FG Funnels Updates – July 6th, 2022

July 6, 2022
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July is already here, and we are kicking off the month with a few quick updates to FG Funnels.

If you’re reading this post and it inspires any questions or you just already have a question about FG Funnels, reach out to our team at support@fgfunnels.com and they’ll be happy to help. Another option, if you’re already signed up for FG Funnels is to start a chat with our live chat support team right within the app.

Local Services Ads – Reserve With Google

If you have a Local Services Ads account with Google, with a U.S.-based company in the “Home Services” company niche, you can now integrate with Google so customers finding your ads on Google can view your direct availability from your FG Funnels calendars and book without leaving Google.

This new integration can be found under Settings > Integrations in your FG Funnels account.

Workflow Updates

Added Rate Limiting for Internal Notification action of workflows.

  • The current rate limits are 500 notifications per 5 minute interval for each user (per workflow)
    • Email – 500 notifications per 5 minute interval, per user email
    • SMS – 500 notifications per 5 minute interval, per user phone
    • In-app Notifications – 500 per 5 minute interval, per user ID
  • We will skip any notifications that are sent after breaching this limit. Then notifications will resume during the next 5 minute interval.

Why was this done, and how will this help?

  • Prior, when no limit was enforced, there were instances of workflow delays resulting from large amounts of sending to the same user(s). Here is an example:
    • Say you put 300k contacts into a workflow
    • And in that workflow is an internal notification action where you are sending an email to a particular user (in most cases we see customers send this to themselves)
    • Now this particular user’s email inbox, will get 300k emails.
    • Because of this, the conversation record in the user’s contact profile in the account will also be updated 300k times, within just a few seconds/minutes.
    • This introduced an overall delay in processing workflow actions.
  • The rate limiting should provide good gate keeping for these events, and also prevent customers from sending bulk emails to a particular user

Funnel Builder Update

1-Step & 2-Step Order Form Update

  • Description for subscription products explaining the setup fee, trial and recurring payments included as subtext below the product name
  • Product prices will now only show what is being charged at the time of sale.
  • Example:
    • Setup fee =$10, trial = 10 days, monthly = $10 then, the price is displayed as $10
    • Setup fee =$0, trial = 10 days, monthly = $10 then, the price is displayed as $0
    • Setup fee =$10, trial = 0 days, monthly = $10 then, the price is displayed as $20
  • This price can still be shown differently using the price display override option
  • Order total will be shown as the sum of the total products selected, i.e main product + bump product(s)
  • All the changes are available for funnels with v2.0 at level 0 CDN and can be tested out using labs for v2.0 funnels living on flashfunnels CDN.

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