FG Funnels Updates – August 31st, 2022

August 31, 2022
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We are wrapping up this August with one last batch of release notes for the week of August 25th – August 31st, 2022. This week’s releases are mostly related to the API and webhook events. We also have an exciting new feature in beta testing!

If you’re reading through these updates and have any questions about them, or about other FG Funnels features, please reach out through live chat or by sending us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

Conversations Updates

  • The conversation tab now supports three additional channels for sending messages.
    • GMB (Google My Business)
    • FB (Facebook)
    • IG (Instagram)
  • Previously we supported only SMS & Email.
  • We have also added support for webhooks when a new message is sent for these channels.

Conversations API Updates

  • New Public APIs
    • Create, Read, Update and Delete APIs
  • New Public Webhook Event
    • Conversation Unread Event Webhook
      • This will fire a webhook with the conversation data whenever a conversation is marked as read or unread

New Webhook Event

  • TaskComplete Webhook
    • We now have the ability to fetch data via our Webhook whenever the Task status is changed to completed. This Webhook is only applicable if the status is changed/updated to “completed” and not the other way around.

Get Access Token API Update

  • hashedCompanyId is now available in response body
  • End-point: Get Access Token
  • grant_type : authorize_code

Contacts API Updates

  • New Public API
    • Opportunity Upsert  – (Available via OAuth API 2.0)

New Feature In Beta Testing: Order Form Update (Coming Soon)

  • Cart mode in One-step and Two-step order forms (V2 Funnels only)
  • Changes after update:
    • Order Forms (Cart mode)
      • Multiple main products can now be purchased through the order forms
      • Multiple quantities of any main product can be purchased through the order forms
    • Funnel Builder
      • Option to enable/disable product description (disabled by default for existing funnels)
      • Option to enable cart mode added in funnel builder (disabled by default for existing funnels)
    • Funnel Products (Products in a funnel step)
      • Option to allow multiple quantities to be purchased
      • Option to limit the maximum quantity per order (maximum 10) of any item from the funnel step product page (disabled by default for existing products)
    • Order Confirmation Element
      • Added column representing the purchased quantity of the product (default to 1 if cart mode is disabled)
    • Other updates
      • Order form triggers will have quantity along with each item
      • Funnels sales stats now reflects number of unique orders at the funnel step/page level and number of unique orders for products at the product level
      • Orders page will now have quantity along with order amount

Sneak peek preview of cart mode in order forms:

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