FG Funnels Updates – April 12th, 2023

April 12, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from April 6th through 12th, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com and our team will be happy to answer.

Content AI

Release For Email Builder

  • Content AI has launched in the Email builder for text blocks, button blocks (CTA) and subject lines. This will help you create your content in less time with AI assistance.
  • Content AI is available for Email Campaigns and Templates
    • Text block – You will be able to choose the context of the text – like promotional email, introduction email, coupon discount, recurring newsletter, testimonial, cold outreach, content/giveaway and other if you want to expand the scope of email creation.
    • Button block – You will be able to choose the variation for impactful CTAs.
    • Subject line – You can add the subject line in the send and schedule screen.
  • Note – For A/B Tests, the user will have to add the space curser to add the subject line from Content AI.
  • The Content AI feature in all areas of the app follow the same pricing structure – $0.27/1000 words (including input and output).
Screenshot of the Content AI modal in the Email builder. It shows fields for context, content title, a brief content description, keywords, writing tone, and number of variations.

Affiliate Manager

Workflow Updates

  • Created a trigger for Affiliate Manager automation called Affiliate Created, to allow the affiliate admin to enroll these affiliates into email campaigns and workflows.
  • Introduced the following actions to set up a workflow for adding affiliates, enrolling them into existing campaigns, removing them from campaigns or updating their status:
    • Add to Affiliate Manager
    • Update Affiliate Manager status
    • Add to Campaign
    • Remove from Campaign


Internal Notification Enhancement

  • You can now send a notification email and/or SMS to multiple users using a single Internal Notification Action inside Workflows.
    • Internal Notification Action allows locations to send out notifications to their internal location users, or using custom email and phone
      • We have 4 options listed — all users, assigned user, custom email/phone, particular user.
      • As you can see, we did not have any middle ground between All users and Particular User.
        • We either had to select all OR one user.
      • To tackle this, we have opened up selecting multiple users in the Particular Users section.

New LC Premium Action

  • Date/Time Formatter
    • With the Date/Time Formatter action, you can reformat the Date or Date and Time as per your requirement. You can also compare two dates using the action.
      • Format Date
      • Format Date and Time
      • Compare Dates

UI Updates

  • New: Change workflows between Draft and Published status right from the list page!
  • All the actions are now categorized in the same menu (that opens by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the workflow or workflow folder) — less jumping around between buttons
  • Introducing a new Recents View to access more frequently updated workflows
    • We’ve also added a recents view of the workflow table, so you can easily access your most frequently visited workflows.
    • We didn’t want to scare customers off with a new default view, so we’re sticking to the list view as default view for now. But we’re open to feedback!
    • And for those of who’ve accidentally deleted a workflow, we’ve added a dual confirmation feature. Because we want to make it extra, EXTRA hard for customers to delete them by mistake.
    • Plus tons of other subtle improvements.

Forms and Surveys

UI Updates

  • Added new folder and file view in Forms and Surveys.
  • We have introduced two new tabs “Recent” and “List”,
    • Recent – This tab will have all the forms/surveys sorted by the date they were last updated.
    • List – Both folders and forms/surveys will be shown in this view
  • Improved pagination to maintain the state when moving around between builder and list (you will be landing on the same page after clicking on back from the builder)

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