FG Funnels Updates – April 17th, 2024

April 17, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of April 10th through April 17th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.



Google Organic Booking: Enabled for Selected Few Locations

This feature is now live for locations that have either one service menu or one group created in calendars. With this integration, bookers can seamlessly schedule appointments directly from Google Search without any additional cost to the business.

Key Points to Note: 

  • Google Organic Booking is enabled for accounts with only one service menu or one group. You can disable this feature at any time by navigating to Calendar Settings > Connections > Account Connections.
  • Enabling Google Organic Booking is awesome as it enhances your online presence and attracts more bookings organically through Google Search.
  • For locations with multiple service menus or groups, you will need to enable Google Organic Booking in Calendar Settings and select the specific service menu/group/calendars to upload.

How to Enable or Disable Google Organic Booking?

  1. Navigate to Calendar Settings > Connections tab > Account Connection.
  2. Toggle the Google Organic Booking option on or off according to your preference.
  3. Any change made typically takes 24 to 48 hours to reflect on your Google Business Profile.


Availability for Service Calendars

This enhancement empowers users to configure availability for service calendars. Now, in addition to staff availability, the system will also consider calendar availability when determining free slots.

Previously, service calendars only checked the availability of assigned staff members when determining available slots, creating constraints for businesses. Now, users can configure weekly available hours and date-specific hours for their service calendars.

When calculating free slots, both the configured calendar availability and the staff member’s availability will be considered.

How to Use?

  1. Navigate to calendar settings.
  2. Select your service calendar or create a new one.
  3. Access the availability settings.
  4. Configure your weekly available hours and/or date-specific hours.
  5. Click on save.




Payments Integration Updates

We’ve added new pages to the payment integration section.

  • Introduced Default Provider Listing, along with Native Providers List.
  • Implemented an All Providers Page, displaying all connected and disconnected providers.



Partial Payments For End Customers On Invoicing 

This feature introduces partial payments for end customers by allowing businesses to set minimum percentages for invoice payments, empowering them with greater flexibility and control over payment plans, ultimately enhancing client payment capture rates.

With this new feature, users can now set a minimum percentage of the total Invoice amount to be collected from the end customer. The customer can pay any amount that is equal to or greater than the percentage amount specified from the Invoicing Dashboard.

This feature is available for both one-time and recurring invoices.

Important Note:

For recurring invoices the partial payment as a feature is available for invoices that have auto payment disabled. In case of auto payment enabled and customer card it will have the option for partial payment for the first invoice but for the subsequent one’s it would autodraft the full amount.

How to Use? 

  • Ensure that a payment gateway (Stripe / Authorize.net / NMI) is integrated.
  • Go to Payments -> Invoices -> Invoices Settings.
  • From this page menu click on Payment Settings and enable the Partial Payments Toggle
  • Add a percentage in the input field (Percentage is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice amount to be paid).
  • Click on “Save.”


Payment Element Change for Internal Invoice Payments

We now have a consistent UI across the entire invoicing system for capturing payments. Invoicing will use the native payment element instead of a custom one.

We have also added billing fields on invoice live links as well as internal record payment modals for capturing payments.


Social Planner

RESOLVED-Login Error for Facebook Page Connection

We have upgraded to a better version of our Facebook API, which should resolve the error preventing many of our users from connecting to their FB Groups in the Social Planner.


Forms & Surveys

Add Products

We are excited to introduce Products in Forms to enhance your Forms experience! With this update, users can seamlessly add products to their forms with better customization and layout options.

What’s New?

  • Payment Type: Now you have an option to either sell a product or collect a custom amount from the forms.
  • Ability to select products, include descriptions and images, and choose layouts.
  • Users will also be able to select different variants which are available for the specific product
  • Quantity of product will be respected as per inventory management.
  • Inclusion of tax calculation when someone purchases the product.

How to Use:

  • Under the Integrations, locate the “Payment” element.
  • Drag and drop the payment element onto your form canvas.
  • Connect the payment gateway
  • Toggle between live and test modes.
  • Click on “Add Product” to select from available options.
  • Customize product details, including description, image, and layout.
  • You can customize the look by choosing themes and styling options.
  • Save your changes and preview the form to see the products in action.


  • You can add up to 20 products
  • Three different layout options are available.
  • These forms can be easily added in the funnels and can be used as one step order form with unlimited customization.

Tracking payments:

Upon form submission, the payment amount, order id and payment status are included in the submission details. On clicking OrderId, users will be able to order details. These details can also be exported via export options.

Email Notifications:

Email notifications also reflect the status and amount of payment.

Workflow Trigger:

Payment received triggers can be used with “Forms” as source.


  1. Recurring products are not supported at this time.
  2. NMI and Authorize.net require First Name as mandatory field while having payment element in the form.
  3. Refund amount will not be captured at this time.
  4. Old way of API based Stripe connect is not supported.
  5. In Calendars with a custom form payment element, Payment element will not display.
  6. Multi payments with Multi native forms not supported in funnels.
  7. Undo/Redo is not supported with Payment element.


Order Confirmation support

With this update, users can choose to add an order confirmation page on submissions of forms with products.

After the successful payment, the order confirmation page with basic details of the customers will be shown. The theme of order confirmation page is automatically taken from the selected form theme.

Details Shown in the order confirmation page:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Country
  • Product details, Summary and total amount paid

How to Use:

  • Under the Integrations, add the “Payment” element.
  • Add products to your forms
  • Under Styles and Options: Go to On Submit actions
  • There is an option to choose an order confirmation page on successful payment.

What’s Next

  • More customization options for order confirmation will come
  • As per width of the form, the orientation of details in the order form can change.


Add Hyperlinks to Text Fields

Users can now include clickable hyperlinks within text fields, providing more interactive and informative experiences for respondents.

To add a link to a text field, simply insert the desired URL by selecting the text content within the text editor. The text will automatically become clickable.



Timezone Switcher 

Now, you can personalize your dashboard experience with the Timezone Switcher. Now, you can customize the dashboard to reflect data in your preferred time zone.

How to Get Started:

  1. Open any dashboard (private or shared).
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu.
  3. Choose “Manage Dashboard Timezone.”
  4. Select your desired time zone.
  5. Save and enjoy!


  • The selected timezone will be applied to all the dashboards you view.
  • Timezone changes only affect internal data metrics, not third-party dependent widgets.
  • Time Zone changes currently does not affect the task widget, the team will be releasing a patch soon.

Granular Insights

We’re thrilled to unveil a game-changing feature that will revolutionize how you analyze data: Granular Insights. With this latest update, you can dive deeper into your dashboard metrics like never before!

What’s New?

  • Clickable Graphs: Now, every widget on your dashboard becomes an interactive gateway to deeper insights. Simply click on any component of the widget, whether it’s a node on a line graph or a bar in a bar graph, to unlock a treasure trove of data.
  • Record View: Get a closer look at the records behind the metrics with an intuitive table view. See important fields and parameters at a glance, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • CSV Export: Need to take your analysis to the next level? No problem! With just a click, export your records as a CSV file. This is available for Table widgets as well.

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to Your Dashboard
  2. Click on any widget node or component.
  3. Explore the table list of records, complete with essential fields and parameters.
  4. Click to export your records as a CSV file for further analysis. (Optional)

Important Notes:

  • You cannot switch or close the tab while an export is ongoing.
  • Granular Insights does not support third party dependent widgets (FB and Google).



Image Cropping and Unsubscribe from emails

Image cropping

New users can now crop the avatars from the mandatory profile modal.

Unsubscribe from emails

Users can now unsubscribe from emails, except OTP emails/ invite emails/ payments and cancellation emails.





Assignments Optimizations in Desktop and Mobile

With our latest update, your students can now view assignments on their mobile devices. They can be accessed through a mobile browser and PWA.

We’ve also created a tidy gap between assignment instructions and submitted answers and files.





Updates & Bug Fixes

Location and User level permissions

User-level permissions have been implemented to manage access rights within the certificates module for various users. User level permissions can be configured from Settings > My Team > User > Roles & Permissions.

Undo Redo in certificate builder

Introducing undo redo functionality in certificate builder. Users can now seamlessly control their edits and creatively experiment knowing they can backtrack if needed.

Accessibility in certificate builder

Introducing keyboard shortcuts in the certificate builder for quick actions such as previewing, saving, and undoing/redoing edits, providing users with greater control and convenience.

Users can now utilize shortcuts like CTRL / ⌘ + Z for undo and CTRL / ⌘ + S for save in the certificate builder, enhancing workflow efficiency.



Affiliate Manager

Lead Tracking for Forms, Surveys and Calendars

Introducing Lead Tracking for Forms, Surveys, and Calendars in the Affiliate Manager! Now, you can effortlessly monitor leads generated from these sources with ease.

What’s New?

  • Create Affiliate Campaigns to track leads from Forms, Surveys, and Calendars.
  • Enjoy a quick and simple 2-step campaign creation process.
  • Access the Source field in the Lead tab of the Affiliate Profile Page for seamless source tracking.

How It Works:

  • Navigate to Affiliate Manager.
  • Click ‘Add’ on the Campaign Page.
  • Choose Forms, Surveys, or Calendars as your source.
  • Assign Affiliates, add a description, and review additional settings (optional).
  • Publish the campaign and start tracking leads!

What’s Next:

In the future, we’ll be expanding commission support for leads too.


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