FG Funnels Updates – June 29th, 2022

June 29, 2022
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Hello again, funnel friends! We’ve got some new release notes for the week of June 23rd-29th, 2022.

If you have any questions about the updates below, FGF software features in general, or need assistance troubleshooting something in your account, please reach out through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

Email Builder – Major Updates

We have released a big update to the Email Builder that changes the flow of things by splitting the area into Templates and Campaigns.

  • A Template is where you add the brand layout/design of the email
  • A Campaign is where you add a message and delivery options for sending the email to customers/leads.


  • Users can create templates via:
    • Template Library
    • Create Templates by reusing the Campaigns which are sent or scheduled.
    • Blank Template (Either using Design Editor or Code Editor)
      • Design Editor is the drag-and-drop editor, and Code Editor is an HTML editor.
  • Users can create Folders and Search, for managing multiple templates.
  • We have provided a shortcut to create an Email Campaign from an Email Template – in the action dropdown.


  • Create a Campaign by choosing a template or blank campaign.
  • Users can create Folders and Search, for managing multiple campaigns.
  • Users can reschedule the email one hour before the scheduled campaign. They can edit the block elements and update the schedule delivery modes.
    • [Note – This is applicable for Schedule, Batch Schedule, and RSS Schedule]
  • Users will be able to update email content during the ongoing campaign running for Schedule, RSS, and Batch Schedule Delivery before our servers start preparing it for delivery at the scheduled time.
    • [Note – There will be cases that it will get sent with the old copy sometimes, as we can’t control the delivery sequence in servers.]
  • Better Statistic Representation with numbers and percentages, preview, delivery data, and advanced analytics which was present on Bulk actions. Email Campaign Statistics will have CSV export.
  • Email Campaign with RSS Schedule as delivery method can be paused and can resume again.
  • Email Campaign can be saved as a draft in settings area (where you can choose the delivery method, contact list and email address settings)

Forms + Surveys Update

  • Users can now pass in a given contact’s ID under a reserved query param named “contact_id” and we will merge the submission to the respective contact in our system.
    • Here is how the form link would look after the contact ID populates: https://link.fgfunnels.com/widget/form/m2T6srxEXV3yD84dsjyC?contact_id=4RCUc0UY9UHNIA0ZvACC
  • When a lead makes a submission from the above form link, it will always get associated to the contact with id 4RCUc0UY9UHNIA0ZvACC irrespective of what phone number or email is present in the submission.
  • Ideally, users should use our {{contact.id}}  custom value when sending out form links to their leads with their workflows or campaigns.
    • It would look something like: <link-to-form>?contact_id={{contact.id}}
  • This way, users need not pass in the contact’s email or phone number as query params just for the sake of associating the submission to a given contact. This will also help in targeting the correct contact in cases where duplicate contacts with same email and phone number are present.
  • This will work with forms, surveys, calendars, funnels and other websites that contain our form as an iframe.
  • Note: Passing contact_id  as a query param will take precedence over sticky contacts, email, phone number and the allow duplicate contacts option.

Transaction Export Enhancements

Location Level -> Phone Number Settings -> Usage Summary -> exports

  • Users can now export the last 1,000,000 transaction records in a CSV (previous limit was 10,000)

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