8 Things You NEED on Your Sales Funnel

February 15, 2021
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If you prefer the cliff notes over hour-plus long tutorials, this blog is FOR YOU. Julie, former VP of Marketing at Clickfunnels and current co-CEO of FG Funnels, knows all the ins and outs about Funnel Building. She is here to share the 8 essentials things you NEED to have when you dive in to start your sales funnel!

WHY are these so important??

  • Conversion
  • Brand Trust and Reputation
  • Value

Note: The video below was created some time ago, specifically for ClickFunnels, but these principles apply regardless of which tool you use. We recommend FG Funnels.

An “As Seen On” Banner

This provides visual, social proof – quickly!

Call To Action Buttons

You want these sprinkled throughout so that your customer can easily access your product without much thought. Different areas require different types of CTA’s (Calls to Action) so be sure to set them up appropriately.

A “What’s Included” Area

Have a number. Have a name. Have a description. AND, for the people who skim websites (ahem, ahem ????????‍♀️), have bullet points so it can be read quickly and easily!


What else are they getting that really helps build value?

Marketing Receipt

Also referred to as a STACK – this is a quick snapshot of what they are about to buy.

Hot tip: show the value of each piece so they know what a great deal they are getting by purchasing the bundle


Every funnel should have testimonials in some form or fashion; very important with building brand trust.


Having a guarantee in your funnel is proven to help with conversion so it’s a MUST! Don’t forget to say what is actually guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This area is for the people who have made it all the way down your funnel but are still not completely sold. Help them see why they need your product or service by answering questions that will help ease their mind.

Compelling Headline

Last but not least. Your headline is (ideally) how you’re going to draw your customer in; you can add a tagline for support or a timer for initiative!

If you want to see more templates or get more in-depth training, head over to our site: Funnel Gorgeous. We have incredible templates that help walk you through how to do everything we explained above! And check out FG Funnels, the ultimate solution for building sales funnels that convert.

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