FG Funnels Updates – January 10, 2024

January 10, 2024
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from January 3rd, 2024 through January 10th, 2024. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.



What’s New:

  • Snapshot Support for V2 Offers: V2 offers can now be seamlessly cloned using snapshots, resolving the previous issue where they were getting cloned as V1 offers.
  • Revamped Offers List Page UI: Experience an improved and visually enhanced Offers List Page UI for easier navigation
  • TinyMCE to Tiptap in Preview: TinyMCE warnings for unregistered domains have been resolved by replacing it with Tiptap in the preview, ensuring a smooth content creation experience

Bug Fixes:

  • Support for Ungraded Assignments: Assignments can now be designated as ungraded. If a learner has submitted an assignment but it hasn’t been marked yet, they can proceed with other course content without waiting for grading.
  • All users i.e., Account User/Admin are now allowed to see the Members count under products and Course Analytics.
  • Fixed issues where users were unable to download files from PWA.
  • Some users were receiving an error when attempting to log into the Client Portal with the correct credentials. This is now fixed.
  • Moved the granting of products to existing users in an offer on the worker side.



 New UI Design for Conversation Header and Activity Filter Design

New Enhancements :

  • Grouping of Action Buttons: The buttons for archiving, starring, deleting, and marking as unread have been clubbed together into a grouped set. This change not only streamlines the conversation header but also enhances the user interface’s overall organization and accessibility.
  • Activity Filter New Design: The activity filter is now conveniently located alongside the grouped action buttons with new design, allowing for more efficient and integrated use of these features.
  • Location-Based Time Zone for Activities: Shifting from browser-based to location-based time zones, this update ensures more accurate and relevant activity timestamps for users.
  • Consistent Contact Page Design: Extending these UI enhancements to the contact page of conversations, we’ve ensured a uniform user experience.
  • Uniform Avatar Size Across Messages: Implement a standardized avatar size for all types of messages within the system. This includes activity updates, emails, and any other communication forms. This change will ensure a consistent visual experience for users and prevent any visual imbalance or clutter caused by varying avatar sizes.
  • Scrolling Issue Fix on First Load: We’ve identified and resolved an issue where users experienced erratic or unresponsive scrolling during the first load of the application.
  • CSS Styling Improvements: We’ve made several adjustments and improvements to the CSS styling across conversations.



Calendar Snapshot

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to Calendar Snapshot, designed to provide users with a seamless experience in transferring configurations and settings across sub-accounts. With this update, we have expanded Snapshot capabilities to include comprehensive calendar settings.

Now, users can effortlessly import the following configurations when creating a new sub-account:

Calendar Widget Customization

  • Customize colors, button text, and other visual elements of the calendar widget.

Enable Staff Selection

  • Grant bookers the ability to select staff members through the calendar widget.

Show Seats per Slot

  • Enable the display of available seats per time slot.

Add Guests

  • Allow bookers to add guests directly through the calendar widget, enhancing the booking experience.

Add Guest Details

  • Collect name and email information from guests or Count guests without capturing individual details.

Send Custom Form Response

  • Include an option to send answers from custom forms filled out by bookers, streamlining communication.

Recurring Events

  • Activate the recurring events feature and configure its settings.

Notification Preferences

  • Specify who should receive confirmation emails related to calendar events.


Bug Fix:

When exporting a snapshot, “Untitled – teams” was displayed instead of showing the actual group names.

Users can now preview the group name before deciding whether to include it in the snapshot, providing a more accurate representation of their exported data.

We are excited about this update as users can now effortlessly replicate their desired setup in new sub-accounts, saving time and ensuring consistency across configurations.


Contact Engagement Scoring

Affected pages: Conversations, Contact smartlist, Contact details

Users now can see and update Engagement Score for any contact from the conversation screen. The published score profile will come as a column. By selecting the column, the user can see Engagement Scores for all the contacts.

Users can also import and export Engagement scores through Import and Export feature available on smart list page.

A new filter bucket called “Contact Engagement Score” is also available. Users can apply filters on scores for the score profile. Available filter operators are – Score empty, Not empty, Less than, Greater than and In between.




Membership Questions

We are excited to introduce an enhancement to our community platform with the introduction of Membership Questions. It lets owners gather relevant information from potential members, streamlining onboarding for a more engaged and purposeful community experience.

Community owners can now add up to three membership questions from group settings. Questions can be tailored to gather specific information from potential members, helping to ensure a better fit within the community.

Membership questions support various answer types, enhancing flexibility:

  • Text: Members can provide detailed, open-ended responses. :memo:
  • Multiple Select: Users can choose multiple options from a predefined list. 
  • Single Select: Members can select a single option from a list of choices.

Membership questions can be enabled for any type of group, including public groups, private groups, or even paid groups. Users can submit their answers to membership questions during the group joining process, and Community administrators and owners can easily review submitted answers by navigating to the People Tab > Requested Filter.

This flexibility ensures that communities of all types can leverage this feature to enhance their onboarding processes. 

How to Get Started:

For Community Owners/Admins:

  • Navigate to your group settings to add or edit membership questions.
  • Choose the question type and customize the wording to suit your community’s needs.

For Community Members:

  • Answer membership questions during the group joining process to provide valuable insights to the community.

Other Updates:

  • Added mobile support for watching youtube videos posted on communities
  • Added support for weeks and months for relative time.



If/Else Improvements & UI Upgrade

In addition to the UI Upgrade we are thrilled to launch 3 new updates in the If/Else action.

  1. Duplicate Branch – Now effortlessly copy existing branches, no need to rebuild from scratch. Click the three dots menu on a branch and choose “Duplicate Branch”. The copied branch will appear below the original with “(copy)” added to its name.
  2. Reorder Branches – Organize your workflow by just dragging and dropping. Click the “Reorder Branches” icon to reorder the branches.
  3. Rename None Branch – Now the “None” branch can also be renamed.



Introducing Call Widgets

We’ve just unleashed 13 powerful widgets tailored for tracking calls on your dashboard. Now you can dive into detailed insights about your call activities, bringing a new level of performance tracking to your fingertips.

Here’s what you can now visualize:

  • Incoming Calls by Status: Grouped count of incoming calls based on their status.
  • Outgoing Calls by Status: Grouped count of outgoing calls based on their status.
  • Incoming Calls Total Call Duration: The total duration of all incoming calls.
  • Outgoing Calls Total Call Duration: The total duration of all outgoing calls.
  • Incoming Calls Avg. Call Duration: The average duration of all incoming calls.
  • Outgoing Calls Avg. Call Duration: The average duration of all outgoing calls.
  • Total Calls Placed by Call Attendee: Total outgoing calls grouped by the user who made the call.
  • Incoming Calls Avg. Call Duration by Call Attendee: Average duration of incoming calls grouped by the user who attended the call.
  • Outgoing Calls Avg. Call Duration by Call Attendee: Average duration of outgoing calls grouped by the user who made the call.
  • First Time Call by Status: Count of incoming calls received for the first time, grouped by status.
  • First Time Call Avg Duration: Average duration of incoming calls received for the first time.
  • First Time Call Avg Duration by Call Attendee: Average duration of first-time incoming calls grouped by the user who attended the call.
  • First Time Call Total Duration: The total duration of incoming calls received for the first time.

Explore these widgets to gain valuable insights into your team’s call performance. Experiment with various properties and filters, including Call Status, Advanced Settings, Direction, Assigned To, Call Attended By, and Source Type.

Note: The term ‘Call attendee’ refers to the team member who participated in the call, either by making or receiving the call from the customer.


Proposals & Estimates

Create documents by uploading a PDF rather than starting from scratch

We’re excited to share some noteworthy upgrades that’ll make your document creation process smoother than ever.

Name Makeover: Proposals and Estimates → Documents & Contracts

We’ve revamped our name to better reflect the broader scope of our tool. Say hello to Documents & Contracts, now equipped for crafting legal multi-party agreements effortlessly.

Business Ease: Start with a PDF, Skip the Basics

Good news for business users! Users can now jumpstart their document work by uploading a PDF, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

Hassle-Free Document Creation: No More Starting from Scratch

No more headaches! Upload PDF and easily place signature or text/image elements anywhere in the document.

Floating Signatures: Sign Anywhere, Effortlessly

Our floating signature feature makes signing multi-party agreements a breeze. Easily place signatures where needed, even in the same line for multiple signers.

Automatic Naming Magic: PDF Name, Document Name

No need to stress about names. When you upload a PDF, the document name is automatically set to match the uploaded file. Simple and convenient.


New Features In Labs

New Payment Element in Forms 

We are excited to introduce the Payment element in Forms, aimed at collecting the donation and user-defined amount for a seamless user experience. Under the “Integrations” heading in the form builder, a new “Payment” element has been introduced. This element allows users to incorporate payment functionality directly into their forms, offering a convenient way to collect payments alongside user submissions.

What’s New

  • New Payment element in Form Builder
  • Collect Donations through Forms
  • Collect Payment from users by User defined amounts.
  • “Suggest an amount” options to provide options to end users.

How to Use:

  • Enable Payment in Forms from Labs
  • Under the Integrations, locate the new “Payment” element.
  • Drag and drop the payment element onto your form canvas.
  • Connect the payment gateway
  • Toggle between live and off modes.
  • You can collect payment from user defined amount as well as Suggest an amount where you can give user multiple options.
  • Define the currency in which you want to collect the payment.
  • You can customize the look by choosing themes and styling options.

Key Highlights:

Suggest an Amount Customization

You can provide up to 15 suggested amount. There’s also the option to turn “Other Amount” as well. Clicking on “Other Amount” in preview mode displays a user-friendly interface for user to enter any amount.

User Defined Amount

End user can manually type the amount and make the required payment. Upon form submission, the payment amount and related information are included in the submission details.

Transaction details are also accessible under the “Transactions” section.

These details can also be exported via export options.

Email Notifications

Email notifications also reflect the status and amount of payment.

What’s Next:

  • Order confirmation support
  • Workflow trigger for payment success through forms.
  • Products and subscriptions.


  • NMI and Authorize.net requires First Name as mandatory field while having payment element in the form.
  • Refund amount will not be captured right now
  • Old way of API based Stripe connect is not supported.
  • In Calendars with custom form payment element, Payment element will not display.
  • Multi payments with Multi native forms not supported in funnel yet.
  • Undo/Redo is not supported with Payment element yet.

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