FG Funnels Updates – August 17th, 2022

August 17, 2022
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This week we’ve got some updates for the week of August 11th-17th, 2022, as well as a couple of sneak peeks of features we are beta testing to land in your accounts in the coming weeks and months!

If you’re reading through these updates and have any questions about them, or about other FG Funnels features, please reach out through live chat or by sending us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

New Template: Paper Doll – SLO Funnel

  • This collection is an SLO-only, named Paper Doll, after the beloved paper dolls from our childhoods.
  • The fun part of Paper Doll is that you get to dress her up *however* you prefer. She has the flexibility to take on any colors or brand elements you would like to use, and is even a great place to mash up assets from different funnel collections together!
  • Load Paper Doll into your account by navigating to Request Collections in the left menu while logged in to your FG Funnels account, and then fill out the form and select the Paper Doll collection from the list.

FB Integration – Improved Error Messaging

  • In the account’s Integrations area (separate from the Social Planner), a FB page can connect to only a single location/account
  • If it is already connected to another location/account, the error message will now display the name of the other location that the FB page is integrated with
    • You can then go to the location, remove the integration, and come back and integrate with the intended location.

CRM Contacts Updates

  • You can now reset DND when updating a contact
    • If Email DND was permanently set (grayed out) it will reset when the contact’s email is changed
    • If SMS DND was permanently set (grayed out) it will reset when the contact’s phone number is changed
    • This will help in instance’s where a customer’s email has incorrectly blocked messages as spam and the customer has taken steps to correct that, providing an option to manually reset their contact record once the email address suppression is removed on the SMTP server.

Audit Log Updates

  • Created “Deleted” audit logs for notes, tasks, and opportunities when deleting contacts.
    • The Deleted audit log will be created automatically for notes, tasks, and opportunities when contact will be deleted because these are the related module of contact and it deletes when contact is deleted.

Workflow Updates

  • Opportunity option in If/else condition filter 
    • Opportunity-related Triggers are needed to be present. 
    • The contact needs to come from an Opportunity related trigger for this option to work
    • List of triggers for which it would work :
      • Opportunity status changed
      • Pipeline Stage Changed
      • Stale Opportunities
    • Now users can filter and route the contacts based on opportunity values.
    • List of  if/else condition filters that we have:
      • Lead value
      • Pipeline
      • Pipeline stage

Screenshots of the new Opportunity-related if/else condition filters:

Now for a few sneak peeks of things we are testing before they are released live to your accounts…


  • The Blog feature is going to be added inside Sites.
  • How does the Blog work?
    • There two steps in the setup of the Blog
      1. Create a Funnel Step or Website Page with the Blog Content List element in the builder
      2. Create a Blog Post (A blog post is an individual web page on your website that dives into a particular sub-topic of your blog)
  • We will have many more details to share soon!

Here’s an example of the Blog Content List element being displayed on a Website Page:

Here is a preview of the Blog Content List element in the builder:

COMING SOON: FAQ Element (Accordion Style Element) In Funnel/Website Builder

  • The FAQ Element allows you to add a customized range of your FAQ Custom Post Type items anywhere in your content
  • FAQ element will be available under Elements -> Media -> FAQ

Image preview of the soon-to-arrive FAQ Element:

COMING SOON: Recurring Invoice Templates

  • Auto payments for recurring templates is now in beta testing
    • Location users won’t have to wait for the end customer to pay their invoices on time, they can auto-deduct the amount from the customer’s credit card on the invoice due date
    • Receive automatic payments on the invoice due date using one of the following options:
      • Customer Card – Allows you to automatically charge the customer on the same card which is used to make the first payment for the recurring template
      • Saved Card – If any saved cards exist for the end customer, your account can use that card to automatically charge the end customer on every due date for the recurring template
      • New Card – You can also enter new card details to charge the customer on that specific card whenever an invoice is due in the recurring template
    • Turn auto-payments ON/OFF using the “Manage Auto Payment” option in the recurring template builder
    • Account users and the end customer will both be notified upon success/failure of automatic payments
    • In case of payment failure on a child invoice, 2 more attempts would be made after 24hrs each.

Preview of the recurring invoice template settings:

Image preview of scheduling an invoice with auto-payment enabled:

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