FG Funnels Updates – October 5th, 2022

October 5, 2022
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Happy October! We have just a few quick release notes to share for the week of September 29th – October 5th, 2022.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or just need help troubleshooting something in your account, reach out to our support team through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

Email Builder Updates

Scheduled emails for smart lists now have the option of being dynamic.

  • When selecting to Schedule an email to a Smart List on the Publish screen, you will now see Advance Conditions
  • The Advance Condition option asks “Should contacts added to this smart list between now and the send date/time be included in this campaign?” and users can select either “No, only send to contacts currently in the Smart List” or “Yes, include them”.

You can now import email templates from Mailchimp or Active Campaign.

  • Under Marketing > Emails > Templates, when you click the green +New button in the upper-right corner, you will have the option to import an email from an external source.
  • Selecting the option to import from an external source opens a window where you can select whether you are importing from Mailchimp or Active Campaign, and then provides steps outlining how to complete the import.

Workflow Updates

Webhook Action retry amount was reduced to 5 times.

  • When a Webhook fails with a status of >500 it will retry a maximum of five times until it fails.
  • Used to be 15 times, which caused a lot of unnecessary load on the servers.

Task Page Enhancements

  • Ability to click on task name & visit the contact details page.
  • Ability to click on contact name & visit the contact details page.
  • Re-adjusting the table column structure so users can view & read more information about the task details at a glance.
  • Ability to change task status (pending or completed) in one click. Quick action is added at each task level.
  • Ability to select the Unassigned option (new attribute added) under the Assignee filter. This will help users view all the unassigned tasks.

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