FG Funnels Updates – February 22nd, 2023

February 22, 2023
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Hey, hey! We’re here with some updates from the week of February 16th-22nd, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or need help with troubleshooting something in your account, reach out to our support team through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com and we’ll be happy to help.


Ability To Cancel Stripe Subscriptions Within FG Funnels Live

  • Sub-account users now have the ability to cancel Stripe subscriptions created via order forms within FG Funnels at any time
  • Eliminates the need to jump over to the Stripe dashboard to Cancel ongoing subscriptions.
  • Keep track of all subscriptions created via order forms and transactions performed under Payments -> Subscriptions

In Labs: Authorize.net Integration For Invoice + Order Form Payments

  • Available under Settings -> Labs in your account. Turn the toggle ON to see the option to connect on the Integrations page
  • Connect using your Login Id, Transaction key, and Signature key from the merchant portal
  • The integration allows the processing of invoice payments along with order forms using Authorize.net.
    • Other payments from calendars, memberships, and Text2Pay will continue to be processed via Stripe for now
  • No new products are required to be created for using Authorize.net, it will work with existing products in place
  • Supports one-time and recurring payments along with auto payments in recurring templates
  • Track all transactions and subscriptions using the Transactions and Subscriptions page under the Payments menu
  • Ability to cancel a subscription/recurring template created at any time using the Cancel action
  • Specify the default gateway for order forms and invoices in case both Stripe and Authorize.net are connected


Ability To Define Custom Invoice Title Live

  • Users now have an option in the invoice settings to define a custom title for the invoice which appears at the top right of the document
  • The title is by default INVOICE and is case sensitive
  • Title can no longer be 25 characters
  • The specified text will appear in any new invoice that gets created after changing the title

Funnels + Websites

Mega Speed Increase via Automatic Image Optimization + CDN Live

  • Images will be compressed in a way that the quality is not compromised but the size is significantly reduced
  • All images including animated ones will be now served in .webp format automatically without any extra setup from the end user’s side
  • Images will be served through our CDN for providing better deliverability and caching
  • What does this mean? A lot faster website/funnel loading plus anywhere you use images from the FG Funnels media library!


Enhanced Comment Privacy Settings Are Live

  • Public: Everyone who has purchased the product can see it.
  • Private/Instructor Only: It will be visible only to the Instructor and the user who added the comment.
  • Both of the above: User can select the privacy for the comment while adding it.
  • Replies will always respect the privacy of the parent comment.
  • For example: Reply to the comment will be public If the privacy of the parent comment is public. Same goes for the private/Instructor Only.
  • The Instructor can change the privacy of any comment.

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