How to Price Your Sales Funnel for Success

November 3, 2020
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If you’re a service provider, freelancer, agency, etc and you feel like your pricing is completely out of whack, maybe you have scope creep, maybe your clients are driving you bananas, and you’re ready to burn your business to the ground ????.

We’re going to teach you how to price your funnels so that you are set up for selling success!

#1. Understand How Long it Takes You to Build

We know that sales funnels are a bunch of things put together, right? You have the offer creation, the copywriting, the design, and then you have the tech.

Create what we call à la carte pricing sheet where you detail every piece of a sales funnel to figure out how much the project costs.

Next time you do a project, you want to look at how long everything takes you. Ask yourself how long it takes you to do the following:

  • Write a sales page?
  • Design a sales page?
  • Hook up the email service provider?
  • Build the funnel?

Make a list or a spreadsheet, see how much time each task takes, decide how much you want to make and then voila ????????, your à la carte pricing sheet is well on it’s way to being built.

Then you can say “okay, that looks reasonable” or “oh, that is a bit too high” and you adjust your prices as you see fit!

The next thing that you want to do is pick all the pieces you would need for a specific type of funnel. Put it all together and you create a full price for that funnel build. Look at it and it should probably come to somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 per funnel. That’s totally normal.

#2. Price Out How Much it Costs to Run Your Team

If you are not the one doing all the funnel building you’re going to need to figure out how much it costs to actually run the team.

This is important.

A lot of people just throw prices against the wall like spaghetti and hope they’re picking the right price. So there’s two ways you can do this.

  • The first way you can do it is hire contractors and ask for their pricing. Ex: you hire a copywriter and they charge $500, you’re going to want to charge the client $1,000.
    • Good Rule of Thumb: charge 50% – 100% service markup. This is the cost to buffer the work it takes to communicate with the contractor and client.
  • The second way is to hire a team as employees / team members.

Next, you’re going to look at the overhead of what it costs to run your business. Look at your payroll and how much it costs to keep the lights on in your business. Decide how much profit you want to make and how many funnels can you build in a month?

That’s how you figure out approximately what each funnel should cost. ????

#3. Make Your Package Prices Marketable

Tip number three is all about smoothing the pricing edges of your work. You’re going to do this internally i.e. you don’t have to show the client your à la carte pricing sheet unless they ask.

Once you come up with that bundled pricing, you’re going to want to round the pricing off and make it look like a nice package deal. You do this by seeing what you can price down.

Ex: your webinar funnel comes to $12,375, look at it and see if you can get it to $10,000. Once you go over 10,000, sometimes it can be harder to sell.

The great part about having the à la carte pricing sheet: inevitably, some customers are still going to want to know why it’s so expensive and when that happens, you can do is present them the pricing sheet to show them the breakdown of how much everything costs and how much you’re SAVING THEM by bundling the service! Often times, this actually makes them feel better about their purchase.

#4. Make Sure You Book Your Strategy as Part of the Price

A lot of people forget all about this and they feel like they just are gonna do the work and forget to charge for the strategy. Make sure that you’re charging for all that brain power ???? needed to strategize!

So here you have it! Our top tips for pricing your sales funnel for success! Let us know what you think and if you’re needing a bit more guidance or detailed support. We have a TON of great {and FREE} resources in the Funnel Gorgeous shop for you to check out.

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