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October 1, 2022
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It’s a fact of online business — you need software to keep the lights on. And what software to choose can feel hella overwhelming.

A lot of people get caught in the:

  • Feature wars
  • Confusing pricing
  • Tech learning curve
  • Poor support
  • Affiliates everywhere trying to sell you
  • Headache of migrating from another platform

We get it. So today’s post is designed to make it easy for you. There are a lot of solid platforms out there. And you can price shop and feature compare all day and probably still be a bit confused. So instead of going into all the nitty gritty features (which we recommend you just sign up for a live demo so we can answer YOUR specific questions), we’re going to give you the 10 top reasons you want to move to FG Funnels.

These are the important issues that actually make a difference on:

  1. Your revenue
  2. Your day to day experience and support
  3. Your ability to take action

We want you to get your business up and running. We want you to be able to make money and not lose out with fees coming out every which way. We want you to be able to set up quickly without promises of “later” or “it’s a little buggy”. No tool is perfect, but there are reasons we’ve chosen FG Funnels as the market leader for course creators, coaches, and online service providers.

Sign up for FG Funnels today!

#1 No Additional Transaction Fees

FG Funnels allows you to connect directly to your Stripe and PayPal account. This way you can start accepting payments from day one. No waiting for approval. No third party system that you have to sign up for and pay additional transaction fees whenever you get a sale.

If you grow, then you pay more. And some tools don’t make it obvious right away that you will be paying additional fees to a third party rather than connecting directly to Stripe & PayPal (which already have fees). So it’s fees on top of fees? No thank you.

#2 No Limits On Your Account

Many marketing automation software companies charge based on domains, number of students, pages on websites/funnels, etc. When you sign up for FG Funnels, you’re getting an unlimited account. That means whether you have 1 website or 100 funnels, 50 students or 50,000, we won’t charge you more. The only additional payment for FG Funnels is your email sending (where you connect to your email engine of choice).

#3 Competitive Pricing

FG Funnels is currently $119/m or $1097 per year, which comes in significantly less than the competitors out there (Kajabi, Kartra, CF, etc.). You can eliminate many other software programs (WordPress, Membership Sites, Acuity/Calendly, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, and more).

#4 Full support (in person, online, and through FGF University)

There are multiple ways to get support with FG Funnels.

  • In app support (docs and live chat)
  • Five days a week of office hours with our tech team
  • Our FG Funnels University, which combines strategy and tech together
  • A members only Facebook Group with lots of helpful power users

Some people need a person, some need a doc, some need a video. We made sure we had support in all the different channels so you can get the help you need.

#5 Social posting, advanced CRM functionality, texting, pipelines, blogging, and more

FG Funnels does SO MUCH it’s really hard for it to all sit on one page. Everything you need to run an online business is included — from your website + funnels, to membership and courses, to email marketing, texting, phone calls, sales pipelines, calendars, blogging, and more. You can save 100’s of dollars a month by cutting out so many other softwares, and the software development powering FG Funnels just raised over $50 million in funding last year.

#6 Weekly new features deployed

Every week the developer team behind FG Funnels releases an update on what feature bugs have been corrected, and what new features are in BETA and fully deployed. Our team produces a weekly blog post outlining these updates so you can stay on top of things.

#7 18+ premium design collections for funnels and websites, fully free for all users.

One of the biggest benefits to FG Funnels are the designs! We include over 18 collections of designs. These designs come with multiple funnel types, multiple color palettes, graphical assets, walkthrough videos, a weekly design date call to teach users to use them, and more. These funnels cost thousands of dollars to make because they are professional. No generic templates here.

#8 Members only community with five days a week of office hours

Our community is super tight and supportive. We have a members only Facebook group, plus a lot of our certified marketers know the software inside and out. They are for hire on our Hireamarketer.com website. In addition to that, you get our live support/tech coaching team on Zoom each day to answer your questions and show off new ways to use the tool.

Join our members only community here.

#9 Run your business from day 1 – 10,000

Moving is a hassle. It’s expensive and time consuming. That’s why you want to build on a platform that can grow with you. Which means, no extra fees or penalties for growth, the ability to hold thousands of customers, a platform robust enough to deal with integrations, API, and more advanced connections and workflows as you grow. FG Funnels is powerful, and because of that – a slight learning curve. But it will sustain you to multi-seven figures and beyond.

Have you seen our free Move To Gorgeous course? It takes you step by step through the migration process.

#10 40% lifetime affiliate commissions without fear of stealing, poaching, or removal of your commissions

When you sign someone up for FG Funnels, you get 40% commission recurring as long as they remain a customer. Whenever we promote something new (like a course or program), there is no risk to your commission since we keep it all separate. No one can poach your customer. No one will steal your commission. We will never override your commission with our own affiliate links. Build a stable revenue stream of affiliate commission with FG Funnels.

Before you choose a platform (or move)…

Remember this.

Business is hard enough. You want to pick a tool that is:

  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Grows with you
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Delivers on what it says it will deliver on
  • Competes well on features
  • Has plenty of funding
  • Doesn’t ping you with extra fees
  • Focuses on what it does best
  • Offers extra templates and shortcuts
  • Comes with a community that can support you

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

  1. Sign up for an account at FG Funnels.
  2. Sign up for a live demo.
  3. Check out our free migration course called Move to Gorgeous.
  4. Sign up to be an affiliate.
  5. Join our members only Facebook group.
  6. Sign up for our free FG Funnels University.
  7. Attend our live office hours. (Mon 9am, Tues 11am, Wed 5pm, Thurs 12pm, Fri 7am all ET)
  8. Follow along with our feature release notes.
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