10 Sales Funnel Hacks to Help You Become a FAST Funnel Builder

February 22, 2021
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Feel like you have this sales funnel building thing down? GREAT! Now it’s time to speed things up!

This video is part 2 of our sales funnel series and we are showing you some hacks to get you building sales funnels FASTER!

Note: The video below was created some time ago, specifically for ClickFunnels, but these principles apply regardless of which tool you use. We recommend FG Funnels.

#1 Act Like a Manufacturer

What do we mean by that? While most people set up their pages first, we suggest actually getting all of your copy and structure done before going in and getting started with setting your pages up. This will ensure the building process goes SUPER smooth.

#2 Fall In Love With Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a (1 minute) video… is worth 1.8 MILLION. Seriously. If you want to save time on creating copy, opt for a video to get your message across quickly and effectively.

#3 Testimonial Hacking

Our trick here is not just collecting the testimonials, we don’t need to tell you why that’s SO important, but we mass upload them to the Image Editor in Click Funnels. Having them here allows us to grab them as needed!

Bonus: if you can come up with a good system for naming each one, it will make your life 10x’s easier when you need to find a specific testimonial!

#4 Copy Templates

This tip is basically just telling you to get into the habit of saving copy that you love so you can repurpose it later. If you write something via email or social and know it can be used somewhere on your funnel, have a spot to collect that so that it’s easy for you to search and find later, This will save you SO much time!

#5 Save Your Sections

When you utilize the ability to create templates from each section, you are making shortcuts with every area you build-out. This includes links, copy, designs, etc. Next time you need to create a funnel, it’s basically just dragging and drop!

#6 Batch Your Graphics

Similar to the testimonials tip, with mass uploading your graphics (and having a comprehensive naming system) it makes building your funnel SO easy when you are able to pull from a pool of images! This will eliminate you having to stop to pull or create images for your funnel.

#7 Learn to Set Design

Here we suggest you do a bit of the work on the front end of designing the sections and then pass off the rest to a VA or a junior designer to have them take care of the rest. Another great hack: use a funnel template; check out the ones we offer here!

#8 Reference Spreadsheet

The reference spreadsheet will be a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING you need on EVERY funnel. You can do this ahead of time and have it to reference for every funnel build so that you aren’t going back and forth to compare/ensure you’ve covered everything. Your list will help guide you through everything that needs to be built!

#9 Optimize Mobile Last

Depending on if you have mostly mobile traffic, you want to optimize for mobile as one of your last tasks to be sure everything looks cohesive, and if not, you can create “mobile view only” pages. SCORE!

#10 Spend Time Planning

There is so much that goes into building a funnel that works. You have design, copy, structure, etc, but if you work to plan out the build then your process will actually be super quick. One way to help with this is to find a template that does the designing for you!

The moral of the story here: doing a great deal of preparation will make the building process SUPER smooth and quick. So, set yourself up for success by reviewing and implementing the tips above!

If you are interested in checking out our templates or any courses to help you out on your funnel journey, head to the Funnel Gorgeous website. And check out FG Funnels, the ultimate solution for building sales funnels that convert.

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