FG Funnels Updates – December 14th, 2022

December 14, 2022
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from December 8th – 14th, 2022.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or need help with troubleshooting something in your account, reach out to our support team through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Affiliate Manager Updates

  • Along with commission percentage, affiliate admins will now be able to create a campaign with a flat fee commission.
  • We’ve introduced an enhanced design for populating sales in the Pending payouts tab. So far, we populated this tab on the 1st of every month but moving forward this tab will get updated as soon as a sale comes in so that the affiliate admin has a view of every transaction made.
  • We’ve fixed the color discrepancy in the ‘Affiliate screen’.
  • We’ve made the affiliate campaign name clickable. If the affiliate admin clicks the campaign name, it will open the ‘Edit Campaign’ screen for them.
  • We’ve introduced an Export button on the ‘Affiliate screen’. This export will download a CSV file of all the affiliates in the Affiliate Manager along with their affiliate links

Social Planner Updates

  • Tiktok  – Personal Profile
    • How does Tiktok posting work?
      • Connect your TikTok personal account
      • Create and Schedule videos
      • In the TikTok app, it will come in as an inbox notification on the scheduled day.
      • Once you approve it, it will go out
  • Group Hashtags
    • Creating group hashtags allows users to create 30-200 hashtags rather than creating or adding them every time manually in the post.
    • How to create Group Hashtags?
      • Click on the Hash icon in the post composer
      • Add the name of the group hashtags in enter name space
      • Add hashtags as words and enter, it will create small tags
      • Choose the number of hashtags that can be appended to each post.
      • Click save and apply

Blog Update

  • New Feature – Schedule Blog Post
    • User will be able to schedule blog post with specific date and time relevant to the timezone of location.
    • How to schedule a blog post
      • Create a new blog post
      • Cdd content to the blog post
      • Click “continue” to reach the blog post settings
      • At the end, there is an option to schedule the blog post to publish at specific date and time.

Workflow, Calendar, Conversations Updates

  • We have added 3 new custom values in the system for appointments.
    • Appointment – month
      • {{appointment.month}} -> which shows the month number. For ex: if its January, it would compile to 1.
      • {{appointment.month_name}} -> Shows the month name. For ex: December.
    • Appointment –  Day of the week
      • {{appointment.day_of_week}} -> Sunday, Monday and so on.
    • Please note
      • These values show up only on workflows menu (for phase 1).
      • But the compilation part is supported throughout the system. So if you have to use this on conversations, you may have to add it in manually because the menu won’t show it, but it would get compiled if you type it in.
      • We will add these to other app menus slowly over time.

Workflow Updates

  • TikTok Lead form submission trigger!!
    • Now you can trigger a workflow based on the lead form submissions from TikTok.

Funnels, Websites, Forms & Surveys Updates

  • Edit option for URL Redirects
    • Users will now be able to update the destinations of URL redirects
    • The Destinations for URL redirects are visible now. No more guessing
    • Pagination added for the URL redirects listing.

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