connect your user – level integrations, such as third-party calendars and video conferencing apps, as well as account-level integrations like Google Organic Booking and Local Services Ads, with ease and convenience.

To simplify the integration and calendar setup process, we have launched the following enhancements:

  • Unified integration experience across the My Profile page, My Staff page, and Calendar Connections.
  • A processing tag is displayed during calendar syncing to prevent further actions until the sync is complete, ensuring uninterrupted synchronization.
  • Enhanced the user experience with detailed feedback, helping users better understand the changes they’re making.
  • Added validations to reduce synchronization issues, ensuring a smoother integration experience.
  • Improved user journey with helpful illustrations and tooltips.

How to Use? 

You can integrate your calendar integrations from two locations:

  • Settings > My Profile > Calendar Settings
  • Calendars > Calendar Settings > Connections Tab

To integrate:

  1. Click on ADD NEW.
  2. Choose your integration.
  3. Enter your credentials and complete the integration.
  4. Configure your calendar settings for accurate event syncing.


Extended Service Duration, Custom Service Intervals/Durations, and Staff Selection Toggle

With this release, users can now add custom service intervals and service durations. The maximum service duration has been increased to 12 hours, and users can also choose whether to allow staff selection on the booking widget.

What’s New? 

  • Extended Service Duration: Previously, for a service calendar, the maximum service duration was 6 hours (360 minutes). With this release, the maximum duration has been increased to 12 hours, similar to other calendar types.
  • Custom Service Intervals and Durations: Previously, these could only be added in multiples of 15 minutes (e.g., 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins). Now, users can set any interval or duration they need, such as 20 minutes, 99 minutes, or 12 hours.
  • Staff Selection Toggle: Users can now decide whether they want the booker to select a staff member on the booking widget. Earlier, there was no option to disable staff selection, but now it can be toggled on or off.

Please Note:

Customizing the interval and duration settings may impact your availability and, consequently, the available slots displayed on your booking widget. To maximize the number of available slots, it is recommended to set the interval and duration in consistent time increments (e.g., both as multiples of 15 minutes).

How to Use?

Configure Service Duration and Interval:

  • Navigate to Calendar Settings.
  • Choose your Service Calendar.
  • Go to the Availability Tab to configure your service duration and interval.

Configure Staff Selection:

  • Navigate to Calendar Settings and choose your Service Calendar.
  • Go to the Customizations Tab.
  • Toggle the staff selection option on or off based on your preference.



Domain Redirection Visibility

When hovering over any domain name under Settings>Domains, a string appears to inform where the domain is being redirected: “This domain is redirected to flashexample.fgfunnels.rocks”. This quick insight ensures you always know where your domain is pointing with just a simple hover action.

In the funnel/website builder overview, an info banner at the top now clearly reads, “The domain old.fgfunnels.rocks connected to this funnel is redirected to flashexample.fgfunnels.rocks” if there is any URL redirection for that funnel.



Kajabi Importer

Email Domain Flexibility, New Consent Form, and Bot Checker

We are pleased to announce key updates to Kajabi’s course import processes. These changes include the removal of the email domain restriction and the addition of a consent form for course imports.

Email Domain Flexibility for Course Imports

  • Earlier users had to create contacts using an email with the client club domain. Now users can use any email address to create contacts.
  • This change simplifies the process and provides greater flexibility.

New Consent Form for Course Imports

  • A consent form is now added for the course import process, Users must confirm that they own the intellectual property of the imported course.
  • This ensures compliance with intellectual property laws.

Tunneling through Kajabi Bot Checker

  • Kajabi introduced a bot checker to detect bot-like scraping activities on their platform, so we’ve introduced randomization within multiple user agents to pass through this and successfully import courses.


Forms & Surveys

Conditional Logic for Payment Elements

This update introduces the ability to show or hide the payment element in forms based on conditional logic, providing greater flexibility and customization for users.

Users can now set conditions to show or hide the payment element in forms. This enhancement allows for more dynamic and responsive form behavior based on user inputs or other predefined criteria.


Email Builder

Improved Template Padding and Custom Values in Hyperlinks/Magic Link support

To enhance the usability and experience of our email builder, we have implemented the following updates.

Improved Template Padding

Previously, spacing limitations caused unattractive gaps between elements in template designs. Now, setting the padding to 0 will eliminate any gaps between elements, resulting in cleaner and more visually appealing templates. This improvement ensures that the design integrity of templates is maintained, providing a more professional appearance.

Custom Values in Hyperlinks /Magic Link support

The hyperlink functionality has been updated to support custom values. This enhancement allows users to generate magic links with dynamic data like contact names, contact IDs, and other custom parameters. This is particularly useful for advanced UTM tracking and personalized marketing efforts, enabling more targeted and effective campaigns.



SEO for Products & Site Preferences

Store owners can now add SEO information to their products. SEO for products can be added from Payments -> Products (Product Create/Edit Page). The SEO title, Description and custom slug can be configured on this page.


  • The featured image will be chosen as the image for preview in SEO
  • SEO modification will be available only when the toggle for product listing in online stores is enabled
  • Same slug cannot be used for multiple products


Documents & Contracts

Checkboxes With Grouping Capability

Editors can now group checkboxes and add conditions for the user to ‘Select At Most’, ‘Select At least’ or ‘Select Exactly’. You can copy the entire group of checkboxes which creates a duplicate group with the same properties. Signers get to view the guidelines on how many checkboxes should be selected.

How to Use:

  • Drag and Drop checkboxes to your Document
  • Group checkboxes by clicking and dragging over the checkboxes you want to group and click on the group icon.
  • Add rules to your group and copy your entire group of checkboxes
  • Alternatively, click on the ‘+’ icon and add a checkbox to the group directly
  • Receivers get directions while signing on how many checkboxes are supposed to be selected


LC Phone

Enhancements & Updates

Key Updates:

  • Users can now forward calls to the Business Phone Number if the user phone number hasn’t been configured.
  • Support to disable routing to agent assigned to the contact for incoming calls is now available.
  • IVR calls can now be answered on Web or Mobile application.
  • Users can now set their default channel where they want to receive the incoming call.
  • New and existing UK phone numbers require KYC. This is an automated way for users to submit their details for KYC.
    • Existing UK phone numbers need to complete KYC by Sep 30th 2024.



Enhancement to Zero Amount Invoices

When sending zero amount invoices, collecting email and contact details of payee as well as autopay information (in the case of recurring invoices) is not always required. Now there is a separate modal with just the payee information for zero amount invoices.

We’ve also opened up the Record Payment Manual option for adding notes.



Enhanced Conversation UI

Now you can request payment directly through WhatsApp, making it easier for your customers to pay and streamlining your transactions

We’ve also added banner to the conversations tab to seamlessly connect your WhatsApp business account



Global Section & Social Icon Support

Blogs now support Global Section templates, allowing sections to be used interchangeably between funnels, websites, and blogs. Blogs also support Global Sections for specific blog sites, applicable to both home and other pages.

Additionally, blogs provide support for buttons, social icons, images, and progress bar themes.

How does it work?

  • Go to Sites > Blogs
  • Create New Blog and add the details of domain and SEO or Edit the blog site
  • While editing you can use the funnels or websites preset sections to match the theme and styling inside the Blog section.

New In Labs

Granular User Permissions

Admins can apply granular permissions to their users. This structure also brings a new user interface and end-to-end experience for adding users and setting their permissions. Admins can also copy a user’s granular permissions to another user, and set user level notifications.


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