FG Funnels Updates – March 29th, 2023

March 29, 2023
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Hey, there! We’re wrapping up March with some fresh updates in FG Funnels from the week of March 23rd – 29th, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or need help with troubleshooting something in your account, just send an email to our team at support@fgfunnels.com.


Update To Goal Events

Contact Tag Actions As Goal Events

  • Goals have been live in workflows for a few months now with email events and trigger link clicks as available Goal events. We added 2 more Goal events for it based on popular usages around our system (Tags).
    • Contact Tag Added — Contact gets pulled to goal step, when a specified tag get added.
    • Contact Tag Removed — Contact gets pulled to goal step, when a specified tag get removed.
  • What are goals?
    • Goals are steps you can add to your workflows that act like magic portals which bring your contact to the goal step upon completion of the goal events. Regardless of where they are in the workflow.
    • In example:
      • Every workflow can have a goal of its own. Maybe I am trying to sell a product in a nurture sequence workflow.
      • In the product purchase workflow, as soon as the product purchase is completed, I have a step to add the tag “product purchased” to the contact.
      • Meanwhile, before the purchase event where the purchased tag is added, I want to keep them in the workflow for me to followup or nurture them.
      • As soon as the “product purchased” tag gets added to the contact, I want to stop the nurture sequence workflow and bring them out.
      • Today it’s possible to achieve this through another trigger and workflow. But Goals makes it way simpler.
      • Just add a Goal Step at the end of the workflow with the goal event set as – contact tag added – “product purchased”
      • As soon as the tag is added to a contact that is in the nurture sequence workflow, the contact will be pulled into the goal step, and then it will continue from there. In this case, since it’s the last step of our nurture sequence workflow, we would be removing the contact from the workflow.

New Triggers

  • Membership Product Started Trigger
    • Now users can fire a workflow trigger as soon as someone starts a membership product.
    • Typically used to send in acknowledgement messages when someone starts the product.
    • Also can be used for gathering metrics around how many contacts are starting out a particular product. Pair that with Google sheet actions, and you have your data around which product is being taken up more.                                                
  • Membership Category Started Trigger
    • A very similar trigger to Product started trigger. In this case its Category started.
    • Fires whenever a category within a product is started by a contact.
    • The use cases can be similar, where you would to track a particular category of a product.
    • Users can also send in additional resources and follow-ups, once a category is started.
  • Membership Lesson Started Trigger
    • We could have stopped at category. But that won’t make us so generous that we are, would it?
    • So we went ahead and added Lesson triggers too.
    • Its as simple as it sounds, the trigger fires when a lesson (within a category which is in turn within a product) gets started.
  • Membership Lesson Completed Trigger
    • Lessons Trigger would not have been completed without this.
    • As the name sounds, this trigger fires whenever a lesson gets completed.
    • You can track and attribute the number of contacts completing these lessons.
    • Easy to get to the hard ones, by simply tracking the ones that are started, dumping them in google sheets, and updating the sheet column with the completed status when the lesson gets completed. Gets you the most stuck lessons in no time.

New IF/ELSE Conditions & Custom Values

  • We have added a new option to our If/Else conditions – Membership
    • The Membership option allows you to pick from 3 different conditions:
      • Product
      • Category
      • Lesson
  • We also did not stop at if/else, and introduced a new array of options around custom value (custom variable) for Membership.
    • How will you follow up around the product/category/lesson that was started or completed?
    • You would get that in your custom value picker inside of workflows.
    • This would help you curate personalised messages based on the product or category or lesson that the trigger was based off of.
    • *** For this to work, the contact has to be enrolled from one of the membership trigger ***


  • Added support for offer access email notification with default or custom email template which will be triggered on every offer grant.
    • This can be accessed under Memberships -> Settings -> Email Settings

Email Builder

Edit + Save Email Templates From Contacts Module

  • You can now preview and edit the email templates built with the email builder (Marketing -> Emails) without having to go back to the email builder to do it.
  • Note:
    • This will update the email template under Marketing -> Emails too.
    • The advanced functionalities of email, like history and sending test emails, are still only in the email builder to manage its adoption.
    • This functionality is currently available when sending an email email using a template from the Contacts screen in the CRM.
    • This functionality will be added in the future to the following feature areas where email templates can be selected for use:
      • Automations
      • Affiliate Manager
      • Social Planner
      • Membership

Content AI

Content AI Is Now Available For Use In Funnels, Websites, and Blogs

  • Funnels + Websites
    • Content AI is launched for creating
      • Headlines
      • SubHeadlines,
      • Bullet points and
      • Paragraphs.
    • Content AI option will appear in the in-line editor, the user will have to click on the button. The Content AI model will ask for a description of the content required and it will show more advanced settings with variation count and tone of writing.
    • Whenever a user has generated content when they click on Content AI again it will retain the old content and the user can generate new content by clicking “Generate new content”
    • We understand the importance of retaining existing text element properties such as color, style, and other formatting. Therefore, when generating content, we ensure that all existing properties are retained in the generated text.
  • Blogs
    • Content AI is launched for creating
      • Outline – Outline is like it describes the angle and structure of your blog post.
      • Introduction – Introduction of blog post about how you would like to start your blog.
      • Section – Specific section of paragraph in blog post
    • Content AI option will appear in the editor, the user will have to click on the button to use.
    • The Content AI model will ask for the following things
      • Type – Outline, Introduction and Section
      • Product Title
      • Description
      • Keywords
      • Tone of writing
      • Variations
    • Whenever a user has generated content, when they click on Content AI again it will retain the old content and the user can generate new content for outline, introduction and specific section by clicking “Generate new content”

Content AI Pricing: $0.27 /1000 Words (input + output)


Ability To Disable Permanent DND For Email On Contact Details Page

  • Customers will now be able to manually remove/disable Permanent DND for Email for all their contacts through the contact details page

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