FG Funnels Updates – December 21st, 2022

December 21, 2022
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Hey there, funnel friends! We’re popping in this week with our last release notes post of 2022. This post will be covering updates released between December 8th and December 21st, 2022.

We’ll be back in January 2023 with more awesome updates to share. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the updates below, your FG F

Affiliate Manager Updates

  • Now allows the affiliate admin to customize the welcome email that is sent to the affiliates when a campaign is created.
  • Now allows the affiliate admin to create an email template with affiliate-specific custom values.
  • We’ve removed the flat fee validation, and now the affiliate admin can set the flat fee higher than the product price.
  • We’ve upgraded the Payouts UI with a date range option.
  • The export button is replaced with an export icon.

Audit Log UI Updates

  • Ability to view pipeline & stage name for opportunity-related actions in the view details section.
    • This is our first step into making the logs details page user-friendly by providing additional information which can be easily understood & accessed by our users. The same will follow for other modules in the time to come.
    • UX enhancement:
      • Removing filter functionality at the table record level. Previously, clicking on any record at the table filters was used to get applied.
      • All the filters can now be applied at the page level (Actions, Module, Date & time) components.
      • Dropdown issues at the component level have been fixed to populate all the information.

Funnels, Websites, Forms & Surveys Updates

  • Funnel pages displaying a single blog data will now have blog SEO rather than having the funnel page SEO.
  • Pagination has been added for section templates list in My Layouts.
  • Added more Google Fonts – 531 new fonts added to the funnel builder.
  • While connecting domains, the length of the domain will be validated and we will not allow connection of domains with more than 63 characters in length, as we’ll be unable to generate an SSL certificate for the domain due to this exceeded size

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