FG Funnels Updates – June 28th, 2023

June 28, 2023
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We’re closing out June with some fresh updates. Check out what’s new in FG Funnels from the week of June 22nd through 28th, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates or anything else FG Funnels related, reach out to our awesome support team at support@fgfunnels.com.


Case Sensitivity Option In Google Sheets Lookup

  • The Case-Sensitive Checkbox functionality has been introduced in the Google Sheet Lookup to provide users with the ability to control the case sensitivity of their input. By checking the checkbox, users can enforce case sensitivity, ensuring that their input matches the desired criteria accurately.
  • What does this fix?
    • Currently, when we do a lookup on the Google sheet, the lookup is always case sensitive. We received feedback that this caused a lot of false lookups for customers. For example, if a lookup happens for “Workflow” and the sheet value is “workflow”, the lookup will still fail here due to the case sensitivity.
  • Key Features:
    • Case-Sensitive Checkbox: A new checkbox has been added to the interface, allowing users to specify whether the input should be treated as case-sensitive or not.
    • Enhanced Input Validation: When the checkbox is checked, the system will perform case-sensitive validation, ensuring an exact match based on the specified input criteria.
    • Flexibility and Accuracy: Users now have more control over the validation process, allowing them to fine-tune their input and achieve more precise results.
  • How To Use:
    • In Workflows, open the menu to add a new action and select the LC – Premium Action: Google Sheets, then select Lookup Spreadsheet Row from the Action dropdown. Select your connected Google account, Drive, spreadsheet, worksheet, and search option.
    • Locate the “Case-Sensitive” checkbox below the column and value fields.
    • To enable case sensitivity, check the checkbox.
    • When the checkbox is checked, any input or criteria will be validated with case sensitivity.
    • If the checkbox is left unchecked, the validation will be performed without considering case sensitivity.

Attribution Reporting

Advanced Data Points And A New Design Introduced For The Attribution Reporting Screen

  • What’s this release?
    • We are excited to announce the release of our enhanced and optimized Attribution Reporting. This new feature will empower business owners to gain deeper insights into their lead sources and understand the lead journey thereby streamlining their marketing efforts.
  • What’s new?
    • The existing Attribution Reporting had incomplete and redundant data along with extremely high load time. With this release, we have revised the Attribution Reporting flow and addressed the identified gaps listed below:
      • Introduced new sources: There was no identification of leads that were created manually via CRM, through third-party tools like Zapier, or via any other inbounds. To track these leads, we introduced three new sources:
        • CRM UI
        • Third-party
        • Others
      • Lead by source: We have introduced a new chart for the breakdown of leads by sources helping the user understand which source is driving the most traffic to them.
      • Lead by medium: We have introduced a new graph for the breakdown of leads by the medium via which they entered the CRM database enabling the user to understand the best-performing mediums
      • Opportunity status breakdown by lead count: We have added a bar graph to show the count of leads in each of the opportunity statuses along with an option to compare it across pipelines.
      • Pipeline stage breakdown by lead count: We have added a bar graph to show the count of leads in each of the pipeline stages along with an option to compare it across pipelines.
      • Compare two pipelines: We have set up a comparative mode for the user to compare their pipelines to identify the better-performing ones.
      • Introduced a toggle to see the revenue numbers: This will help the user see the revenue numbers alongside the count of numbers.
      • Internationalized the new Attribution Reporting: We now support the following languages:
        • Spanish
        • German
        • French (Canada)
        • French (France)
        • Portuguese (Portugal)
        • Portuguese (Brazil)
        • Italian
        • Dutch
        • Swedish
        • Danish
        • Finnish
        • Norwegian


New Terms and Conditions Element Added – Only Available In NEW Form Builder (Can Enable In Labs)

  • About this release:
    • This release introduces an important update to ensure compliance with A2P (Application-to-Person) regulations in the United States. To meet the upcoming requirements, we have added a new Terms and Conditions element to the customised section of the form builder. This element allows users to include consent when collecting phone information.
  • What’s New:
    • The Terms and Conditions element has been incorporated into the form builder, enabling users to include consent for phone information collection.
    • When the phone element is moved within the form, the Terms and Conditions element will be automatically added, but users can also add it separately if needed.
    • The inclusion of the Terms and Conditions element in form submissions ensures compliance with A2P regulations.
  • Benefits:
    • Compliance: This release ensures adherence to upcoming A2P regulations by providing an easy way to include consent for phone information collection.
    • Customisability: Users have the flexibility to add, modify, or remove the Terms and Conditions element as required, tailoring it to their specific needs.
    • Seamless Integration: The Terms and Conditions element is seamlessly integrated into form submissions, allowing for accurate and compliant data collection.
  • Pain Point Resolved:
    • The addition of the Terms and Conditions element addresses the pain point of meeting A2P compliance requirements. Users can now easily incorporate consent for phone information collection within their forms, ensuring compliance with upcoming regulations.
  • Note:
    • Please note that the Terms and Conditions field is only available in form submissions and is not updated in contacts. By default, this element will be a required field , but users have the option to modify it to a non-required field if needed.
    • Furthermore, it is important to mention that the Terms and Conditions element is exclusively available in the new Form Builder. To enable the new Form Builder in your account, go to Settings -> Labs and toggle on Revamped Form Builder.
    • In the near future, we plan to support hyperlinks within the element, allowing users to include clickable references or additional information. This enhancement will further improve the flexibility and usability of the Terms and Conditions element.

Form Template Library

  • We have released a new Template Library for Forms. This will allow you to quickly and easily set up stylized forms that you can customize to your needs.
  • Where will we find Forms Template Library?
    • 1. Go to Sites -> Forms -> New
    • 2. Select to start from scratch or Choose from template
    • 3. Select the option, view the full form and details like preview and if any customization/pre-setup required.
    • 4. Click on Continue to add Form Template.


Automatic Receipts For Order Forms And Subscription Payments

  • Businesses now have the ability to automatically send receipts to contacts for order form purchases
  • This includes receipts for primary/bump/upsell purchases on 1-step and 2-step order forms along with subscription payments
  • Businesses have the ability to set a custom title for the receipt, prefix, and start number for receipt numbers, and choose a custom email template to send out receipts
  • Receipts will be sent as a pdf attachment to the email of the contact using the selected template
  • Receipt custom values are available inside the email builder to use a custom template for sending receipts
  • This solves a major pain point of the need to send automated email receipts to customers after a purchase or subscription transaction is made

New In Beta: Forms (Available In Labs)

Header Images

  • What’s New:
    • Header image support: Users can now upload and display custom header images that span the width of the form, positioned at the top.
  • Benefits:
    • Branding and personalization: Users have the flexibility to select and upload header images that align with their branding and design preferences, enabling a cohesive visual representation of their forms.
  • Note:
    • Please note that the header image feature is currently available only in the beta version of the form builder. Users can preview the header image they have set within the form builder by clicking on the preview option. We value your feedback and support as we continue to refine and enhance this feature.

New In Beta: Contacts (Available In Labs)

Multiple Phone Numbers For A Contact

  • Key Features:
    • The ability to add multiple phone numbers (up to 11) when creating a contact
    • Convenient management and editing of multiple phone numbers within the contact details page
    • Option to designate a primary phone number for all contact actions and interactions
    • Along with this, add labels for the phone numbers as well
    • We provide 4 labels for now : Home, Landline, Mobile, and Work. Each label can be selected only once for a contact
    • Ability to call on Additional Phone Number
  • Availability:
    • This feature is now accessible as “Additional Phone number for a Contact V1” under the Labs section.
    • By default, it is disabled, but customers can enable it by navigating to the “Labs” page in the “Location Settings” section.
  • Upcoming Features:
    • Conversation support for additional phone numbers
    • Bulk import functionality for adding multiple phone numbers
    • Availability of the additional phone numbers during Contact Export
    • With Multiple Phone Numbers for a contact, managing your contacts has never been easier. Try it out today and let us know what you think!

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