FG Funnels Updates – May 10th, 2023

May 10, 2023
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We’re excited to be back with some really cool updates to share from the week of May 4th through 10th, 2023. Definitely check these out, there are some long awaited ones like custom 404 error pages and staff member selection in the booking widget!

If you have any questions about these new features, or questions about FG Funnels in general, you can send us a message to support@fgfunnels.com and our team will get you the answers you need.


Workflow Paused – Notifications

  • Whenever a workflow is locked due to an identified loop or any other reason, we will notify users with a Topbar Banner Notification.
  • What does this solve?
    • This will help users to take immediate action to resume the workflow.

Update Custom Values Action

  • How does it work?
    • Select a Custom Value to update
    • The current value will be shown for ease of use
    • Update text field with the new value
  • What are the business use cases?
    • Lead Source Tracking: Tracking the source of new leads by updating a custom value for each lead source
    • Marketing Campaign Performance Tracking: Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns by updating a custom value for each campaign.
    • Event Registration Tracking: Tracking event registration by updating a custom value for each event registration
    • And so many more!

Funnels And Websites

Customizable 404 Error Page

  • What’s New?
    • With the new customizable 404 error page, you can now create a custom webpage that will be displayed to your users when they encounter an error page on your site. This page can include any branding or messaging that you want, as well as links to other areas of your website to keep the user engaged with your content.
  • How It Works
    • Setting up your customizable 404 error page is straightforward. First, create the page you want to use as a 404 page in the funnel or website page builder.
    • Then, navigate to domain settings and select the pencil icon to the right of the domain to edit it and select a custom 404 page for the domain. From there, you can choose an existing page from your site.
    • Once you’ve selected your custom error page, users who encounter a 404 error on your site will automatically be redirected to your new page.


Staff Member Selection On Booking Widget

  • About the Feature:
    • We now support the ability to have staff member selection on the booking widget which would allow the appointees to be able to choose a specific staff member while booking an appointment. This was an ask from many customers, especially from the Beauty Industry. However, this will also be helpful for other business type likes Fitness, Wellness and Home services.
    • This feature is available with Round Robin calendars using the Neo widget type, where all of the team members who are part of the Round Robin would be visible for the appointee to make a selection.
  • Typical example:
    • You are running a Salon where you have multiple staff members and all of them provide haircuts. A customer who has used the Salons services for a haircut before, would most probably have a preference on the staff member they would like to visit to get the haircut done. This option was not available previously, but with this release it will be for Round Robin calendars using the Neo widget!
  • Please Note:
    • This feature is available with the Round Robin calendar type and works with Neo widget only (not available with the Classic widget type).


New Filters

  • We have added two more filters in the quick filter:
    • Last message direction (inbound or outbound)
    • Last outbound message type (manual or automated)
  • Users can now filter for last outbound or inbound message
    • With the filter of Last message direction, users can choose between two options: Inbound or Outbound
    • This filter is applicable to messages sent after the 9th of May, 2023
  • Users can now filter based on the last outbound message type
    • Users can now filter based on the last outbound message action : Manual or Automated


Bulk Actions

  • We have made changes to the statistic labels for email and sms bulk actions.
    • Renamed “Total” to “Total Attempted”
    • Renamed “Successful” to “Sent”
    • Renamed “Error” to “Skipped”


Net Revenue Analytics

  • This allows user to look at onetime purchase records within a selected date range.
  • Line or bar charts can be used to display the data.
  • Users can compare offers as well as purchase channels (Funnel, Workflow, Smartlist, Upsell and Membership Checkout). In the compare offers section, users can apply both offer and purchase channel filters.
  • One-time purchase data (net revenue of the location) can be filtered by the custom date range, purchase channels, and offers (only in compare offers section).
  • Check how the top four offers are performing in the given date range. They will also respect filters.
  • Users can monitor the percentage change in revenue and total units sold. It’s available for total revenue and each offer.
  • Important Note:
    • Funnel, Smartlist, and Workflow Checkout will only be applicable for checkouts that occur after today.

Video Tracking Support – Membership Hosted Video

  • Even if a student/member quits the membership app while watching a lesson video, it will keep track of the student/member’s last play time and they will be able to resume the video from that point.
  • If the student/member switches to a new lesson, pauses the video, or quits while playing video, it will continue to track their progress. It will help us track accurate post progress.

Email Builder Popup:

  • Memberships now support in-place email template editing. (Membership -> Settings -> Email Settings).


RSS Enhancement

  • Earlier, Blogs RSS was not supporting the full content in RSS. Many customers use {{rss_item.content_full}} in the email builder. This release will enable customers to embed the full blog content in the email builder  
  • How to use it? –
    • Go to  Settings -> RSS -> and check the box next to “Load blogs content in the RSS feed”
    • Copy the URL and check if it has loadContent=true and combines it with the emails RSS.
    • By default we won’t load the content of the blogs in RSS.

LC Phone

A2P Sole Prop Registration

  • Individuals and SMEs who do not have an EIN will now be able to register with A2P Sole Prop. They will not need to register for Business Profile before proceeding with the Sole Prop registration.
  • They will just need Business Name, First/Last Name, Email and Phone number (which has SMS capability).
  • Number will be used for verification, they will receive a SMS from TCR, to which they will need to reply with YES to get the brand approved. After this, the campaign registration will automatically start.
  • Existing customers who had their brands under verification needed will be able to submit mobile number for OTP and verify.

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