FG Funnels Updates – May 25th, 2022

May 25, 2022
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Happy Wednesday! Here are our release notes for the week of May 19th-25th, 2022.

If you have any questions about the updates below, FGF software features in general, or need assistance troubleshooting something in your account, please reach out through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.

Facebook Integration Update

  • After Facebook is integrated, if there are any issues with permissions that create errors, we will show that on the Settings > Integration page, with additional details in the popup.

Social Planner Update

You can now…

  • Add multiple LinkedIn profile(s) and page(s)
  • Add multiple images/videos/images + videos (multimedia) for Instagram Business Account carousel feature
  • Add follow up comment – a first automatic comment on the post (Facebook page and group, Instagram business profile and LinkedIn profile and page)
  • Create a Social Group from the create post and overview page area. This feature allows you to save time with a one-click selection of multiple social accounts.
  • Post to Facebook group as a Facebook Page, too (Go to Social Planner Settings > Publish As for Facebook group will have a dropdown)


  • The follow up comment feature works for a Facebook group if the user has set publishing as Facebook Page (rather than profile)
  • Grouping of social accounts will allow grouping of unique social accounts per group. In other words, two groups will not have same social profiles/accounts.
  • If a user deletes a group, it will not affect any scheduled post.
  • Multimedia format means users can create post with multiple videos and images, or several images or multiple videos for Instagram Business. This is not allowed for other social accounts.

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