FG Funnels Updates – January 31st, 2023

January 31, 2024
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from January 24th, 2024 through January 31st, 2024. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.


Form Builder

Show/Hide Field Conditional Logic

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Show/Hide Field Conditional Logic in our Form Builder – a feature that has been eagerly awaited and highly requested by our community.

The Show/Hide Field conditional logic feature enables you to show or hide fields in your forms based on the conditions you set.This functionality brings a new level of interactivity and customization to your form-building process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

How It Works:

  • Access the Conditional Logic section located under the Secondary Header bar in the Form Builder.
  • Select the Show/Hide Field option.
  • Define your conditions and save them along with your form.
  • Watch as your form dynamically adapts to user inputs, creating a more engaging and relevant experience.

Important Notes:

  • The conditional logic feature takes precedence over the field’s hidden settings.
  • This means that the visibility of a field is primarily controlled by the conditional logic applied, ensuring that the form behaves as intended based on user responses.

With this new enhancement, you can now create more sophisticated and responsive forms, enhancing the way you gather information and interact with your users.


Documents & Contracts

Send documents and contracts in any preferred currencies

Users will now be able to send documents and contracts in their preferred choice of currency and accept payments using an invoice after document completion.

This means that the business country would no longer define the currency of the products added to the document’s products list. Businesses will be able to send contracts in any preferred currency irrespective of the account’s country settings.




New Operator for Widgets: IS ALL OF

Introducing the powerful “IS ALL OF” operator in dashboard widgets to elevate your insights and reporting capabilities.

How It Works:

Imagine you want to filter contacts with tags A, B, and C (AND condition). Now, with the new “IS ALL OF” operator, simply choose the filter “Tags IS ALL OF A, B, C.” The widget will smartly display all contacts that possess all three tags, streamlining your data for precise insights.

By empowering you to select multiple parameters with the new operator, we’ve made it easier than ever to refine and tailor your data. Whether you’re tracking sales, analyzing user behavior, or monitoring specific criteria, the “IS ALL OF” operator ensures your dashboard delivers exactly what you need.

Important Notes:

Users with tags A, B, C, and D will still be displayed under the mentioned condition since they satisfy the criteria of having tags A, B, and C.



Enhancements to advanced options settings

We have added an advanced settings option in IVR Connect call and IVR Gather action. This will make the UI simpler to use and the customer will need to change the advanced settings only if needed to overwrite the defaults.



Added Support to Copy Marketplace Actions and Triggers

Now you can seamlessly replicate your workflows with marketplace actions and triggers, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency.


Added Support to Copy Internally Created Actions and Triggers

Amplify your automation capabilities by duplicating internally created actions and triggers effortlessly.


Split Action

Welcome to the Split action—a powerful tool designed to empower your marketing and sales automation strategies. With Split, you can explore diverse routes in your workflows, analyze performance, and optimize your engagement strategies.

Divide your contacts into multiple paths based on a random percentage distribution, allowing you to test different variations of your workflow and identify the best performing one.


  • Random Split: Send contacts to different paths with percentages you define (e.g., 60% to Path A, 40% to Path B).
  • Multiple Paths: Create up to 5 separate paths for your contacts to follow.
  • Customizable Path Names: Rename each path to clearly identify its purpose.
  • Stats Tracking: View detailed statistics on the number of contacts entering and completing each path, as well as their goal conversions.

Getting Started:

  • Add the Split action to your workflow by clicking on the “+” icon to add an action and selecting “Split” from the “Internal Tools” category.
  • The Split action screen will open.
  • Choose “Random Split” from the Distribution Type dropdown.
  • Change the default “Path A” and “Path B” names to your desired variations.
  • Set the percentage of contacts you want to send to each path (total must equal 100%).
  • Add upto 5 paths and remove a path by clicking on “X” icon next to the path you want to delete.
  • Click on the “Statistics” icon to check how many contacts have entered which path.
  • Stats will also be visible in the workflow if the “Stats View” is tuned on.


Example for Random Split

The distribution in random split is totally random just like rolling a dice is random.

Imagine you have 100 customers entering a workflow. You’ve set up a Random Split with two paths: Path A and Path B, each with a 50% chance of receiving a customer. This split is like flipping a coin: each path has an equal chance of being chosen for each customer.

Here’s how the distribution might look:

Customer 1: Flips heads, goes to Path A.

Customer 2: Flips tails, goes to Path A (again).

Customer 3: Flips heads, goes to Path B.

Customer 4: Flips tails, goes to Path B (again).

Customer 5: Flips tails, goes to Path B (again).

Customer 6: Flips tails, goes to Path A.

This pattern continues randomly, with each customer having a chance of going to either path, regardless of previous choices.

Use Cases


You’re an e-commerce store owner selling new running shoes. You have two email subject lines in mind: “Fuel Your Run with the Ultimate Shoe” and “Unleash Your Speed: Our Game-Changing Shoes.”


Use the Random Split action to divide your mailing list randomly (e.g., 75/25). Send 75% of the list the “Fuel Your Run” email and the other 25% to the “Unleash Your Speed” email. Track website visits, purchase rates, and other key metrics for each path.


After a set period, analyze the results and see which subject line led to higher engagement and sales. Now, you have data-driven proof of the best performing message, which you can confidently apply to future campaigns.

Points to be noted

Once a contact heads down one path, that is their only path. If they re-enter they will not proceed down the other path they will always head down the original path.


LeadConnector Mobile App

Enhanced conversations and tasks


  • Introducing enhanced communication capabilities with the addition of support for attachments in WhatsApp messages.
  • Easily identify and manage Live Chat conversations with the new Live Chat filter.
  • Now you can filter manual messages with precision, making it easier than ever to locate and manage specific messages within your conversations
  • Enjoy a more informed and intuitive video sharing experience via message. It shows a preview for the sent video message now.


  • Now you can effortlessly organize your tasks by Assignees or filter tasks that are Unassigned to any contacts.



Kajabi Course Migrator

We are excited to introduce a powerful new feature that simplifies the migration process for your courses from competitive (Kajabi) platforms to FG Funnels. This enhancement aims to provide you with a seamless transition, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Where to access Kajabi Migrator:

  • Go to Memberships > Courses > Products > Create Product > Import

How to import a course

Step 1: Create a Learner profile

  • Create a learner profile within the competitive platform and add all courses you may want to import.
  • Enter your relevant credentials and click on Import.

Step 2: Importing process

  • Once you click on Import, it will log you in via learner credentials and start importing the courses.
  • The progress can be seen, once it starts importing. To get the accurate status, hit the refresh button.
  • To cancel the importing process, click on the Cancel button.
  • Tabs can be switched while importing in process.

Step 3: Successful importation

Once the courses are successfully imported, they will appear under the Products section.

Last update will appear under the Import section, stating when the last process took place.

Note: The import will only bring in lessons that have been published, and will not include videos or sub-categories within the courses. Additionally, the assignments, quizzes, and assessments will not be included in the import process.



New Product Payment Links

With this update, you can use Payment Links to sell online without a website. Create full payment pages in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers—no code required.

Payment Links allows your customers to securely save and reuse payment details for a faster checkout at hundreds of thousands of Link-enabled online businesses.

No matter what you’re selling, where you sell it or the audiences you cater to, Payment Links offer an agile tool for your business. If you don’t have a website – or don’t have one that supports e-commerce – but you’re interested in selling your goods, services or subscriptions to customers online, creating online payment links might be a good fit for you.

Easier payment experience for customers: Payment links can be sent via email and text message or shared on social media and configurable within seconds!

Key Features :

  • Users will now be able to quickly create payment links for any product (both one time and recurring) and send a live link to the user for the payment.
  • Track your payments , activate and deactivate the payment links with a few clicks on the platform !
  • Flexibility to configure the payment link as per users wish with different options like different products, option to include their branding text within the payment link.
  • Users can configure the payment button suitable to their needs with options like pay, donate, subscribe, etc.
  • The end customer can make a payment via this link shared and the payment for that would be captured in our system.
  • Business users would be able to see the transactions, orders and subscriptions (for recurring) made via that payment on our platform.
  • Responsive Design for payment links that would cater to a wide range of customers on mobile devices.

How can I use it ?

  • Head over to Payments -> Payment Links ->  create a new payment link
  • Once on the editor page choose a product and price , you may choose recurring or one time product.
  • You can configure from many options available and also see the preview available on the right side which gives you an idea on how the live link would look like
  • Click on Preview to Redirect to the live link that you’ll be sending to the customer and start collecting payments now!

What’s New?

  • On Live Payment Links now the CountryCode of the user would be pre-populated based on the customer’s location – No need for the customer to search or select the country code from the dropdown.
  • We have Added a loader for a better User Experience for cases when the loading of a certain element takes time on both the payment link editor as well as the live link for the same.
  • Enhanced Scrolling on Payment Link Dashboard Page which earlier prevented the user to scroll down when there were too many payment links present on the page.

What Next?

  • Direct Integrations to Email and Email Campaigns, Sms Integrations.
  • More Customizations to the payment links.
  • Integrations within the platform
  • ROI Tracking



Web and Mobile App Notifications

Now you have the capability to receive notifications on both the web and mobile applications for any new WhatsApp messages. This enhancement ensures that you stay instantly informed about incoming messages, allowing for quicker responses and improved communication.

Contact DND

In this release, we are excited to introduce WhatsApp’s Do Not Disturb (DND) within our CRM. This feature allows you to enable DND on unsubscribed contacts or selectively disable external messages on specific phone numbers.

Contact Filter and Smartlist

With the introduction of the Valid_WhatsApp field at a contact level, we offer an enhanced filtering mechanism for WhatsApp contacts. Additionally, a new column and filter named “Valid WhatsApp” has been added, making it easier for you to manage WhatsApp-related contacts. Here’s a quick reference:

  • Is Valid: Indicates that the contact’s number is active on WhatsApp.
  • Is InValid: Indicates that the contact’s number is not available on WhatsApp.
  • Is Not Validated: Signifies uncertainty about whether the contact’s number is on WhatsApp or not.

How Fields Are Updated: Understanding how these fields are updated is crucial. The values are set based on various scenarios:

  • When a message is successfully delivered, the system marks the contact as “Is Valid.”
  • If a message fails to deliver or encounters an issue with Meta, the contact is marked as “Is InValid.”
  • When a contact initiates a WhatsApp message, the status is updated to “Is Valid.”
  • If there is no conversation over WhatsApp with a particular contact, the status remains in the “Not Validated” state.

WhatsApp x WorkFlow Integration

Expanding the functionality of workflows, two new actions related to WhatsApp have been introduced:

  • Wait Action – You can now use WhatsApp support within the Wait Action of workflows. Select “Contact Reply” as the trigger to wait for after sending a WhatsApp outbound message, allowing for more seamless and automated interactions.
  • DND Action – WhatsApp support has been added to the Do Not Disturb (DND) action within workflows. Based on specific customer actions or responses, such as sending “STOP,” users can now set a Do Not Disturb status for all channels or specifically for the WhatsApp channel. This feature enhances your ability to manage customer preferences and optimize communication channels accordingly.


Affiliate Manager

New Updates

Adding Affiliates Made Seamless

Now, within the new affiliate creation flow, you can seamlessly assign new affiliates to existing Affiliate Campaigns. This capability was not available before, ensuring a more tailored and efficient experience.


Additional Info Page for Extra Details:

Introducing the Additional Info page, where you can provide extra information for your affiliates. Upload W-8 and W-9 forms if applicable, all in one place.

Customize Referral IDs:

A game-changing feature! Customize the unique referral IDs for your affiliate’s Referral Link, tailoring them to different campaigns. Your affiliate management just got a whole lot more flexible.

How these updates help you:

Efficiency Boost:

The new flow streamlines the affiliate addition process, making it quicker and more intuitive for you.

Campaign Precision:

Assigning affiliates to campaigns during creation ensures precision in your affiliate management strategy.

Centralized Information Hub:

The Additional Info page acts as a hub for extra details, including the ability to upload necessary forms, making affiliate management more organized.

Flexibility in Referral IDs:

Customize referral IDs for different campaigns, giving you unprecedented flexibility and control over your affiliate program.

How It Works:

  1. Click on “Add” in the top right corner.
  2. Select “New Affiliate.”
  3. Enter Email and Name.
  4. Assign to a Campaign.
  5. Click “Done” to add your affiliate instantly or proceed for additional details and advanced settings.
  6. On the Additional Info page, provide extra information and upload forms if needed.
  7. Customize the referral ID under Advanced Settings.
  8. Click “Done” to finalize.
  9. Access the affiliate portal directly or share the Affiliate portal’s magic link. The Magic link will also be shared via auto-invite email.

What’s Next:

This is just the first step in completely revamping the Affiliate Manager. Exciting features like automated payments through paypal, improved Campaign creation flow, multi-tier commissions and much more are on the way. Stay tuned for an even more powerful and user-friendly experience! 



Limit inventory of products sold on order forms and online store  

Users will now be able to limit the number of units sold for products on online stores as well as order forms. This is available under the products creation page while creating a new product as well as for any existing products

This solves a major pain point of limiting the inventory of a particular product sold on order forms or online stores. This is also helpful for businesses in the ticketing and event industries.

Businesses also have the option to continue selling when out of Stock, which means that even if the product inventory becomes 0, they can keep the sales on. However, another option also exists, to stop selling as soon as the last ticket to the event is sold, for example.

Users will be able to make any additions or deductions to the inventory count of the product or only a particular variant at any point in time. The adjustment history will be available for all products and variants on the same page.


Cart Icon element for E-commerce stores

Newly created e-commerce stores will now have a “Cart icon” that is added to the Navigation menu. The menu will be automatically added to all the e-commerce pages except the “Checkout page”. Users can also add a cart icon independently anywhere in the store. This allows users to navigate to the cart page with a single click.

The cart icon also shows the number of products present in the cart.

How to use it?

  • All newly added navigation menus in e-commerce stores only, will have a cart icon automatically added in the right side of the menu
  • There is a standalone cart icon present in Elements –> Stores in the builder where the cart icon can be added again anywhere in the site.
  • If you would like to customize the color of the cart icon, both the Cart icon color and the active color (Color when items are present in the cart) can be customized in both the navigation menu settings as well as the cart element settings


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