FG Funnels Updates – July 26th, 2023

July 26, 2023
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We’re closing out July with some fresh updates and enhancements. Check out what’s new in FG Funnels from the week of July 19th through July 26th, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates or anything else FG Funnels related, reach out to our awesome support team at support@fgfunnels.com.

User Interface for credit card and Google Pay/Apple pay payments on order forms

  • We have revamped the user interface while making payments on order forms using Stripe. This includes a major change of automatically displaying Google Pay and Apple Pay without the need for an additional click on the Other tab.
  • The element to capture credit card details is further enhanced, which feels more secure and standard for leads, thus driving more conversions for your business.
  • The Other payment tab will no longer exist on order forms, Google Pay will be shown by default for the lead/contact if the browser and geography conditions are fulfilled.
  • Businesses would be required to turn the toggle on the Integrations page on Stripe Connect for an additional requirement of registering domains for displaying Apple Pay.
  • This change also eliminates the additional invoice cost with Stripe for processing one-time payments on order forms. We have moved our architecture to payment intents which will not bear any additional cost for the business.
  • Another major improvement is the time taken for processing payment. We have reduced the time taken for processing order form payment by approximately 25% with these changes.
  • This release also solves some crucial pain points like displaying Google Pay/Apple Pay more prominently while making payment on the order form, transactions being created in the pending state when the user clicked on the Other payment option.
  • If Google Pay/Apple Pay is not available, only the credit card option will be shown.

Facebook integration Enhancements & Fixes

 Bug Resolved

  • We have successfully resolved a bug that caused Facebook reviews to not display seamlessly for all customers (sub-accounts). In previous instances, some clients were experiencing issues with reviews not showing up correctly.
  • Improvement Details: With the bug fix, the routing of Facebook reviews is now working correctly. All reviews will be routed as expected.

Automated Receipts for Calendar Booking Appointments

  • Automated receipts are now available for calendar payments
  • This allows businesses to send a confirmation receipt when the contact/lead makes a successful payment for calendar appointment booking
  • Customization Options: Businesses can set a custom title for the receipt, prefix, and start number for receipt numbers, and choose a custom email template to send out receipts.
  • Receipt Delivery: Receipts are sent as a PDF attachment to the contact’s email using the selected template.
  • Custom Template Values: Receipt custom values are available inside the email builder, allowing businesses to use a custom template for sending receipts.

Google Business Profile Integration: Enhanced Experience and Improved Error Management

Significant improvements have been made to the Google Business Profile integration flow, designed to streamline the process and enhance the overall experience

What’s New:

Improved Error Visibility

Our user interface (UI) now offers better visibility into potential errors that might occur, including:

  • Ownership conflicts: Cases where a GMB location is mapped with another GMB account.
  • Suspended/Disabled GMB accounts: In line with Google Security guidelines.
  • Cases where the account is unverified or requires re-verification.
  • Situations where the GMB page verification process is still ongoing.

Automated Email to Google Support:

  • To resolve the ‘Unlaunch Agent’ issue, we’ve implemented an automated email system to Google support.
  • If we detect that a GMB listing has been launched with a partner other than LeadConnector, we now automatically send ‘Unlaunch Emails’ to Google Messaging support from the respective locations.

PlaceID Issue:

  • To tackle the issue of multiple agents being created for the same GMB account in our LeadConnector Business through APIs, we’ve implemented a concurrent request block on the API for the same GMB PlaceID.

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