How To Help Your Conversion with a GREAT Story

July 12, 2021
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The conversion STRUGGLE does NOT have to be REAL! Seriously, it doesn’t have to be so hard if you tell those potential customers a great STORY! Engaging their interest even further with a story to provide the “why” will help keep customers in your funnel and convert them to buyers!

In this blog, we will share with you exactly what kind of story we are referring to and why it’s an important tool to include in your funnel. I am also going to go into detail about what type of stories you can use. From there you can decide what is going to be best for you!

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What is a story?

So, before we dive into what makes a good story, it would help us to define what a story actually is and why it’s important! We, as humans, can’t help but feel drawn to compelling stories. What’s that all about? Well, it comes from the idea that we love a Hero’s Journey. This is basically every Disney plot we say growing up and in all of our favorite movies. There’s a reason why they write about the journey, the hardships, and the triumphs of the hero. It’s because it’s compelling, and we want to see someone WIN. We’ll give you a few examples of this below.

Story 1: The Beta Sotry

You’ll use this story type if it’s your first time launching and you’re viewing this initial set of customers as your “guinea pigs.” When it’s your first launch, there is a level of excitement present that is unique, and although you’ll likely launch again and again, there will never be something quite like your first launch, so you get the excitement of telling the story of how it all began. A way to do this would be to start on social media, get people to follow along, and even have them hold you accountable. It’s an amazing way to get people involved, bought in, and even build lifetime customers with your story. With this story, you can also build in scarcity because your offer will never be this affordable or high-touch again. So the story is: come along with me, let’s do this together.

Story 2: The Personal Journey

This is the story of a journey to a solution where you explain the struggle, why things weren’t working, and how you overcame it by creating your offer. The more detail you give about what you tried, what failed, why it failed, etc. – the more relatable you will become to your audience because if YOU’VE failed at it, chances are they have too, and they want a solution!

Story 3: The Not-Satisfied Story

This story is mission-based in that it’s focused solely on fixing problems that are out there in a niche you’d consider yourself an expert in. You’re telling the story of not taking no for an answer regarding these problems; you’re determined to solve them and overcome the obstacles. You’re going to go deeper and do what no one else is doing so that you can find the solution to these problems, and you’re inviting a small group of people (who share the same problem) to do it along with you!

Story 4: The Underdog Story

With the underdog story, you’re saying: “hey, look at all of these other people with big names with more resources,” they did it, and so did I…. and so can you! It’s making yourself relatable in the sense that getting started can be overwhelming with competition and feeling like the odds are stacked against you. You’re the underdog, and YOU made this happen.

Story 5: The Controversial Story

This story is sure to draw a lot of attention, some good, some bad, we can’t make any promises, but you will make a splash because you’re going against the grain with this one. You call out the fact that this belief is different than what most people are used to; the offer isn’t for EVERYONE, and that’s OK. But, we will say that big risks reap big rewards and if you have something big to say, chances are people will at least be interested in hearing you out.

Story 6: The Crazy Challenge Story

With this story, you are challenging them to do something right alongside you. You’ll take it on together, not fully knowing if it will work or not. This is exciting to people because you’re tapping into our desire to be part of the prospect of something successful. It’s OK if you fail; you’re doing it together! Ultimately, this is a chance to shake things up BUT with the added bonus of having accountability!

Story 7: That Time of Year Story

You guessed it; it’s a story reminding people why they should do what you’re offering because it’s the perfect time to do it. An example of this would be offering a fitness challenge at the beginning of the year; everyone is in the mindset of starting fresh, and this is a perfect time to do that! You could dive in a bit more on why they should start TODAY; it has that built-in scarcity!

There you have them, 7 different story types, and when to use them! These should be built into every sales funnel to help you hugely relate to your audience. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our website for more courses that can help you hone in on your story!

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