FG Funnels Updates – July 13th, 2022

July 15, 2022
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from the week of July 7th-13th, 2022.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or need help with something else regarding your account, reach out through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com

CRM – Conversations (Currently Labs-Only)

Goes Live Across All Accounts Regardless Of Labs Setting On July 25th

New Feature – Message Origin Details 

  • All messages will have a vertical navigation menu (the three dots will be visible only on hovering over the message)  which will have the “Details” option.
  • The “Reply” button will now be visible under the “three-dots” navigation menu for all email messages.
  • Note: Partial details will be available for messages prior to July 15, 2022

Details currently available:

  • From/To – SMS, Phone Call, Voicemail, Email
  • The direction of the message (Inbound/Outbound) and message type (SMS, Email, Voicemail, etc)
  • Date and Time of the message.
  • Manual or Automated Message (only for Outbound messages)
    • Automation – Workflow, Triggers, Campaigns, Bulk Actions (A hyperlink will take users to the exact automation!)
    • Manual – Name of the user who sent out the message (Hyperlinks to the My Staff page under settings)
  • Message Provider used – (only for Outbound messages)
    • Email – Mailgun/ SMTP/ Custom Provider
    • SMS – Lead Connector (if under ISV)/ Twilio/ Custom Provider
  • Message Status – (only for Outbound messages)
    • SMS and Email – Opened, Delivered, Sent, Bounced, Failed, Scheduled (or Pending)
    • Call – Completed, Unanswered, Busy, Failed.

CRM – Contacts

Email Unsubscribe Updates DND

  • When someone unsubscribes to Emails, their Contacts will show DND as enabled for Emails (also shows a tooltip that explains the User unsubscribed)
  • For all existing contacts who had Emails unsubscribed, UI will start showing DND Email as enabled and a tooltip will show that explains the User unsubscribed

FG Funnels Mobile App Public Release V 2.4

Invoices On Mobile

  • Invoices on mobile will let you create an invoice, and send it over to the receiver. This release only enables you to send an invoice. Upcoming releases will allow you to accept payments and more.
  • On the mobile app, navigate to the left sidebar and click on invoices.
    1. Create an invoice
    2. Send it to a contact on CRM
    3. Add a product from Global Products
    4. Select a tax configured in the Tax Settings
    5. Add discounts to the invoice
    6. Add Terms and Conditions for each invoice
    7. View the list of invoices in various states like – Draft, Sent, Paid, Overdue
    8. Search by invoice creation date
    9. Filter by various invoice states
    10. Send the test invoice email
    11. Try invoice in Test payment mode.
    12. Users can manage Invoice module access from the web via User Permissions settings.

Speed And Performance

  • We’re continuing our never-ending quest to make our mobile app the fastest CRM app in the market!
  • Highlights:
    • Move between sub-accounts instantly – no more loading wait times
      • Blazing fast sub-account switching experience when a user has access to <=150 sub-accounts
      • We have reduced loading time when switching between sub-accounts from 3 seconds to ~0 seconds
    • Subsequent load times on Conversations have been drastically reduced.
      • Conversations load time reduced from 3-4 seconds to ~1 second


  • Recent Activity Enhancements – Realtime updates, restricting access of deleted contact or conversation, etc.
  • New Review Requests flows which show the view of Email and SMS templates in the mobile

Social Planner Enhancement

We had seen an increase in successful and failed posts. We kept on adding new socials and features but we took July to fix the critical and must-have enhancements which were contributing to failed posts.

  1. We have added a Notification for Expired Accounts
    1. Users will be able to select which team member(s) in the account will get notified with an email when the social integration connection expires. We will only notify you when the connection expires or breaks.
    2. Users can select how often they receive the notification (eg. once in X days).
  2. We have increased the size limit of media you can add to posts in the Social Planner; 10 MB for Image and 1 GB for Video.
    1. Note – if a user goes to the media library directly, it will not allow this file size. This increase only applies to media files uploaded directly in Social Planner.
    2. We have added a GIF option in Images, users will be able to post with GIFs on Facebook and LinkedIn.
    3. Major Enhancement is in the Failed Post tab, we have added what lead to the failure of the post and the solution in the message.

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