FG Funnels Updates – December 27th, 2023

December 27, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from December 20th, 2023 through December 27th, 2023. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.


Proposals & Estimates

Automatically send invoices for payment after document is completed

Users will now be able to auto-send an invoice for payment after the document has been completed by all participants. The option to enable auto-sending invoices is available under the Proposals and Estimates settings under Product Invoicing.

The toggle is turned off by default, which means that the invoice will only be created and not sent to the customer for payment. This eliminates the need for any workflow to be configured for sending an invoice automatically for payment after document completion.



Copy and Paste Stripe Price id’s to Import Products  

Users will now be able to directly copy and paste stripe price id’s to import products from Stripe to FG Funnels individually.

The import functionality is only available for recurring products at this time.

Payments and customer LTV are available on the Contacts page

Users will now be able to see the customer lifetime value (LTV) inside the contact details page under the Payments tab. This will also mention the date from which the contact has turned into a customer, i.e, the date on which the contact made the first payment

Users will also have the capability to charge a saved card on file or a new card for the contact without leaving the contacts page. This solves major use cases of charging a card on file or recording a payment for the customer while on call or in-store. This will allow to charge a customer instantly for any custom amount and have the transaction registered in the CRM

Customer LTV and customer association date will only take live payments into consideration.


Interactive Voice Response – IVR

Add Assign User option

We have added Assigned User option to connect the IVR call to Assigned User of the contact.

If the assigned user is selected in the connect call action, then the system would automatically connect the caller to their Assigned user, which is a heavily used case specially in Sales and Services.



More Control and Customization options

What’s New:

  • Custom Fields in Opportunities: Filter opportunities based on custom fields you’ve created, enhancing your ability to tailor your widgets to your specific needs.
  • Enhanced Metric Operations: Now you can change metric operations like count, sum, min, max, providing greater flexibility. For instance, easily obtain the maximum value of revenue for a specific time period.
  • Extended Date Range Options: Elevate your insights with new date range options, including “Till Date,” “This Quarter,” “Last Quarter,” “Next Quarter,” “Next Year,” and “Last Year.” Get more precise and relevant data for your analysis.
  • New Operators: Introducing two powerful new operators – “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty,” offering additional filtering options to fine-tune your data.
  • Improved Loading Time for Widgets: We’ve significantly optimized the loading time for adding and editing widgets on the dashboard by 99%, ensuring a faster and smoother experience for you.

New Widgets for Contacts

  • Contacts with Email: Easily track the count of contacts with email addresses.
  • Contacts without Emails: Keep tabs on the count of contacts without email addresses.
  • Contacts with Phone Numbers: Monitor the count of contacts with phone numbers.
  • Contacts without Phone Numbers: Stay informed about the count of contacts without phone numbers.
  • Total Contacts Count (Till Date): Get a count of the total number of contacts created till date.
  • Total Contacts Count (This Month): Keep track of the total number of contacts created this month.
  • Contacts Count (Logged in User): Specifically, count the contacts associated with the logged-in user.

Appointment Widgets

  • Upcoming Appointments (Logged in User): Stay on top of your schedule with the number of upcoming appointments tailored for the logged-in user.
  • Upcoming Appointments for Next Week: Plan ahead with the total number of upcoming appointments for the next week, including both confirmed and not confirmed bookings.
  • Last Month Created Appointments: Review your past month’s activity with the total count of appointments created.
  • Last Month Created Appointments (Logged in User): Drill down into your personal statistics with the total appointments created in the past month for the logged-in user.



Conversation Enhancements and Fixes

We’ve resolved a critical email thread bug affecting real-time updates within email threads. Specifically, we’ve rectified discrepancies in email count and body previews, ensuring seamless and accurate information delivery.

We’ve also remedied a logic flaw associated with phone number updates. Previously, incoming phone numbers from Instagram messages were saved without cross-referencing for existing duplicates. The update now employs the contact update API, preventing duplicate entries and ensuring data integrity.



3 New Action Types for Array Function

Filter by Index, Line Items & Math to make Array Functions more powerful.

Now when you select Array Function, you will be able to select from 5 powerful Action Types:

  1. Find
  2. Filter
  3. Filter by Index
  4. Line Items
  5. Math

Use Cases:

  • To reconstruct the array as per users requirement before storing it in Google Sheets.
  • To reconstruct the array to match Email Builder Shopping cart structure.
  • To calculate Sub total (line item total), Line Items in cart (count), Total items (qty).



Feature Discoverability

When you visit any page under the ‘Calendars’ Tab, you’ll find a ‘What’s New’ button showcasing the latest updates. The updates displayed depend on your user role—whether you’re a location admin or location user.

Here’s what you can do next:

  • Enable New Features: Get redirected to the relevant feature to enable or start using it.
  • Learn More through Help Docs: Access documentation to understand and maximize the potential of new features.
  • Opt-Out if Not Interested: For those who may not be interested in certain features, opting out is just a click away.

We believe this will improve our feature adoption tracking, ensuring that users stay informed and do not miss out on anything new.


URL redirects

URL redirects with *(all) support

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform, addressing a common user pain point with URL redirects. Many users have expressed challenges in manually creating redirects for each URL path combination when connecting their www domain to our platform. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to present an efficient solution.

What’s new with this update?

Users can now create a single redirect with “*” as the path and an already connected domain as the target. With this improvement, any request to that host and its subpath will automatically redirect to the same path on the target domain.

Pain point solved:

Users have faced difficulties in redirecting specific URL paths from their www domain to our platform. For example, if a user has “example.com” as their domain and wishes to connect “www.example.com” to our funnel, the limitation only allows them to serve the path “www.example.com/”. The hassle arises when users want more specific redirects, such as “www.example.com/store” to “example.com/store,” requiring them to set up individual URL redirects for each page.

How to Use:

  • Go to URL Redirects under location settings
  • Click on Add Redirect and choose a domain to be redirected
  • Don’t choose any path. Choose the Redirect type to be All.
  • Choose the domain where you want it to be redirected.

Now all your subpaths of the domain will be redirected to subpaths of the target domain.


  • URL redirects with * is only allowed to be added if you are the domain owner of the target domain.
  • For the domain which is redirected: Default page and 404 page won’t be applicable for this domain and all traffic to this domain would be redirected.

We believe that this enhancement will greatly improve the efficiency and user experience for managing domain redirects. As always, we value your feedback, so please reach out to our support team with any questions or suggestions.


Funnels & Websites

 Brand New Funnel & Website Builder Live for All Locations

We are excited to announce that the new Funnel & Website Builder is now live for all locations

What’s new with this update?

We have given the interface a complete makeover, focusing on aesthetics and usability. The new design offers a clean and intuitive layout, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable funnel building experience. All the elements, columns, section are structured and can be added from left side

We have introduced the Layers Features which will give you complete control over the organization and arrangement of your funnel elements. It will also show the visibilities of different elements in mobile and website.

We have introduced the brand new sticky text editor which is more easy to use.

New elements & features

  • Social media, Image Slider, Background Video elements.
  • Mobile & Desktop specific alignment and font sizes.
  • Leadgen forms via hosted video
  • Custom code element improvements
  • Column padding and margins

How will this impact my old funnels and websites?

  • Old funnels can be viewed and edited in the new builder without any change.
  • All the new funnels/websites built in the new builder can still be viewed in the old builder.
  • Any custom code, forms, surveys added to your old funnels will remain as it is and will work properly in the new builder as well.

Mobile responsive editing in Funnel and Website Builder

We’re thrilled to introduce a new enhancement to line height settings of all the elements. Now with advanced customization options, you can set different line alignments for mobile and desktop views, ensuring optimal readability and design across all devices. We have made it easier than ever to build mobile-responsive funnels and sites. In response to user feedback, we’ve implemented significant enhancements to various text elements within the platform, ensuring a seamless and optimized experience for mobile users

New Features:

  1. Universal Line Height Control: Effortlessly adjust the line height for text in all elements, including headlines, paragraphs, and bullet lists etc.
  2. Responsive Settings: Customize line height individually for desktop and mobile views to maintain readability and design integrity across platforms.

Some example use case of this feature:

  1. Perfecting the look of long-form articles by adjusting paragraph spacing
  2. Enhancing the legibility of bullet points with tailored line height
  3. Improving the visual impact of headlines through strategic spacing adjustments

Major Paint point solved

  • Now there is no need to create multiple sections and keep different line height in multiple devices and hide from one device.

How to Use:

To change the line height of an element in the new funnel builder and make it responsive across different devices, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired element in the funnel builder, such as a headline, paragraph, faq etc.
  2. Go to the element settings and navigate to the line height option.
  3. Adjust the line height for desktop. This change will also apply to mobile devices.
  4. Click on the desktop icon to switch to the mobile view.
  5. Change the line height specifically for mobile. Note that this change will not affect the line height on desktop.
  6. To modify the line height for desktop again, switch back to the desktop view and make the necessary adjustments. This change will only affect the line height on desktop.

Benefits of This Feature:

  • Improved Readability: Optimize the space between lines for better legibility and comfort.
  • Visual Appeal: Tailor the aesthetics of your text to match your brand’s style and tone.
  • Consistency: Ensure your content maintains its intended appearance on any screen size.

New Feature Alert: Iframe for Sameorigin Toggle

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful security enhancement in our latest release— the Iframe for Sameorigin Toggle! This toggle is designed to restrict your funnel from being displayed in an iframe on a different domain, providing a robust defense against clickjacking attacks.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Security: Mitigate clickjacking threats by enabling the Iframe for Sameorigin feature. This ensures that your funnel is only embedded in iframes on the same domain, adding an extra layer of protection.

How It Works:

  1. Toggle Control: Easily manage iframe settings from within the Funnels & Websites module.
  2. Clickjack Protection: Activate the toggle to restrict your funnel from being embedded in iframes on different domains.
  3. User-Friendly: Effortlessly enhance your funnel’s security without complicated configurations.

To Enable Iframe for Sameorigin:

  1. Navigate to the Funnels & Websites settings.
  2. Look for the Iframe for Sameorigin toggle in the settings.
  3. Activate the toggle to bolster your funnel’s security.

Why It Matters:

Clickjacking attacks can compromise the integrity of your funnel. By enabling the Iframe for Sameorigin, you take a proactive step to secure your online presence and protect your users.


Forms & Surveys

Auto Responder for Form/Survey Submissions

Auto Responder: Streamlining Post-Submission Communication

Our new Auto Responder feature elevates your forms and surveys, ensuring respondents receive immediate, automated feedback upon submission.

How It Works:

  • Access the Auto Responder Sidebar: Clicking on the Bell icon opens the Auto Responder sidebar.
  • Customize Auto Responder Settings: In the sidebar, configure the following fields:
  • Subject: Define the subject line of the auto-response email. If left blank, the form or survey name will be used automatically.
  • Reply-To Email: Specify the email address for respondents to reply to.
  • Sender Name: Set the name that appears as the sender. If left empty, it defaults to your location or agency name.
  • Save your settings, and let your forms and surveys automatically engage with respondents.

Key Highlights:

  • Simple Configuration: Setting up Auto Responders is straightforward and accessible directly from the secondary header.
  • Customizable Subject: Modify the subject line to suit your needs. If you leave it blank, the system will use the form or survey name.
  • Direct Reply-to Email: Easily set a specific email for respondents to reply to, enhancing communication.
  • Personalized Sender Identity: Choose a sender name to make your communication more personal. If unspecified, we use your default location or agency name.

With these new additions, watch as your forms and surveys become more interactive and respondent-friendly, fostering timely and effective communication.


Undo/Redo Functionality for Form Builder

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Undo/Redo functionality for our Form/Survey Builder, a highly anticipated feature that enhances the flexibility and control you have over form and survey creation.

What’s New?

  • Access Undo/Redo options easily in the Form/Survey Builder secondary header.
  • A comprehensive range of actions is now under your control, including undoing and redoing up to 20 actions.

How It Works:

  • Action Scope: Undo/Redo covers a wide array of actions including adding, removing, and swapping fields, adjusting field settings, modifying form/survey settings, and more.
  • Supported Fields: All standard and custom fields are included in the Undo/Redo functionality.
  • Specific Settings: The feature extends to various settings like placeholder, label, short label, and button settings.
  • Themes: You can even undo or redo changes made to the form/survey themes.
  • Memory: The builder remembers up to 20 actions for both undo and redo, giving you significant leeway to experiment and refine.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Make changes without hesitation. If you don’t like an adjustment, simply undo it.
  • Increased Productivity: Spend less time worrying about mistakes and more time crafting the perfect form or survey.
  • Intuitive Design: The feature is designed to be user-friendly and integrate seamlessly with your workflow.



Opportunities Lost Reason – Add, Rename and Delete Options

The “Lost Reason” Field is now available in Opportunity Custom Fields Settings. Now easily control the lost reason options that your sub-account users will see while marking an opportunity lost.

Edit the Lost Reason field in Custom Fields to:

  1. Add new Reasons
  2. Rename existing Reasons
  3. Delete existing Reasons

Lost reasons will also be available as a new column when exporting opportunities!

Note: This Feature is available in Labs with the Title: “Lost reason for opportunities”

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