FG Funnels Updates – April 10th, 2024

April 10, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of April 3rd through April 10th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.



Domain Connect

Seamless Migration to CloudFlare (Custom Hostnames)

We’ve streamlined the process of migrating your existing domains to our CloudFlare hostnames by introducing one-click migration with Domain Connect. No deletions and re-additions are necessary with this update.

It’s not mandatory to migrate your domains at this time, but if you’d like to experience the best of what Cloudflare has to offer for your sites, we do recommend migrating your domain over now.

Some of the benefits of migrating your domain to Cloudflare include:

  • Funnels & websites are now 15% faster than before.
  • Better caching of pages, easy prevention of DDoS attacks.
  • More added security features.

How to switch?

Automated Flow:

1. Click on the Migrate Domain button.

2. The Domain Connect flow will initiate.

3. Simply follow the prompts, and update your DNS entries automatically.

4. That’s it! Your domain migration to CloudFlare is complete.

Manual Flow for Unsupported Providers :

  • Click on the Migrate Domain button.

Update your DNS entries:

  • For CNAME records, point them to sites.ludicrious.cloud.
  • For the Apex record set the IP address to
  • Click on the Authorize domain  button to verify those records.
  • Congratulations! Your domain is now on CloudFlare.



Central panel fix and Email Composer editor line spacing fix

The following bug fixes have been deployed:

  • In the central panel of conversations, the scroll under the fetch older messages feature malfunctioned. This has been fixed.
  • In the left panel of conversation in the unread tab, whenever a message was replied to, the conversation moved out of the unread tab. This has been fixed, so now when an unread conversation is replied to, the conversation is marked unread, but it doesn’t move out of the unread tab.
  • There was a line spacing issue in our Message Composer that caused extra space between lines. This caused a general mismatch between composed and sent emails. This is now fixed.

Connect Multiple Google Business Profile (GBP) Pages

Connect multiple GBP pages and track all of its assets (leads, messages, ratings, and reviews) seamlessly in one place.

Key highlights of this release:

  • Ability to view all of its GMB related messages in one place under the conversations tab.
  • All reviews received from connected GBP pages will be visible under the reputation tab.
  • Each message & review will showcase which page it belongs to, helping to identify the source and respond accordingly.
  • Customers can respond to reviews seamlessly for all pages from one account.



Time Zone and Date/Time Format Standardization

We’re thrilled to introduce enhancements to the date and time formats across various features, along with a location timezone update.

What has changed:

  • Updated Date and Time Formats: We’ve standardized the date and time formats across all contacts’ task areas, opportunity fields, and opportunity notes. This ensures consistency and clarity throughout the platform.
  • Location Timezone Update: Additionally, we’ve implemented a timezone update to provide accurate time references based on the account’s timezone.

By standardizing date and time formats, users can seamlessly navigate between different features without confusion, enhancing overall user experience.



GPT Powered by OpenAI Upgrade

We’re introducing an all new UI and action type with a new name. The action is renamed to “GPT Powered by OpenAI.”

Key highlights:

  • New UI is easier and simpler to use with helper text to guide you through the process.
  • New Action Types – Now there are multiple “Action Types” to choose from. Get pre-written prompts for the action type you have selected.
  • Analyze text Sentiment – Generate the analysis of the input text sentiment.
  • Summarise Text – Generate a summary of the input text. Get an option to select the length of the summary.
  • Translate content – Translate your input text to the language of your preference. Select the “From language” and “To Language” to translate the input text.
  • Custom – Write your own prompt

How to Use:

Same as before, click on the “+” icon to open the action sidebar. Search for or directly navigate to “GPT Powered by OpenAI”

What’s Next:

  • GPT 4 turbo upgrade
  • AI Memory Key


New Triggers

Along with the current support for Payment Received, Order Submitted trigger and Invoice trigger, we have added two new Payment Triggers for Subscriptions and Refunds.

Subscription Trigger

Allows to automate processes around the status changes for subscriptions, such as:

  • When a subscription is created for a customer
  • When the subscription moves over from trial to active
  • When a subscription is canceled

Users can also use subscription status filters to create IF conditions based on status changes or the product associated with the subscription and can also make use of the custom values inside Payments custom values.


Refund trigger

Allows automations to be built around payments that are processed as refunds by you or your sales team. Users will be able to trigger a workflow based on a refund attempt and then branch conditions based on:

  • Whether the refund was success or failed
  • Whether the refund was for full amount or partial amount
  • OR based on the amount or source of the refund

Refund custom values are also available inside the Payments section in custom values to allow businesses to send custom notifications based on different scenarios.


Email Template Builder available in “Send Email” action

With this update, now view and edit email templates directly in the workflow. Users can also create fresh templates based on edits without altering the original.

How to Use:

  1. In your Workflow -> Open the Email Action
  2. Choose a Template from the drop down
  3. Click on Edit option on the Thumbnail
  4. Make the required edits and “Save as New Template



Outlook Recurring Events

We’ve resolved the limitation where recurring events edited in Outlook didn’t sync properly. Previously, our sync process only captured modifications to the first event in a recurring series, resulting in discrepancies when changes were made within Outlook. With this enhancement, we’ve eliminated this limitation.

Now, whether you edit a single occurrence, choose ‘This and following events’, or modify all occurrences of a recurring event in Outlook, those changes will be accurately reflected in FGF.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this to work accurately, it’s essential to disconnect and then reconnect your Outlook integration.


New product collection element and SEO Improvements 

We are thrilled to announce a brand new element to our e-commerce store – A collection list element.

Store owners can now place an element and configure certain collections to be shown on any page with store enabled. Along with this, store owners can now add images, and SEO information to their collections, hence enhancing the overall experience of using collections.

How to use:

  • Configure your collection, with/without an image, and fill in the necessary details under Payments -> Products -> Collections.  The name, image, along with SEO title, SEO Description and Handle can be updated here.
  • Navigate to the page builder of your store, and add the Collection List Element. This would be under the Store section in the elements.
  • You would now see 3 default placeholder collections added with placeholder name and images. Click on the element to get the settings on the right, and configure all the necessary settings.
  • Fields such as heading, margin padding, colors, borders, fonts can be configured, just like any other element.
  • By default, the number of collections shown per row is 3. You can configure this number for both desktop and mobile using the Number of columns field, under the layout tab. The maximum would be 5 and 2 columns for desktop and mobile respectively.
  • If a heading is not required, simply keep the Headline field empty under Text options and the heading will be removed.
  • In order to define a set of collections to be shown, click on any of the collections listed under the Collections group, and a section will be shown where a collection can be selected. Upon selection, the selected collection item will reflect the name and image of the collection on the builder. Note: This step has to be done to show the real collections. Placeholder collections will not serve any purpose in a live site.
  • Click on Save/Publish to view your changes in your site!

If a collection image is present, the image would be shown for that particular collection. If an image is not present, the collection text is centered to the specific collection item with a background.

The image uploaded, along with the SEO details, will be used for adding respective SEO tags in the product list page with a collection filter.



Kajabi Email Template Importer

Introducing a new addition to our template import functionality – the capability to import templates directly from Kajabi!

What’s New?

Now, users can seamlessly import templates from Kajabi by simply sending it in an email from Kajabi to our dynamically generated email ID in just a few steps.

Why We Did It? 

  1. Simplicity: We wanted to ensure a straightforward importing flow that can be easily followed by both technical and non-technical users.
  2. Reusability: Providing the option to reuse already created templates from Kajabi enhances efficiency and saves valuable time.

How to Import? 

  1. Navigate to Email Marketing -> Templates in your account.
  2. Click on New -> Import Templates.
  3. Select “Kajabi” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Copy the dynamically generated email ID provided.
  5. Send the desired template as a test email or campaign to this email ID from your Kajabi account.
  6. Click on “Continue” to start the import.
  7. Specify the desired name for this Template

Offer Limited-Time Validity

Explore three distinct pathways designed to empower learners:

Offers with Access Start Date Only: Dive into exclusive offers starting from a designated date, or provide early access.

Offers with Access Number of Days Only: Seize short-term deals available for a specified number of days, for limited-time accessibility.

Offers with both Access Start Date and Number of Days: Mark your calendars for exclusive launches and enjoy limited-time offers for a set duration, such as our holiday promotion.



New In Labs

WhatsApp Bulk Action

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated and much-requested feature in our latest release – WhatsApp Bulk Action.

WhatsApp Bulk Action feature allows users to effortlessly launch large-scale WhatsApp campaigns and gain valuable insights through open and delivery rate tracking. This feature is under labs and will automatically be available by default in the next 7 days.

Key Features:

  • Reach Wider Audience: Reach a larger audience with ease by sending messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts simultaneously.
  • Real Time Campaign Analytics: Track the success of your WhatsApp campaigns with delivery rates, open rates, and overall engagement metrics
  • Send WhatsApp messages to Smart Lists: Create “Smart Lists” within your CRM to group contacts based on demographics, behaviors, or lead status. Tailor your messaging for maximum impact.

How It Works:

  • Navigate to Labs and enable Bulk WhatsApp
  • Go to to Contacts
  • Select the contacts you wish to send a WhatsApp message. Alternately you can select all the contacts from a smart list
  • Click on WhatsApp icon
  • Select the WhatsApp template that you wish to send
  • Add the action name to refer back to it later and press confirm
  • Check Bulk Action progress and statistics


  • Contact Custom Variables, Opportunity and Opportunity Custom Variable are now available under WhatsApp templates
  • Implemented default rebelling multiplier of 1.05x upon Location subscription to WhatsApp
  • Now featuring 10 WhatsApp templates per page, a substantial increase from the previous limit of 3 templates
  • New WhatsApp Disconnect Button: The red Disconnect WhatsApp button in WhatsApp Settings has been relocated under three-dot menu for reduced accidental clicks.

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