FG Funnels Updates – March 13th, 2024

March 13, 2024
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It is time for all the latest updates in FG Funnels from the week of March 6th through March 13th, 2024. If you have questions about any of these updates, or FG Funnels in general, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.



Add to Workflows Button On  Contacts + Conversations Tab

In the Contact Detail tab and on the conversations tab, we have a Campaign/Workflows section which has Add+ button, on clicking that button a modal opens and we see a dropdown which has both the active workflows and campaigns of a location fetched as a single list.

Now, this section is changed to Automations and in the modal we have split the drop-down into 2 separate drop-downs.

  • Dropdown 1 – Automation Type, Options – Campaigns or Workflows
  • Dropdown 2 – If user selects Campaigns in dropdown 1 then all the Campaigns List or if user selects Workflows in dropdown 1 – Workflow List Paginated (Infinite Scroll, Search supported)

Note – For all new accounts Campaigns are deprecated so they will not see dropdown 1 and will only see workflow dropdown with Pagination.

There are 2 motivations/end goals behind this:

  1. We are officially going to end the support for Campaigns soon and for that we need to segregate workflows and campaigns.
  2. Replacing workflows fetch all query with a workflows paginated query for optimizing load on workflows apis. This is going to create a very significant impact since as soon as the page loads we won’t need to fetch all the workflows in 1 go, hence reducing complex queries.

What’s next:

  1. We will be releasing this segregation of workflows and campaigns at multiple places in the upcoming few days, Including Contacts, conversations, Dashboard and a few other places.
  2. After phase – 1 which includes point 1, we will start with phase – 2, where we will make Active Workflows view in Contacts and Conversations also paginated, hence reducing load even more.


Contact Engagement Score Trigger

Users can trigger any workflow actions based on the Engagement score update of a contact. They can also add filters to trigger the workflow based on numerical conditions on the score. Available conditions – Equal to a score, Not equal to a score, Greater than to a score, Greater than equal to a score, Less than, Less than or equal to, Is empty, Is not empty.


Modify Contact Engagement Score Action

Users can modify engagement scores by adding or subtracting any point from the contact’s existing score.

How to Use?

Add ‘Contact Engagement Score’ trigger to a workflow with actions and then save and publish the workflow. The workflow will get triggered with any contact’s Engagement Score change. You can also add filter conditions on the score to update the trigger.

Add ‘Modify Contact Engagement Score’ action to update the score of any contact by Adding or Subtracting points.



Last Activity Icon and Real Time Update

Last activity Icon on the Contacts Page

The “Last Activity” column on the contacts page displays a WhatsApp icon whenever your most recent communication with a contact occurred through WhatsApp. Previously, this column relied on a generic email icon.

Real time update of conversation timestamp

The timestamp in the conversations tab now updates correctly after sending WhatsApp messages, ensuring accuracy in your communication history.

Fixed Bugs:

  • WhatsApp Default Number: Resolved an issue that previously prevented users from setting a WhatsApp number as the default.
  • WhatsApp Template: Addressed a problem with the WhatsApp template to show the correct error message in case of update or creation failures.
  • WhatsApp Onboard: Fixed an issue in WhatsApp onboarding flow to display an appropriate error message when the integration process fails..
  • WhatsApp Mobile API: Resolved an issue to ensure backward compatibility for the attachment API used in mobile App.
  • WhatsApp Name Change: Addressed a scenario where changes to WhatsApp names were not consistently reflected on the WhatsApp Settings Page.
  • WhatsApp Workflow: Fixed an issue in WhatsApp Workflow where, during execution, certain variables were replaced with empty values instead of their correct values.



XML Support in Inbound Webhooks Trigger

XML Payload Compatibility: Inbound Webhooks Trigger now seamlessly accepts XML payloads, giving you more flexibility in triggering workflows.



Set Default Addresses For Test Emails

Previously, users had to manually input the ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses for each test email when evaluating new campaigns. To assess email appearance across different clients or systems, it was necessary to send out several test emails.

We’ve now introduced the ability to set default ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses for your test emails, eliminating the need to enter these details for every test email you send. SAVE TIME, MORE EFFICIENCY.

Our update now facilitates sending test emails to multiple recipients simultaneously by simply separating email addresses with a comma.

How to Use:

  • Go to ‘Email Marketing’.
  • Choose a template or campaign, click ‘Test Email’.
  • Input ‘from’ and recipient addresses, tick the box to save as default.


Resend to unopened emails

We’re thrilled to introduce an update that lets you easily resend emails to people who missed them the first time, helping you increase engagement. This approach helps you target the audience  in unopened status with the same content.

Following best practices in resending can significantly increase engagement while keeping the risk of complaints or unsubscribes at minimum.

Research shows that a considerable number of emails are overlooked in crowded inboxes. There can be several reasons, a user can also unintentionally miss an email. This update is designed to capture this missed opportunity, ensuring that your carefully crafted messages get the attention they deserve.

Now users can easily resend campaigns to non-openers with just a few clicks. They can also modify the subject line (if required) to refresh your message and reduce the chance of user complaints.

How To Use the Update:

  1. Navigate to Email Marketing -> Campaigns
  2. Select your sent campaigns and click on the three dots
  3. Choose “Resend email to Unopened
  4. Update the settings for the email with desired subject and schedule time


  • Resending is available within the default window of 12 hours to 10 days after sending the original email. This timing minimizes complaints and aligns with industry norms.
  • Resending isn’t supported for Batch schedule and RSS campaigns.


Connect Call Action

Show Phone Numbers, Names, & Disable Users

We have made the connect call option a little more intuitive by showing the phone numbers along with names and disabling users with no phone numbers.

We had observed our customers were getting confused about where we pick the phone number in IVR Connect call. Also in quite a few cases the agents did not have a phone number at all. Resulting the IVR Connect call action to get skipped.

We are now showing the phone number along with the name of the agent. And we have disabled the options with no phone numbers and added help text guiding them where to add the phone number. This small change will help us make the UI more user friendly.


IVR Connect Call

Ability to provide custom numbers

The connect call action now supports the ability to add a custom phone number, which earlier was not possible. This would be helpful in cases when you don’t want to have users in connect calls, specifically in cases where the call is getting connected to someone in a different location.

Ex: A central store would have the IVR inbound call, and based on the inputs this can be redirected to different stores (sub accounts) IVRs.



Variant specific images

E-commerce store owners can now map each variant combination with a unique image for that variant selection.

This feature can be accessed via the variants section while editing or adding a product. Each variant combination will have a small thumbnail on the left representing the image. Upon clicking on the thumbnail, a modal will open up allowing the users to select from already existing media images or upload a new image.

In the product detail page, upon selecting a variant, the associated media image will automatically be selected if there exists a variant image. However, selection of an image will not change the variant, even if there is a variant combination associated with the image.


Social Planner

Facebook Bug


Currently, many of our users are facing an issue with connecting their Facebook Groups. Those who wanted to add the Group to their social planner, were unable to see their groups on the connect modal.


  • The developers are working with Facebook to get this bug permanently fixed as soon as possible. For the time being we have added an alert message for the Facebook Group connection.



Filters, Pagination & Offline

Offline Certificates

Users can now send offline certificates to any contact. Offline certificates will allow users to send certificates manually for testing or  for any other courses that are not a part of their membership area in FG Funnels.

How to send manual/offline certificates:

  • Go to Memberships > Certificates
  • Choose a template or create from scratch > Click on Send Button
  • Add an instructor name, recipient mail (or add a new contact via Add New)
  • Click on Send
  • An email will be sent to the learner with the option to download certificate as PDF
  • All sent certificates reflect under Issued Certificates

Pagination & Filters

Added Date and Search filters so that users can search for templates and issue certificates based on a date range.



Advanced Filters

We’ve added two new filters under Contacts that make finding the right contacts a breeze!

  • Last Email Clicked Date: Reach out to contacts who recently clicked on your emails
  • Last Email Opened Date: Find contacts who’ve opened your emails recently

We’ve made it super simple to fine-tune your search:

  • Is Empty / Is not Empty: Find contacts with or without activity.
  • More than / Less than: Set a timeframe that suits you.
  • Range / This month / in month: Customize your search based on dates.

Accessing these filters is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab within your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Filters option.
  3. Select either “Last Email Clicked Date” or “Last Email Opened Date“.
  4. Choose your desired filter options to tailor your search criteria.
  5. Voila! Instantly access segmented contact lists tailored to your specific needs.


New Features In Labs

Ability to Connect Multiple Google Business Profile (GBP) Pages to a Sub Account

For the longest time, our customers have been asking us for the ability to connect multiple GBP pages to an account. We’re excited to announce that we have finally launched this capability.

Now, our customers can connect multiple GBP pages to a sub-account and track all of its assets (leads, messages, ratings, and reviews) seamlessly in one place.

What’s New:

  • Ability to connect multiple GBP pages per sub-account.
  • Ability to view all of its messages in one place under the conversations tab. Each message will showcase which page it belongs to, helping to identify the source and respond accordingly.
  • Ability to view and monitor all contacts in one sub-account. Contacts created by messages, reviews, etc., will be stored under a connected sub-account, with the source (page name) mentioned on the contact details page.
  • All reviews received from connected GBP pages will be visible under the reputation tab. Customers can respond to reviews seamlessly for all pages from one account.
  • Currently the feature is available on Labs.
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